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I Used a HELOC for My Fixer-Upper, and It Was Great—for a Little While

When you manage to buy a big, old Victorian for a steal, you know a time will come to pay the piper. My husband and I managed to do the first few projects on our 1887 home in Old Louisville with savings and proceeds from selling our other house. But when it came time to replace the roof, update the nightmarish bathroom, and bring the kitchen into this millennium, we ran out of funds. → Read More

'i'm terrified, I am terrified.' How Louisville businesses fight to survive coronavirus

In a matter of hours, Louisville restaurant have had to go from dine-in to carry-out. Here's how the change played out for the owners of Grind Burger. → Read More

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While more traditional means of helping out may not be on the table right now, there are other ways to contribute. Here's how you can get involved. → Read More

The Etiquette Rules of Coronavirus Grocery Shopping: Be a Good Person and Follow These!

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I Love Exposed Brick So Darn Much, and I Want to Shout It from the Rooftops

While renovating my 1887 Victorian in Louisville, Kentucky, I’ve exposed a brick wall in the kitchen, every wall in the adjoining pantry, and two small walls in the third-floor guest suite. That’s a lot of brick. And I LOVE it. → Read More

What Are Ghost Kitchens? (And Is There One in Your Neighborhood?)

Joining the dark grocery store trend, in which disused retail space serves as fulfillment centers for grocery delivery, ghost kitchens are taking advantage of out-of-business malls and and other empty storefronts to prepare meals for delivery. → Read More

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A 1970s newsletter is this writer's go-to resource for renovating her old house. → Read More

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If someone is braving supermarket aisles and snowy streets to get your gluten-free granola or order of butter chicken to you, here are a few things you never want to do. → Read More

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