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Recent articles by Aaron:

Get ready for a week of home theater tech on

The home entertainment industry is in transition. Cable companies are reacting to Netflix by trying to become Netflix, launching countless streaming services of... → Read More

Sega is becoming its weird and wonderful self again

Sega is in an unexpectedly good place right now. The company was never on top of the industry; it's been beaten by Nintendo, by Sony, by the decline of the arca... → Read More

'Blacksad' is a promising detective game based on a cult comic

In a world of big-budget comic adaptations, Blacksad: Under The Skin stands out. → Read More

FIFA 20's Volta mode is good enough to be its own game

Street soccer is a meaningful addition to EA's franchise. → Read More

NVIDIA's new RTX Super cards are a pre-emptive strike on AMD

With AMD's next generation of GPUs just days away, NVIDIA is making good on its drawn-out tease with a trio of new graphics cards: the RTX 2060 Super, RTX 2070... → Read More

The Link’s Awakening remake feels exactly like it should

Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch is a faithful recreation of the original game, except when it's not. Although I remember watching my older brothers playin... → Read More

Dynamaxing a corgi in ‘Pokémon Sword and Shield’

Pokémon Sword and Shield, the series' first proper outing on the Switch, is shaking up a tried-and-tested formula. There's the dynamic weather system, wh... → Read More

The problem with the Galaxy Fold

Take a look at the Galaxy Fold's 68 official images on Samsung's press site, and see if you can work out what's missing. Or watch the promotional clip and tell... → Read More

‘Silksong’ is a full-blown sequel to ‘Hollow Knight’

Hollow Knight was kind of a sleeper hit, at least around these parts. It goes without saying that if we'd given it the appropriate attention, the Kickstarter-fu... → Read More

'Super Mario Maker 2' hits the Switch this June

It took its sweet time, but Super Mario Maker is coming to Nintendo Switch! Far from a port, this is a bonafide sequel, Super Mario Maker 2. Details are scant,... → Read More

Audeze's $99 Bluetooth cable makes iSine headphones 'wireless'

Just after the iPad Pro was announced, I wrote about how sad I was to be forced away from my current pair of headphones, the Audeze iSine 10. You see, iSine mod... → Read More

Why the new MacBook Air isn’t ‘a bigger MacBook’

The announcement of the MacBook Air yesterday means that a large portion of Apple's laptops are powered by Intel "Y" processors. The fanless 12-inch MacBook was... → Read More

Spare a thought for the guy with Lightning headphones

It was a questionable decision to opt for headphones that work with two devices. Nevertheless, I do love the Audeze iSINE 10s that I've used every day for the p... → Read More

Overclocking GPUs makes surprisingly great TV

Outside of Engadget's consumer-tech space, there are dozens of sites and YouTube channels that make a living covering PC hardware in extreme depth, looking at e... → Read More

‘Sekiro’ continues the work that ‘Bloodborne’ started

Miyazaki is moving further away from the Dark Souls template. → Read More

'Sable' is gorgeous, but will live or die on its story

Developer Shedworks is crafting a quiet, lonely adventure. → Read More

‘The Butterfly Effect’ explores tech’s impact on the porn industry

Free porn changed the world, and The Butterfly Effect explains how. It's a seven-episode podcast series produced by author and screenwriter Jon Ronson that trac... → Read More

Building the perfect machine in 'Opus Magnum'

I'm not sure how Opus Magnum passed me by when it came to Steam Early Access last year. All I know is that I saw a split-second of it in a YouTube video a few w... → Read More

'Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!' doesn't feel like a remake

Those of us that have enjoyed the series since Red know an uncomfortable truth: Nintendo doesn't have to do much to sell us on a Pokémon game. Millions o... → Read More

'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' is a refinement of a classic formula

It's December 1999. I'm sitting in my best friend's smoke-filled bedroom, frantically mashing the buttons of an N64 controller and having the time of my life. S... → Read More