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Past articles by Jeffrey:

Avoiding the worst in Ukraine and Taiwan

Two dangerous flashpoints, in Europe and Asia, could bring the US, Russia and China into open conflict. The crises over Ukraine and Taiwan can be resolved, but all parties must respect the others’ legitimate security interests. Acknowledging those interests objectively will provide the basis for a lasting de-escalation of tensions. Consider Ukraine. Although it undoubtedly has → Read More

Avoiding the Worst in Ukraine and Taiwan by Jeffrey D. Sachs

Jeffrey D. Sachs calls for all parties to consider each other's legitimate security interests objectively and act accordingly. → Read More

Time to Overhaul the Global Financial System by Jeffrey D. Sachs

Jeffrey D. Sachs calls for an overhaul of a two-tiered global system that leaves developing countries perpetually vulnerable. → Read More

Blood in the Sand by Jeffrey D. Sachs

For decades, the American political class has intervened relentlessly and recklessly in countries whose people they hold in contempt. And once again they are being aided by America’s credulous mass media, which is uniformly blaming the Taliban victory on Afghanistan’s incorrigible corruption. → Read More

We Don’t Need the G7 by Jeffrey D. Sachs

The group’s recent summit in Cornwall should be its last. Political leaders need to stop devoting their energy to an exercise that is unrepresentative of today’s global economy and results in a near-complete disconnect between stated aims and the means adopted to achieve them. → Read More

America’s Third Reconstruction by Jeffrey D. Sachs

Republican-controlled state legislatures across the US are enacting new restrictions on voter participation that target non-whites. Since the Civil War, white supremacy in America – nowadays embraced by a shrinking minority – has always based its power on violence and voter suppression. → Read More

Optimism for the New Year by Jeffrey D. Sachs

There are at least five reasons for optimism in 2021. In the coming year, we can lay the foundations for a new era of sustainable development, peace, and cooperation, though we must also be vigilant to stop the forces of greed, ignorance, and hatred from hijacking the new technologies for their ulterior purposes. → Read More

America’s Political Crisis and the Way Forward by Jeffrey D. Sachs

The world’s environmental, social, and security problems are now so complex and interconnected that only strong cooperation within and across regions will suffice to manage them. To achieve it, US President-elect Joe Biden’s success in healing a deeply divided America will be essential. → Read More

America’s Unholy Crusade Against China by Jeffrey D. Sachs

Last month, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered an anti-China speech that was extremist, simplistic, and dangerous. If biblical literalists like Pompeo remain in power past November, they could well bring the world to the brink of a war that they expect and perhaps even seek. → Read More

Wall Street Can’t Burn Bernie by Jeffrey D. Sachs

America's plutocrats and their media allies are certain that US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is unelectable, or that, if somehow elected, he would bring about the collapse of the republic. This disdain is both telling and absurd. → Read More

How World Bank Arbitrators Mugged Pakistan by Jeffrey D. Sachs

Thanks to the World Bank’s flawed and corrupt investment arbitration process, the rich are making a fortune at the expense of poor countries. The latest shakedown is a $5.9 billion award against Pakistan’s government in favor of two global mining companies for an illegal project that was never approved or carried out. → Read More

An Appeal for Sudan’s Future by Ibrahim Elbadawi & Jeffrey D. Sachs

Sudan today is on a knife-edge: it can evolve toward peace and democracy, or spiral into instability and violence. Vital and timely international assistance can make the difference between success and failure for the new government. → Read More

The Path to Climate Safety by Jeffrey D. Sachs

The global toll from weather-related disasters in 2018 was more than $200 billion, and annual losses in the United States alone averaged around $100 billion during 2014-18. And the latest climate science tells us that there is much worse to come unless we abide by the 1.5ºC limit. → Read More

Europe Must Oppose Trump by Jeffrey D. Sachs

European leaders should recognize that a significant majority of Americans reject Trump’s malignant narcissism. By opposing Trump and defending the international rule of law, Europeans and Americans together can strengthen world peace and transatlantic amity for generations to come. → Read More

The Crisis of Anglo-American Democracy by Jeffrey D. Sachs

There is an obvious answer to the question of how the world's two oldest and most venerable democracies installed disordered minds in power and enabled them to pursue unpopular policies. But there is also a deeper explanation. → Read More

America’s Economic Blockades and International Law by Jeffrey D. Sachs

Trump is often called an isolationist, but he is as interventionist as his predecessors. His strategy is simply to rely more heavily on US economic power than military might to coerce adversaries, which creates its own kind of cruelty and destabilization – and embodies its own brand of illegality. → Read More

America’s Illusions of Growth by Jeffrey D. Sachs

Many commentators have interpreted buoyant GDP and unemployment data in the United States as vindicating President Donald Trump’s economic policies, and some suggest that his re-election chances have improved as a result. But these indicators fail to measure what really counts for the public. → Read More

Our Zero-Emission Future by Jeffrey D. Sachs

A low-cost shift to clean energy is now feasible for every region of the world, owing to the plummeting costs of solar and wind power, and breakthroughs in energy storage. The total system costs of renewable energy, including transmission and storage, are now roughly on par with fossil fuels. → Read More

The Trump Contagion by Jeffrey D. Sachs, Bandy X. Lee and Ruth Ben-Ghiat

US President Donald Trump’s growing rages may partly be the result of cognitive decline, suggested, for example, by his deteriorating ability to form complete sentences, use complex words, and maintain a coherent train of thought. What is certain is that Trump is putting the world at risk. → Read More

The Dangerous Absurdity of America’s Trade Wars by Jeffrey D. Sachs

US President Donald Trump’s trade policies not only seek to improve America’s external balance, but also represent a misguided attempt to contain China and even to weaken Europe. Seen in this context, Trump’s misconceived trade wars are nearly as predictable as the macroeconomic imbalances they have so spectacularly failed to address. → Read More