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Past articles by Susan:

For MERS and Other Outbreaks, Costs and Safety May Keep Vaccines Out of Reach

New technologies give vaccine developers a boost in early development, but large-scale testing and production are bogged down by high costs and lengthy trials. → Read More

A Protein in Young Blood Recharges the Brains and Muscles of Old Mice

Animal studies on the revitalizing power of young blood suggest new drug targets for treating conditions like dementia and heart disease. → Read More

Craig Venter Wants to Build the World’s Biggest Database of Genome and Physiological Information

Craig Venter’s new company wants to improve human longevity by creating the world’s largest, most comprehensive database of genetic and physiological information. → Read More

3-D Printing Blood Vessels into Artificial Tissues Could Eliminate Need for Donor Organs

Artificial tissue has always lacked a key ingredient: blood vessels. A new 3-D printing technique seems poised to change that. → Read More

Sangamo Bioscience’s HIV Treatment Study Is First Report of Genome Editing Tested in Patients

Engineering a patient’s own immune cells to resist HIV could eliminate the need for lifelong antiretroviral therapies. → Read More

Tracking System Could Sound the Alarm of Health Changes in Older People, If They Are Willing to Wear It

By tracking an older person’s movements at home, a new wearable device could help predict serious changes in health. → Read More

Prenatal DNA Tests Should be New Standard, Study Suggests

High-tech blood tests should replace ultrasound and other methods as the primary tools for screening for Down syndrome, argue researchers. → Read More

RainDance’s Tiny Droplets Contain Cheap Cancer Gene Tests

A single-molecule gene test requires much less DNA to identify cancer-causing mutations. → Read More

Thyroid Cancer Gene Test Shows Which Lumps are Benign, Which Are Dangerous

A molecular diagnosis gives doctors and patients better treatment options when suspicious lumps are found in the neck. → Read More

DNA Sequencing in IVF Clinics May Give More Patients Access to Chromosome Tests

Researchers are testing whether high-throughput DNA sequencing can help screen out abnormal embryos during in vitro fertilization. → Read More

CRISPR and Other Genome Editing Tools Boost Medical Research and Gene Therapy’s Reach

Precise and easy ways to rewrite human genes could finally provide the tools that researchers need to understand and cure some of our most deadly genetic diseases. → Read More

Gene Surgery Creates First Monkeys Modified with Precision Genome Editing

Macaques in China are the first primates born with genomes engineered by precision gene targeting methods. → Read More

Could Growing Patient Stem Cells on a Synthetic Scaffold Slash Organ Transplant Waiting Lists?

Harvard Bioscience spin-off is stepping up its production of synthetic tracheas to supply clinical trials. → Read More

First Study to Test Experimental Gene Therapy in Eyes Before They Lose Vision

By delivering gene therapies to patients before they go blind, doctors may be able to prevent the loss of many important light-detecting cells. → Read More

Illumina Claims It’s Reached $1,000-Genome Milestone with New High-Throughput Human Genome Sequencer

Illumina announces a new high-end sequencer made for “factory-scale” sequencing of human genomes. → Read More

A Startup Called Quantum Institute Thinks Brain Activity Scans Could Be a Better Way to Diagnose Concussions

A former hockey player founded a company to give athletes and families a better way to identify brain injuries. → Read More

RNA Captured from a Single Neuron Still Communicating with its Brainy Neighbors

New method could help scientists understand neural circuits and tumor biology. → Read More

Cheaper Genetic Tests for Breast Cancer Risks in 2014?

Following the Supreme Court’s rejection of gene patents, the U.S. proposes steep cuts to reimbursements for breast cancer-gene tests. → Read More

Biomedical Technology Stories in 2013

A push for new brain-mapping technology and a ban on some gene patents showcase ongoing advances in biomedical technology. → Read More

Miniaturized Pacemakers Help Doctors Treat Heart Patients without Surgery

New cardiac devices are small enough to be delivered through blood vessels into the heart. → Read More