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Past articles by Melody:

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A promotion is often seen as the holy grail of career success. And while it usually comes with more money and respect, the extra responsibilities can lead to anxiety and burnout—thus putting your mental health at risk. Here's how to decide if a title bump is worth it right now. → Read More

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How to make hypersensitivity your strongest skill at work

With some simple recalibration, highly sensitive people (HSPs) can leverage their mental depth for the strength that it is. → Read More

The 3-Part Formula to Calm Your Inner Control Freak at the Office

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Think and Feel Everything Deeply? You May Be A Sensitive Striver

A Sensitive Striver is a high achiever who is also more sensitive to their emotions, the world, and the behavior of those around them than most people. Sensitive Strivers are innately predisposed to… → Read More

How to control your emotions when you’re at work

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