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Recent articles by Aaron:

'Microsoft Flight Simulator' is getting a Japan-centric update next week

At its Tokyo Games Show event, Microsoft today announced a major free update to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Appropriately, the update adds a lot to the experience of flying in Japan. Six cities, including Tokyo, are getting improved with 3D photogrammetery, more handcrafted Japanese airports are on their way and several landmarks throughout the country are also being added in high resolution. → Read More

Confused about which console to buy? Just wait.

After months of speculation, we now have a clear picture of the next-gen consoles. If you haven't decided which to get, maybe you simply don't need one yet. → Read More

Grimes, FKA twigs and Twice's Chaeyoung give art talks for Google

After two million people listened to musician Maggie Rogers narrate an ASMRy video about Van Gogh's Starry Night, Google has released a second season of Art Zoom. The project combines the Google Arts & Culture division’s photography with wispy narration from musicians, and the first set of videos last year also featured Feist on Bruegel, Jarvis Cocker on Monet and Girl in Red on Edvard Munch.… → Read More

NVIDIA's RTX 3000 cards make counting teraflops pointless

With NVIDIA's first RTX 3000 cards arriving in weeks, you can expect reviews to give you a firm idea of Ampere performance soon. Even now, it feels safe to say that Ampere represents a monumental leap forward for PC gaming. However these cards stack up, though, it’s clear that their worth can no longer be represented by a singular figure like teraflops. → Read More

Analogue's portable Pocket console is delayed until May 2021

It's been nine months since Analogue announced the Pocket, a $199 portable console that can play Game Boy, Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Color and Atari Lynx games from original cartridges. The console was scheduled to launch in 2020, but Analogue now says, due to the “unfortunate global state of affairs and supply chain challenges," the retro portable will ship in May 2021. The Pocket, like all of… → Read More

Microsoft's next-gen Xbox promise was trouble from the start

Microsoft has, since the launch of the Xbox One X in 2017, been able to claim that it sells “the most powerful console.” It’s a claim that will extend into the next generation, as the Xbox Series X’s CPU and GPU are, in terms of raw compute, stronger than the PlayStation 5’s. For the Xbox One X, this has meant that cross-platform games almost always look or run better than they do on the… → Read More

AMD's 4700G APU is a mid-range PC on a single chip

It's been a year since AMD's Zen 2 Ryzen 3000 CPUs changed the desktop PC market, with best-in-class productivity and "good enough" gaming performance. One area has been left behind, though: desktop APUs, which combine a processor with integrated graphics. Today that changes, as AMD is announcing a family of "4000G" APUs for desktop PCs. → Read More

It doesn’t matter what the PS5 looks like

The PlayStation 5 is an unattractive piece of tech. Next to the clean, utilitarian and purportedly more powerful Xbox Series X, it's not a great look for Sony. → Read More

Nintendo adds monthly subscription to 'Fire Emblem Heroes'

Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH) is Nintendo's mobile money-maker. The free-to-play RPG has pulled in, according to SensorTower, $656 million since its release three ye... → Read More

Shure's first true wireless earbuds are the Aonic 215

Pro-oriented audio company Shure has launched a new consumer wireless audio line called Aonic at CES 2020. The Aonic 215 true wireless earbuds and Aonic 50 wire... → Read More

Sega's Genesis Mini is just $45 today

Following years of shoddy third-party consoles, Sega took matters into its own hands and produced a replica console worthy of the Genesis name. The Genesis Mini... → Read More

The Fujifilm X100F is on sale at $900

We love Fujifilm's X100F, but it's definitely not for everyone. It's a fixed-lens APS-C camera best suited for street photography, blending the excellent 24.3-m... → Read More

How to set up a phone or tablet for a child

The days of simply remembering to buy some AA batteries are over. Parents now spend more time in the lead-up to Christmas and birthdays performing system update... → Read More

NVIDIA's GTX 1650 and 1660 Super are two very different GPU upgrades

Following the release of its "Super" RTX 2060, 2070 and 2080 GPUs, NVIDIA is back with a pair of updated graphics cards: the GeForce GTX 1660 Super and GTX 1650... → Read More

Get ready for a week of home theater tech on

The home entertainment industry is in transition. Cable companies are reacting to Netflix by trying to become Netflix, launching countless streaming services of... → Read More

Sega is becoming its weird and wonderful self again

Sega is in an unexpectedly good place right now. The company was never on top of the industry; it's been beaten by Nintendo, by Sony, by the decline of the arca... → Read More

'Blacksad' is a promising detective game based on a cult comic

In a world of big-budget comic adaptations, Blacksad: Under The Skin stands out. → Read More

FIFA 20's Volta mode is good enough to be its own game

Street soccer is a meaningful addition to EA's franchise. → Read More

NVIDIA's new RTX Super cards are a pre-emptive strike on AMD

With AMD's next generation of GPUs just days away, NVIDIA is making good on its drawn-out tease with a trio of new graphics cards: the RTX 2060 Super, RTX 2070... → Read More

The Link’s Awakening remake feels exactly like it should

Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch is a faithful recreation of the original game, except when it's not. Although I remember watching my older brothers playin... → Read More