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Past articles by Daryl:

Laws: 3 weeks needed to makeup for gym break

Q. I’m frustrated because the gyms have been closed for so long. I’ve trained with some small weights, construction blocks and a fence post, but it’s been limited. I’ve lost muscle mass, gotten smaller and wonder how long it will take to get back what I’ve lost when the gyms do open?A. The short answer is three weeks.The first fitness component that you lose from your limited training is muscle… → Read More

Set general & specific goals

> Q: I try to follow routines I read online but it just doesn't seem to work for me. I train a couple days a week and don't know how to stay on pace to get the job done in the gym or how much weight to use. Any suggestions? > A: To be successful on a daily basis as you work toward a goal, you need to set general goals and specific goals. It's not clear enough to say you want to lose weight. Be… → Read More

Sports burnout is real

Q: My daughter will be in the 10th grade this year and has said that she might like to have the summer off from soccer. She played on her high school team → Read More

Maintaining muscle mass

> Q: As a guy in his early 50s, I keep losing muscle mass or feel like I am. What should I do to regain it? Should I consider testosterone boosters in addition to my workouts? > A: Maintaining muscle mass as we age can be a significant problem for both men and women. Continuing to train is one way to maintain your muscle mass. There is a huge intensity difference between training and working… → Read More

Training core, flexibility better options for kids

Q: My 9-year-old daughter wants to work out like her brothers and sisters who are older. She plays volleyball, soccer and softball. Should she work out → Read More

Down time a chance to recharge, rebuild

Q: My season has ended, but I don't want to shut down my training. I enjoy the workouts and like the shape I'm in, but I am constantly told to take a break. How important are breaks and how long should I break from training?|A: Every sport has a season and an off-season. Over the past decade, there has been an increase in the number of repetitive motion sports injuries occurring in younger… → Read More

Some exercise is better than none at all

Q: My job has me traveling to another office for the next few weeks. I usually work out at lunch and had a pretty stable schedule to stay in shape. Now my → Read More

Diet and exercise go hand in hand

Q: I recently read an article that stated that exercise didn't help with losing weight and that dieting only would do the job. Can you explain how that is → Read More

Drive and determination is all teens need

Q: My high school-age son uses a pre-workout drink before training and protein every day after he works out. Is that safe for him to use? Also he trains → Read More

'Heart' isn't something you can teach

Q: As a new assistant coach at a high school, I see the current generation of high school athletes. You have been training athletes for decades now. How → Read More

Massage, hydration key to alleviating muscle knots

Q: I get painful muscle knots in my legs and sometimes shoulders. These are painful and annoying. What is the best way to get rid of them and is there a → Read More

Make the most of your bench-press training

Q: I've been going to the gym for about four months now and I feel like I've hit a plateau with the bench press. All of my other chest and tricep workouts → Read More

Don't let allergies hamper training

Don't let allergies hamper training SMS: Netheader: By Daryl Laws / Special to the Times-News Q: Allergy season is here and I have to shift my → Read More

Build mass, volume through training exercises

Q: Which method of training is better to build muscle mass? Does heavy weight and less reps work better or less weight and more reps? I need to get bigger → Read More

Tips to follow when recovering from knee surgery

Q: I am recovering from knee surgery and have been released from doctor’s care to begin exercising on my own again. Using the PT (physical therapy) → Read More

Training, food choices can help young golfer

Q: My son has shown a huge interest in golf and has been able to play par at one of the local golf courses. Other players who have seen him play recommend → Read More

Stronger core balance can reduce risk of injuries

Q: I twisted my ankle and sprained it twice this past basketball season which kept me off the floor most of the season. I’ve been through rehab and → Read More

Healthier choices, exercising can save time and money

Q: After a doctor’s visit and trip to the pharmacy that could have been avoided to purchase drugs to combat Type II diabetes, I realize that I → Read More

Back issues require 'baby steps' when training

Q: I have lower back issues and squats always aggravate it. I can do wall sits without making it worse but that doesn’t help me as much in strengthening glutes or hams. The doctor has cleared me to continue working out. What exercises do you think I can add without hurting my back?A: Since wall sits work for you but loading a bar on your back or doing front squats causes issues, use a large… → Read More

Take advantage of snowfall for a great workout

Q: I was snowed in like everyone else and couldn’t get to the gym for a couple of days. What are some things I can do to exercise when I can’t → Read More