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Louisville, KY, United States

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Recent articles by Dana:

Why You Should Never Add Essential Oils to Latex Paint

Have you seen the “helpful tip” floating around social media that says you should add essential oils to your can of latex paint to trade paint smell for, say, peppermint? You can file that under “just because you see it on Pinterest doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.”Don’t get me wrong—I’m not an essential oils hater. → Read More

5 Ways to Fix Water Stains on Wood Tables (And 1 Method You Should Probably Skip!)

No matter how many coasters you own, you're bound to still end up getting some water stains. Here are some of the best ways to fix the marks — and one method you should probably skip. → Read More

How to Clean Those Super Stinky Kitchen Dishcloths

Got some dishcloths that reek? Even after a stint in the washing machine? Here's how to get them clean — without using bleach. → Read More

You Should Pour Vinegar into Your Washing Machine—Here’s Why

Is there anything you can’t handle with vinegar? Really, I wonder why I bother buying so many assorted cleaners when vinegar is basically the magic sauce that does everything. (Have you tried the trick with setting a saucer full of vinegar out to get rid of stink in a room? It totally works!) Here’s another fun thing is does: It cleans your washing machine.Yes, your washing machine needs… → Read More

5 Times When Painting Over Something Is a Terrible Idea

If the HGTV generation has a mantra, it’s got to be, “Let’s paint it!” Throwing a coat of paint on anything from a fireplace to built-in bookshelves is often a quick way to nab a whole new look. The thing is, sometimes painting something can be just as quick a route to “I love it!” as “I wish I hadn’t done that.” Here are five situations in which painting may not be the best course of action. → Read More

11 iced or cold brew coffee drinks you can only find in Louisville

It's hot! Why not cool down and fuel up with these 11 unique iced coffee and cold brew drinks you can find at these Louisville coffee shops. → Read More

Clever Ways to Avoid All That Labor-Intensive Taping Before You Paint

For a lot of people, it’s just assumed that when you paint a room, you pick up a few rolls of blue painter’s tape while you’re buying your gallon of color. However, while it promises clean lines, painter’s tape can come with issues like bleed through and paint peeling when you take it off. And, of course, there’s the time requirement: It takes forever to apply.Growing up in a construction… → Read More

The Coffee Maker I Bought After I Spent 25 Days in French Airbnbs

One of our writers bought this machine after spending 25 days in French Airbnbs. Here's why she loves it and how it makes her mornings a million times better. → Read More

10 Surprising Things You Can Clean with That Old Bottle of Vodka

Did you know that you can use that old bottle of vodka to clean all sorts of stuff around the house? It's basically just pure alcohol and water after all ... → Read More

This Louisville bar is combining two of your favorite things: dogs and beer

PG&J's Dog Bar opens this fall at 800 Baxter Ave. The membership-based dog bar will have a place for your pups to play while you grab a cold drink. → Read More

Bourbon buyer's remorse: I bought a really expensive bourbon and regret it

Courier Journal freelance writer Dana McMahan recently bought a super expensive bottle of bourbon and definitely regret the purchase. Here's why. → Read More

How to keep your pets safe during Fourth of July fireworks

Dogs, cats and fireworks often don't mix. These are the steps you can take to minimize the fear and risk to your pets on the 4th of July. → Read More

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Renting My House on Airbnb

For the most part, this Airbnb Superhost loves renting out her home and her kitchen. She just wishes she knew these five things before she got started. → Read More

Amazon Has a Hidden Feature That Will Add Up Every Cent You’ve Spent on There To Date

They don't make it exactly obvious or easy, but Amazon does let you download a report of your entire order history. Before you do, maybe take a moment to mentally prepare to see the true spending story of all those oh-so-convenient Prime deliveries. → Read More

8 Quick and Easy Cleaning & Laundry Tips that Airbnb Hosts Swear By

Those of us who survive and thrive in this world of letting strangers tell the internet how tidy we are have learned some mad skills when it comes to cleaning and laundry. → Read More

The Only Cleaner I’ll Use on My Refinished Hardwood Floors

This concentrated cleaner lifts grime and makes floors shine. If you have refinished hardwood floors, this is especially for you. → Read More

How To Clean Glass Pendant Lights

Sometimes you can't un-notice something that needs cleaning and then, well, you just have to do it. Case in point: those filthy pendant lights hanging in your kitchen. → Read More

The Surprisingly Luxe Sofa I Got at Walmart for Less Than $500

The blue velvet vintage-style futon sofa from The Novogratz line at Walmart was exactly what I was looking for in my new Airbnb. And as an added bonus, it was surprisingly affordable. → Read More

Want to cook the perfect burger? These Louisville chefs offer top tips

National Burger Day is May 28. In honor of the holiday, we asked eight Louisville burger pros for their ultimate burger-cooking tips. → Read More

Try This Old-School Method to Get That White, Weathered Brick Look

What’s cooler than an exposed brick wall? An exposed, weathered, white brick wall! If you’ve been pining for that distressed, vintage look, read on—and don’t fret. → Read More