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Past articles by Madeleine:

Keeping Nudes After Breakup: Is It Wrong to Keep Nude Pics?

Should you keep an ex's nude pics? Is it a violation of consent to keep naked photos once a relationship ends, or are nudes a gift without an expiration? → Read More

Big Tit Energy vs. Big Dick Energy: What Does It Mean?

What is big tit energy, and is it like big dick energy? Our physical bodies have come to matter less than the sense of them we project online → Read More

What It Means to ‘Soft-Launch’ a Relationship

When you aren’t sure you’ll go the distance as a couple — or one partner is uncomfortable with online PDA — there’s still a way to digitally wink wink to your followers → Read More

Young People Are Laughing at Our Clumsy Old Baseball Sex Analogy

What are the sex bases, anyway? The dated pop-culture trope of ‘rounding bases’ doesn't account for the far more nuanced way teens today think about sex → Read More

Why Are Men So Cringe When They Try to Be Sexy?

In an attempt to encourage civic engagement in the upcoming U.S. election, beloved heartthrob Michael B. Jordan recently dropped a shameless thirst trap on Twitter.... → Read More

The Rise of the Unhorny Man

Earlier this year, Instagram model Jessie Sims took to Twitter to post a thirst trap in which she leans butt-out against a kitchen counter, with... → Read More

Why Some Queer Women Frame Sex With Men as Self-Harm

Thanks to a viral Reddit document called ‘AM I A LESBIAN,’ many women are seeing dissociative, self-destructive hetero hookups in a new light → Read More

True Kindness Is Locking a Friend Out of Their Social Media Accounts

Demi, a 28-year-old comedian in L.A., has made several attempts to detox from social media, but most of them have been unsuccessful. “I try self-imposed... → Read More

The Extreme Lengths People Will Go to Avoid Doing Housework in Lockdown

Meredith, a 32-year-old environmental attorney working from home in Downtown L.A., had completely lost control of her laundry pile. Subject to a stay-at-home order since... → Read More

Nothing Spurs Baby Fever Like a Global Pandemic

Oralia, a writer and translator on lockdown in Mexico, has recently done a complete 180 on the question of whether or not to have children.... → Read More

Texts From Scummy Exes Are Only Making Quarantine That Much Worse

Claire, a 33-year-old writer in Oregon, doesn’t speak to her ex-husband often. It’s not that she hates him, scorched-earth style — in fact, she says... → Read More

Why Do Some Victims of Abuse Become Abusers Themselves — And Others Don't?

Breaking the cycle of abuse and violence becomes substantially harder when so much of the burden falls on survivors → Read More

Why Are MRAs So Obsessed with Making Sure Women Are Eligible for the Draft, Too?

Last year, longstanding men’s rights organization the National Coalition For Men (NCFM) won a lawsuit challenging the legality of the male-only requirement to register for... → Read More

The Gentleman’s Guide to Transitioning a Friendship Into Romance

Alex, a 35-year-old tech worker in London, was best friends with his now-wife for about a year before they started dating. “I loved her the... → Read More

The Problem With ‘Born Gay’

The idea that people are ‘born this way’ has been a rallying cry of the gay rights movement for decades — even though it’s not everyone’s story. What if, in the fight for equality, it actually holds queer people back? → Read More

This Is How We Masturbate While Heartbroken

Do you masturbate while heartbroken? In the torment of a recent breakup, approaches to ‘sadsturbation’ vary wildly. One way or another, we all come to grips → Read More

Intuitive Eating: The ‘Anti-Diet’ That Aims to Change Your Relationship With Food

But "listening to your body" is easier said than done when diet culture has left us irreparably damaged → Read More

Why Restaurants Still Can't Shake Their Sexist Service Etiquette

When dining out, gender assumptions run so deep they’re sometimes unconscious — and more progressive approaches can hurt a server’s pocket → Read More

The Very, Very, Very Slow Song of Hypermilers

Obsessed with saving gas, these dudes practice techniques that may be great for the environment — but manage to piss everyone else off → Read More

Why Women Riding Mechanical Bulls Make Us So Horny

Beneath an eBaum’s World video titled “Sexiest Mechanical Bull Ride Ever,” a comments section writhes with a curious mix of horniness and misogyny. “If that... → Read More