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Chapel Hill, NC, United States

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Past articles by Jack:

A Post-9/11 Marine Vet Recalls His Earliest Memories Of Operation Desert Storm

Jack Mandaville reminisces about Operation Desert Storm with a look back at America's short victorious war to liberate Kuwait from Saddam's Iraq → Read More

WWII Newsreels Are Interesting to Watch In The Age Of Snapchat

If you haven't done this yet, take an entire day to sit down and watch newsreels from World War 2. It gives perspective on the future of war documentation. → Read More

Be More Creative With Your Veteran T-Shirts, Please

Jack Mandaville has a bone to pick with the anonymous and unscrupulous pages that make a quick buck by hawking veteran t-shirt → Read More

Why Military Service Shouldn't Be A Political Prerequisite

Attending boot camp doesn't make you instantly qualified for a CEO position. Here are four presidents that have had military service, and sucked in office. → Read More

America’s 3 Most Important Independence Day Rituals, According To Jack Mandaville

Watch this video for tips on things to do while you celebrate being free from British tyranny and tea-based oppression on Independence Day → Read More

Phil Collins Really Loves The Alamo

Music legend Phil Collins isn’t just a maestro of revolutionary sounds. He’s also a guy who is really obsessed with the Alamo. → Read More

It’s Time To End The Veteran War On Independence Day

The “support our troops no matter what” mentality permeates all facets of our society and is especially prevalent on Independence Day. → Read More

It's Time To End The Veteran War On Independence Day

This Iraq War veteran fought for his country. Now, he's fighting for your right to party your ass off this Fourth of July. → Read More

These 4 Celebrities Didn’t Serve In The US Military, And We’re Very OK With That

Sometimes your heroes let you down, in this comprehensive breakdown, Jack Mandaville explains why these celebrities never served. → Read More

How To Spot Plastic Patriotism, Using 'The Troops' For Your Pet Cause

The troops tend to get used as a political rallying cry by those who haven't served, usually to further their own partisan causes. → Read More

How A Marine Built One Of America's Best Companies

It was in Vietnam that Fred Smith personally witnessed the power of the military's logistics operations -- lessons he would take with him to FedEx. → Read More

Vetsplaining: How Not To Talk To Civilians About Military Life

We know it's hard, but try not to be one of the angry veterans who shames the general public for completely forgivable misconceptions about military life. → Read More

A Visual History Of American War In 60 Seconds

This history of American wars is as nuanced as any other nation in history, which is why we're going to try to jam it all into a minute-long video → Read More

The Real History Of Cinco De Mayo, In Less Than A Minute

Cinco De Mayo, the middle sibling of America's St. Patrick's Day through Independence Day party bender, is often misunderstood → Read More

In Praise of the Heroic Marine Who Gave Us Taco Bell

Before he served America fast food as the Taco Bell founder, Glen Bell served his country in the Marine Corps in World War II. → Read More

Older Veterans: They Hate Us ‘Cause They Ain’t Us

If I had a nickel for every time older veterans tried to one-up me with some unimpressive statement, I'd be rich as hell. → Read More

Dino Puppets, Angry Veterans, And Fat Generals: The Tennessee Debacle

The video above pretty much sums up my feelings on the whole dino puppet reenlistment ceremony non-scandal. For the more cerebral and less inflammatory version of this, I highly suggest you read Adam Weinstein’s take on the matter, if only because Adam writes gooder than me. → Read More

Full Metal Meltdown: Matthew Modine's Ridiculous Duffel Blog Rant

Duffel Blog published a piece of satire about Full Metal Jacket and then actor Matthew Modine started lecturing them on Twitter about being more serious. → Read More

These Fantasy-Themed 90s Marine Corps Recruitment Ads Are Both Totally Insane And Strangely Arousing

The ad agency hired that handles the Marine Corps commercials during the 90s most likely filled their creative room with hallucinogenic drug use → Read More

In Praise Of The ‘Heroes’ Behind Terrible Military Stock Photos

There are few art forms more terrible and hilarious than the no-effort military stock photos that are a fixture of sketchy advertisements → Read More