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Past articles by Dan:

How Bells, Whistles & Greed Blew Up the Defense Budget

The Hawks say we need to spend $740B a year because our weapons systems are so much more complex now. Here's the real story. → Read More

The Space Force's Real Mission: Wasting Taxpayer Dollars

They're already attempting to skirt spending rules for acquisitions. That's all part of the plan. → Read More

The US needs to rethink nation-building to prevent the next forever war

American forces are particularly unprepared to work with the host governments to establish effective security forces, an advisor mission that in Afghanistan and Iraq came only as an after-thought when policymakers realized they needed an exit strategy → Read More

Why the $1.45 Trillion F-35 Still Can’t Get Off the Ground

Is there any hope of salvaging something from this 17-year nightmare? → Read More

Space Force or Netflix Farce?

If only it were just a spoof, but in reality this new military branch is going to bilk you for billions. → Read More

Why The OODA Loop Is Forever

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the OODA loop is not synonymous with decision-making. OODA is an action cycle as a system → Read More

PODCAST: Jamie Schwandt, Grading the Army’s Staff College

Jamie Schwandt turned the tables on his instructions and the institution of the Army’s Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth by publishing a rather scathing assessment of both. This prompted a vigorous debate online as people both defended the institution and attacked the author. → Read More

Why Do Air Force Planes Need $10,000 Toilet Seat Covers?

The government pretends it has no choice but to honor commercial patents and pay the price. That's blatantly untrue. → Read More

The Complexity Vortex

As the Pentagon continues to pursue increasingly complex weapons programs, a cycle of growing costs and decreasing number of weapons is likely to lead to a tiny military that costs a fortune but is incapable of performing any useful missions. → Read More

Military Readiness Sidelined For Ships the Navy Doesn’t Want

A closer look at new Pentagon spending exposes lawmakers' real interest: the defense lobby. → Read More

Defense Contractors Holding the Pentagon Hostage with Service Contracts

Defense contractors are creating complicated support systems for the increasingly complex weapon systems the Pentagon buys. This allows the contractors to secure long-term contracts for which they have no competition from other companies. → Read More

It’s Time for a New War Vote

Three out of four Members of Congress today took their seats after that body first voted to authorize the War on Terrorism. After 16 years, another vote is long past due. → Read More

Lawmakers Exploit Tragedy to Demand Defense Dollars

Ghoulish behavior masks bad stewardship of an already bloated budget. → Read More

Defense Bill Language Could Let F-35 off the Hook

This year’s $700 billion defense authorization bills contain a number of provisions that are likely to increase the risk of cost overruns for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program and undermine the ability of Pentagon officials and Congress to assess the combat suitability of new weapon systems in the future. → Read More

The Light Attack Trickery?

The Light Attack idea sounds really good, but decades of history should make everyone suspicious of the Air Force’s motives. → Read More

Congress Greases Flightpath for the F-35 Boondoggle

Politicians bedazzled by fighter plane that can’t fight. → Read More

Safe and Effective Operation of Carriers Depends on Shock Trials

The Project On Government Oversight sent a letter to the members of the House and Senate Armed Services committees urging them to preserve a requirement for the Ford aircraft carrier to undergo full ship shock trial testing before deployment. Waiving this requirement for the Ford would endanger the lives of the 4,300 sailors of the ship’s complement and risk massive cost overruns in the years… → Read More

Air Force Headquarters Starving A-10 Squadrons (Again)

Yet again Air Force headquarters is blaming budgetary pressures for why it says it must cut the most effective close air support platform. → Read More

GAO: Now’s Not the Time to Significantly Increase Funding for F-35

The F-35 program must complete the development process of the most expensive project in history before sinking more money for future purchases, according to the top government watchdog agency. This process is expected to be delayed as program officials are unlikely to achieve testing goals within the current timeline. → Read More

F-35 Continues to Stumble

President Trump called the F-35 “fantastic.” It appears he didn’t read the latest brutally honest report from the Pentagon’s testing office. POGO wades through the complicated language of the report to show there are still many unresolved problems with the program. → Read More