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Past articles by Matt:

The Death Penalty Is Unpopular Everywhere but the Supreme Court

While our reliance on capital punishment continues to decline, this has only served to illuminate its increasing cruelty—and the incompetence of its practitioners. → Read More

Democrats Just Forced Every House Republican to Take a Stance on Marriage Equality

The vote on the Respect for Marriage Act was good policy, and good politics. → Read More

Republicans Keep Turning to the Same Texas Judges to Block Biden’s Policies

The party has made a habit of “judge-shopping” in the Northern District of Texas, and there’s no mystery why. → Read More

Stephen Breyer’s Retirement Is Cause for Relief—and a Chance for Progress

The Supreme Court justice is retiring in time for the Democrats to replace him with a much younger judge: a Black woman, if Biden keeps his campaign promise. → Read More

Election Day Was Peaceful—Then Trump Opened His Mouth

Fears of voter intimidation and violence didn’t materialize. But the president’s claim that the election was being stolen could incite chaos in the days to come. → Read More

Trump’s Scorched-Earth War Against Federal Employees

His latest feint at draining the swamp could put a target on Dr. Anthony Fauci's back. → Read More

Trump’s History of Deception Magnifies the Chaos of His Covid-19 Diagnosis

It would be so great if we could trust the White House right about now. → Read More

Does Trump Care That the American West Is Aflame?

The nightmare wildfires consuming California and Oregon have been greeted by the president’s treacherous silence. → Read More

Your State Flag Might Not Be Racist, but It’s Offensively Ugly

Take a cue from Mississippi and retire that abomination atop your capitol building. → Read More

The Republicans’ Crimes Against Democracy

Some politicos are fretting about post-election chaos. What about the pre-election chaos that Trump and his allies are creating right now? → Read More

Donald Trump Is Terrified of Voters

The president’s call for a delayed election points to his own deep-seated insecurities, not the imminent collapse of our electoral democracy. → Read More

Trump’s Greatest Liability Is His Own Incumbency

The president's latest re-election strategy is to darkly warn voters about the chaos he created. → Read More

The Supreme Court’s Unconscionable Rush to Kill a Prisoner

In allowing the government to kill a man amid a pandemic, the court's conservatives have declared their fealty to the death penalty. → Read More

The Most Corrupt President in American History

Trump's commutation of Roger Stone's sentence confirms his place atop a pantheon of ignominy. → Read More

Why Isn’t the Supreme Court on Twitter?

The high court’s low profile on social media is a mistake—and a missed opportunity. → Read More

Trump’s One Constant Is a Fetish for Bloodshed

Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent, and the president has bunkered down. → Read More

Trump’s One Constant is a Fetish for Bloodshed

Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent, and the president has bunkered down. → Read More

The Mischiefs of Michael Bloomberg

The former New York mayor isn’t subverting the American electoral system. He’s exploiting it. → Read More

Trump’s Conquest of the Department of Justice is Complete

The president's crony attorney general is bent on whitewashing the administration's misdeeds, forever scarring the department's integrity. → Read More

Alan Dershowitz to Senators: L’état, C’est Trump

The Trump defense team's resident legal surrealist insists that presidents can abuse their power in the service of their political careers. → Read More