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Recent articles by Jonathan:

Europe’s Appeasement of Iran Remains a Threat to the West

While Emmanuel Macron was complaining of NATO’s ‘brain death,’ European efforts to circumvent U.S. sanctions on Iran continued apace. → Read More

Michelle Malkin, Stephen Miller and 'groypers': Conservatives can’t condone racists and anti-Semites

The debate about immigration is being hijacked by a conflict over alt-right racists that the White House and others on the right must condemn. → Read More

Who can speak for American Jews against anti-Semitism? Not the ADL

While British Jewry has pulled together against the threat of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, American Jews seem more focused on partisan grudges then on combating hate. → Read More

Environmentalist Killjoys Are Coming for Your Football

The public’s disinclination to see climate change as a pressing global catastrophe is fueling the rage of activists. → Read More

Netanyahu’s Choice: Hold onto Power, or Let his Ideas Prevail Without Him?

He may hold onto his party’s leadership after being indicted. But if he can’t form another government, what is his duty to the principles he’s spent his entire life defending? → Read More

The pro-Trump racists and anti-Semites who could bring down Trump – and American conservatism

The 'graduates' of the Charlottesville neo-Nazi march are repositioning themselves to infiltrate American conservatism. And the White House is silent → Read More

Beware Of Impeachment Conspiracies Linked To The Jews

Like Jewish baseball fans in search of Jewish heroes of the diamond, a certain type of political junkie spent the first week of congressional impeachment hearings pondering the number of Jewish players in the high stakes conflict between President Donald Trump and his Democratic opponents. From impeachment major domo Rep. Adam Schiff on one side to the men who helped orchestrate former New York… → Read More

What’s Behind Buttigieg’s Iowa Surge?

Buttigieg’s politics are moderate only in comparison to those of genuine radicals, but his calm, cool presence is a natural contrast to the populist fire-breathing of figures such as Trump and Sanders. → Read More

Can Michael Bloomberg Pull Democrats Back toward the Center?

Michael Bloomberg has a massive fortune and a solid case to make to voters. But his effort to stop Elizabeth Warren could easily backfire, handing her the Democratic presidential nomination. → Read More

Kristallnacht Remains Relevant 81 Years Later

How do we avoid mistaking the current wave of anti-Semitism for that of the Nazi past without slipping into complacence? → Read More

New Israel Fund’s War on Jewish Life

By creating a mechanism to fund anti-Zionist groups, it is attacking not just Israel, but also a federation system vital to maintaining Jewish institutions in America. → Read More

The Democrats Don’t Have to Go the Way of Labour

British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn outside his home in north London. Photo: Reuters / Peter Nicholls. – The upcoming general election being held in the UK on December 12 isn’t getting much coverage in the United States. Americans generally don’t pay much attention to foreign policy, and the principal issue this year in the United Kingdom — Brexit — is something few Americans… → Read More

For pro-Palestinian activists on U.S. campuses, the Holocaust is cancelled

Denounce Zionism, or we'll downgrade the Holocaust: That's the message of the Benedictine College activists who tried to bully a Holocaust survivor into backing their campaign → Read More

The Democrats’ Disconnect from Israeli Reality

The party’s turnout for the J Street conference and their presidential candidates’ threats of cutting off aid to Israel illustrate how little they understand the Middle East. → Read More

Pittsburgh Shooting not for Political Partisanship

One year later, the anti-Trump “resistance” is still trying to exploit a synagogue massacre for political purposes, rather than honoring the victims of a hate crime. → Read More

Trump’s Mideast Moves Defy Logic, And Why That’s Good News For Israel

No matter what President Donald Trump has done to outrage much of the country, his Jewish supporters have one devastating reply: he’s the most pro-Israel president ever. His moving of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, his recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights as well as an attitude toward the Middle East peace process that focused on holding the Palestinians… → Read More

The Problem with Trump’s ‘Normandy Doctrine’

Trump’s “Normandy Doctrine” harms not only the Kurds but also U.S. interests. → Read More

Whatever Happened to the Palestinian ‘Diplomatic Tsunami’?

Anti-Zionists may still be able to intimidate some people, like pop stars who visit Israel, but in the real world and even at the United Nations, their cause is an afterthought. → Read More

Netanyahu’s Fate and the Future of Israeli Democracy

The flimsy corruption charges he’s facing are creating a precedent that is a greater threat to the rule of law and the future of Israel than anything he’s charged with doing. → Read More

Can Trump, Evangelicals and Right-wing Jews Really Relate to a post-Netanyahu Israel?

Will the U.S. president lose interest in an Israel no longer headed by a populist honorary Republican? What about Trump's most ardent supporters, and his Mideast 'peace team,' so deeply invested in Netanyahu staying in office? → Read More