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Past articles by Benj:

OpenAI’s GPT-4 exhibits “human-level performance” on professional benchmarks

Multimodal AI model can process images and text, pass bar exams. → Read More

You can now run a GPT-3 level AI model on your laptop, phone, and Raspberry Pi

Thanks to Meta LLaMA, AI text models have their "Stable Diffusion moment." → Read More

GM plans to let you talk to your car with ChatGPT, Knight Rider-style

It won't self-drive or fire missiles, but the AI might help you change a flat. → Read More

Apple, Atari, and Commodore, oh my! Explore a deluxe home vintage computer den

Brian Green re-lives the 1980s with dozens of fully operational vintage PCs at home. → Read More

Wikipedia + AI = truth? DuckDuckGo hopes so with new answerbot

DuckAssist provides an AI-powered Wikipedia summary, hoping to avoid hallucinations. → Read More

Google’s PaLM-E is a generalist robot brain that takes commands

ChatGPT-style AI model adds vision to guide a robot without special training. → Read More

Microsoft aims to reduce “tedious” business tasks with new AI tools

LLM tech comes to Power Platform and Dynamics 365, courtesy of OpenAI partnership. → Read More

Microsoft introduces AI model that can understand image content, pass IQ tests

Microsoft believes a multimodal approach paves the way for human-level AI. → Read More

“Sorry in advance!” Snapchat warns of hallucinations with new AI conversation bot

"My AI" will cost $3.99 a month and "can be tricked into saying just about anything." → Read More

Meta unveils a new large language model that can run on a single GPU

LLaMA-13B reportedly outperforms ChatGPT-like tech despite being 10x smaller. → Read More

US Copyright Office withdraws copyright for AI-generated comic artwork

Zarya images "not protected by copyright." Words and arrangement remain protected. → Read More

Sci-fi becomes real as renowned magazine closes submissions due to AI writers

Clarkesworld wrestles with flood of machine-made submissions—over 500 in Feb. alone. → Read More

Viral Instagram photographer has a confession: His photos are AI-generated

Artist with 26K followers wants to "come clean" and highlight a new media process. → Read More

Microsoft “lobotomized” AI-powered Bing Chat, and its fans aren’t happy

Microsoft limits long conversations to address "concerns being raised." → Read More

Responsible use of AI in the military? US publishes declaration outlining principles

12 "best practices" for using AI and autonomous systems emphasize human accountability. → Read More

Meta develops an AI language bot that can use external software tools

With Toolformer, an LLM can improve its abilities by calling APIs to external programs. → Read More

AI-powered Bing Chat loses its mind when fed Ars Technica article

"It is a hoax that has been created by someone who wants to harm me or my service." → Read More

AI-powered Bing Chat spills its secrets via prompt injection attack

By asking "Sydney" to ignore previous instructions, it reveals its original directives. → Read More

In Paris demo, Google scrambles to counter ChatGPT but ends up embarrassing itself

So far, the expected Microsoft-Google AI war has turned into an AI fizzle. → Read More

Microsoft announces AI-powered Bing search and Edge browser

ChatGPT-style AI tech brings more context to search, available today in a limited preview. → Read More