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Recent articles by Jonathan:

Banning Omar and Tlaib May Help Trump, but It Hurts Israel

Omar and Tlaib deserve the contempt of Israelis as well as Americans. But even those who rightly despise them should understand that this decision will do Israel far more damage than their trip could have done. → Read More

Israel Should have Ignored Trump’s Pressure on Omar and Tlaib

Banning members of Congress, even anti-Semitic BDS supporters, from entering the country is a grave mistake that will only help Israel’s foes. → Read More

Do Joe Biden’s Gaffes Still Matter in the Age of Trump?

The Democratic presidential frontrunner’s unforced errors continue to multiply. He’s hoping voters won’t care. → Read More

Tisha B’Av has a Message for a Divided, Troubled America

The curse of senseless hatred afflicts our society. But are we too entrenched in our partisan silos to listen to each other? → Read More

Doxing Donors and the New Era of Scorched-Earth Politics

Yes, Democrats do think Trump supporters are ‘deplorables’ who should be shamed — or worse. → Read More

Steve King and Roy Moore Don’t Belong in the GOP

And it’s Trump’s job to stop the pair from sabotaging Republican hopes in 2020. → Read More

Trump is primed to rise above the stale gun debate

If only momentarily, Trump did offer a glimpse of what he was prepared to do about the plague of mass shootings afflicting the nation. → Read More

The ONLY Answer to Hatred of Jews is Jewish Pride

The threat of anti-Semitic violence is real. But American Jews are not in the kind of danger that should force them to hide their identities or stay away from synagogues. → Read More

On Iran, Trump Is Shoving Israel Out Into the Cold

Trump's apparent pivot towards the 'America First' isolationism of Rand Paul and Tucker Carlson is a bitter shock for his Jewish and evangelical donors and supporters - and for Netanyahu → Read More

Why ‘the Squad’ is setting the House’s agenda

The notion that AOC and her allies are political ciphers is a myth that is being debunked on a daily basis. → Read More

On Iran, Trump is shoving Israel out into the cold

Trump's apparent pivot towards the 'America First' isolationism of Rand Paul and Tucker Carlson is a bitter shock for his Jewish and evangelical donors and supporters - and for Netanyahu → Read More

The Case For Trump’s Immigration Policy

As far as most American Jews are concerned, opposition to President Donald Trump isn’t so much an option as a religious obligation. That’s partly due to genuine revulsion against his ugly taunts as well as partisan loyalty to his opponents. But the issue that has galvanized the Jewish “resistance” to Trump is immigration. But while there is a general agreement that Trump was way out of bounds… → Read More

Don’t Dismiss Communist China’s Critics

Whatever you think of Steve Bannon, he’s right about one thing: President Xi Jinping’s regime is a totalitarian threat to be resisted. → Read More

What will History Say About Netanyahu?

The prime minister’s legacy isn’t so much his record tenure as his deft stewardship of Israel’s path to its place as a regional power, along with his staunch refusal to endanger his country. → Read More

Omar’s Boycott Resolution Tests a Party’s Moral Compass

If Democrats want the high ground against Trump, they must condemn radical supporters of the anti-Semitic BDS movement, as opposed to defending them. → Read More

Trump Should Welcome a Challenge from Mark Sanford

Trouncing outlier GOP candidates will help, not hurt, his reelection chances. → Read More

How Anti-Zionists Legitimize Anti-Semitism

The fight against anti-Semitism on college campuses must start by properly labeling Israel’s foes as purveyors of hate speech. → Read More

The Difference Between Intermarriage and the Holocaust

Assimilation is a daunting challenge for American Jews, but it doesn’t help when an Israeli rabbi/politician inappropriately compares the intermarried to the Six Million. → Read More

Do you Distrust Christian Friends?

Call it Evangelicalphobia Left-wing Jews continue to complain about CUFI, but at a time of rising anti-Semitism, these friends deserve thanks—not contempt rooted in prejudice. → Read More

Are Biden’s Apologies Killing His Electability Argument?

Biden’s history as a national candidate in the past was one largely characterized by mistakes, and the pattern has repeated itself in his latest try for the presidency. → Read More