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Past articles by Amy:

Five things I learned when I attended an ‘adult summer camp’.

Adult summer camps are a thing, and here are the five things I learnt while going to one including having people make your decisions is wonderful. → Read More

24 surefire signs you grew up in the country.

You can take the kid out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the kid. If you're growing up in the country (or ever have) you'll get this. → Read More

How two women took their businesses global, then shared everything they knew.

Hepzabeth & Sonia have just spent six hours sitting in the dust in a tiny Cambodian village, surrounded by chickens, cats and piglets. They love it. → Read More

In the final moments of the latest ep, Game of Thrones did the most shocking thing it could.

After all the killing and the raping and the maiming, the one thing that we are truly shocked by is the naked body of a real woman: Melisandre's boobs. → Read More

Anti-vaxxers say they know exactly how Prince died. We’ll give you one guess…

While the rest of the world were mourning Prince's passing, anti-vaxxers immediately put on their tinfoil hats and solved the mystery of Prince's passing. → Read More

60 Minutes: Ali el-Amine now has everything he wants. Because this case was all about him.

He took what he believed was his. But he doesn't own his kids. → Read More

60 Minutes arrest: There are four children who we can’t forget.

Their parents went off to work and are yet to come home. → Read More

“No, you’re not allowed to kill someone just because they’re in your house.”

At least 120,000 Australians think that Batterham is a hero, not a criminal. → Read More

Sixteen signs that winter is coming.

How to know winter is coming: For one, you know it is winter when you throw your razor away because you need the extra insulation that body hair brings. → Read More

What your wallet really says about your personality.

Whether you carry a designer piece, or a fraying Velcro-sealed tri-fold, your wallet type is the only personality test worth completing. → Read More

Arthur Kent’s silence was as brutal as any physical torture of little Kyhesha-Lee.

His crime was inaction. His crime was knowing a little girl was in pain and walking away. → Read More

Dr Luke goes on a Twitter rampage, says he didn’t rape Kesha. But should you believe him?

It's the first time we've heard from Dr Luke himself. → Read More

The photos of Kim Kardashian showing her face battered are not real. But her story is.

The images of Kim Kardashian domestic abuse victim you might have seen online this week may not be real, but her experience in an abusive relationship is. → Read More

Editor's Picks: 11 presents to buy for the person who has everything.

Here are some creative present ideas our Editor Amy Stockwell has got a keen eye on this year for her family and friends who claim they have everything. → Read More

17 questions for the guy who staged a fake proposal for his cheating girlfriend.

It's not just your simple, boy meets girl, girl gets a side-piece, boy humiliates girl on the internet. It's much more complex than that. → Read More

She was 17, he was 48. And now Ricky Nixon gets to tell the world all about it.

A judge has ruled that Ricky Nixon can publish his tell-all autobiography, My Side, about Kim Duthie, the "St. Kilda School Girl". → Read More

Why did it take a US talent show to bring Bindi Irwin back into our hearts?

She conquered Dancing With The Stars and became 'Our Bindi' again. → Read More

"To the silent victims of family violence: We see you, we hear you, we will help you."

What to do when your friend suffers from domestic violence. We won’t turn away when we see a woman who needs help. These are the promises we need to make. → Read More

A farewell to gluten: We had a beautiful 30-something years together.

To my dearly departed. We had a beautiful 30-something years together but it's done. I'm cutting out gluten and the future looks bright with Gluten-Free. → Read More

All your summer fashion essentials from ASOS

The season of Sweaty is almost upon us; it’s time to dig out last year’s clothes, figure out what works and top up with some new summer fashion essentials. → Read More