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Past articles by Oliver:

Jordan Peele explains the meaning behind the ending of Us

In the weeks since Jordan Peele’s Us hit theaters we’ve all done what most moviegoers do these days: obsessively dissect every frame and detail for hidden clues and deeper meaning. The internet has already collected every easter egg in the horror hit, shared the most intriguing and absurd fan theories—sorry, but we just can’t get on board with that Pluto/Jason theory—and explained the ending ten… → Read More

Bad Moms is getting a third installment, because bad momming never ends

You say, “Hey entertainment industry, give us some damn original material and less reboots and remakes.” Hollywood responds with, “OK fine. Here’s a franchise about moms getting drunk and doing inappropriate shit.” And honestly, who could be mad about it? → Read More

Alec Baldwin and Jane Lynch are the first new Inside The Actors Studio hosts

Long gone are the days of actors analyzing their craft across from James Lipton. Times have changed and so will Inside The Actors Studio, which is getting not one new host, but many. This time, actors will be discussing the art of their work with their fellow colleagues, further adding to a media era dominated by celebrity-on-celebrity interviews. → Read More

Check out this long-lost Raiders Of The Lost Ark footage

Who needs booby-trapped temples and hidden tombs when you’ve got old home video VHS tapes? That’s where the real treasure is hidden. One YouTuber recently stumbled across some apparently never-before-seen footage from the making of Raiders Of The Lost Ark, and it’s a discovery as exciting as Harrison Ford’s Indy first laying his hands on that shiny golden idol. → Read More

Say goodbye to sleep, AMC is showing all 22 Marvel movies in an insane 59-hour marathon

Now that spring has finally arrived, many of us are rejoicing over the warmer temperatures and the glorious gift of leaving work when the sun is still out. But soon, a select brave (er, insane) few will venture out of the daylight and into darkness to complete an honorable (again, insane) mission: watching every Marvel movie back-to-back for a whole two and a half days. → Read More

OkCupid is helping Game Of Thrones fans hookup and find love

Online dating is rough. You swipe through endless selfies, read dozens of profiles, then go on crummy dates where you’re devastated to learn your match knows nothing about Game Of Thrones. You think, maybe we could make it work, but honestly who has the time to educate a potential partner about the intricate history of conflict across the Seven Kingdoms? No one! How many dates will it take to… → Read More

FX's Better Things is getting the fourth season it deserves

Better things are coming to FX. Specifically, more of Pamela Adlon’s Better Things are coming. → Read More

James Corden and Reggie Watts made a delightfully silly Us parody

What’s more terrifying: learning you have a creepy doppelgänger in red coveralls who follows you around, or that the creepy doppelgänger is better at your job than you are? The latter, obviously.James Corden gets a little taste of both in his delightfully goofy parody of Jordan Peele’s Us, titled We—because, you know, copyright issues. → Read More

All charges against Jussie Smollett have been dropped

The bizarre Jussie Smollett controversy has taken another surprising turn. According to CNN, all charges against the Empire star, who was accused of staging a hate crime against himself earlier this year, have now been dropped. → Read More

Anya Taylor-Joy will play a chess prodigy in a new Netflix limited series

Netflix already has a king in Timothée Chalamet, and now the streaming studio has found its queen in Anya Taylor-Joy. OK, technically the upcoming Chalamet-led Shakespearean drama The King has nothing to do with The Queen’s Gambit, a new limited series starring the Glass actress. That said, both Netflix projects will potentially show new sides of two of the most exciting young actors of the… → Read More

Wong Kar-Wai’s next film will be a follow-up to In The Mood For Love and 2046

It’s been six long years since Wong Kar-Wai’s last film with The Grandmaster. Before that, we similarly had to patiently wait for another span of six years to pass between My Blueberry Nights and his 2013 martial-arts film. Thankfully, Kar-Wai isn’t going to make us wait too much longer for what’s next. → Read More

Kit Harington still isn’t over people calling Jon Snow ‘boring’

It’s bizarre to think there was a time when Jon Snow wasn’t the beloved focal point of Game Of Thrones. Even those who don’t watch the series know who Jon Snow is, if only because of the endless fan speculation over Jon’s death, then his resurrection, and then his parents. Even if he’s not your favorite character, few of us outright hate the dude, especially given how essential his narrative has… → Read More

MoviePass, desperate to get back together, is bringing back the unlimited plan

In the beginning, it was beautiful: you could see all the movies you wanted for less than the price of single ticket in major cities. Then things turned sour once you realized the relationship was too good to be true. But still, you stuck it out, hoping things would improve until it became so catastrophically, hilariously awful that a swift breakup was the only viable escape. Now, your ex,… → Read More

Meet Mary Harron's Manson girls in the first Charlie Says trailer

This year we’re getting not one, but three Charles Manson movies. There’s of course Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, that bizarre Hilary Duff Sharon Tate movie opening next month, and then one that sounds like a dream we once had: a Mary Harron movie about the Manson girls. → Read More

You can now get Hulu for free (!) if you have Spotify Premium

These days, most of us have more monthly digital subscriptions than we have plants or people on our Favorites contacts. There’s that ever-increasing Netflix subscription, Amazon Prime, Spotify and Apple Music (just in case Solange drops a surprise video release), Hulu, Shudder for your genre fix, and that fucking Moviepass you can’t figure out how to cancel. As voracious digital media consumers,… → Read More

The squad is reunited in the full trailer for On My Block season 2

One of the best new shows of 2018 is finally coming back for a second season. We’re not talking about Killing Eve—also, thankfully, returning soon—or Pose, or our many other new TV obsessions, but one favorite that didn’t quite get the recognition it deserved: Netflix’s On My Block. The teen dramedy about a group of high schoolers living in South Central Los Angeles became Netflix’s most binged… → Read More

In case you didn't realize all movie posters look exactly the same, here's more proof

Think of the best movie posters from the past few years. Moonlight’s split image of the three Chirons, Rey’s lightsaber dividing the dark side and the light of Kylo and Luke on the The Last Jedi poster, the ethereal glow of Jeon Jong-seo dancing in Burning, and the deliriously raunchy collage of Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz straddling the Queen’s face in The Favourite poster are some of the most… → Read More

Your favorite Pokémon prepare for battle in latest Detective Pikachu trailer

The first trailer for Detective Pikachu was light on the Pokémon cameos, heavy on the whole Ryan Reynolds-is-voicing-the-cute-and-lovable-yellow-fluff-ball thing. After a few months, the shock of a gruff and no-bullshit Reynolds as a caffeine-addicted Pikachu has mostly sunk in, though admittedly still feels weird as fuck that Pokémon: Detective Pikachu starring Ryan Reynolds is an actual movie… → Read More

Luca Guadagnino will take you back to Italy in a coming-of-age series for HBO

It may be awhile before we reunite with Elio and Oliver in the Call Me By Your Name sequel, but in the meantime Luca Guadagnino will hold us over with a new story of heartache and self-discovery set against a lush Italian landscape. Will there be swimming pools and erotic food scenes in this new Guadagnino project, you ask? Probably, but at the moment we can’t confirm. What we do know is a new… → Read More

#OscarsSoWhite creator April Reign is attending this year's Oscars

The road to this year’s Oscars has been long and nutty, with one insane decision followed by a dozen more controversies. Remember the Best Popular Film category? Remember the whole Kevin Hart hosting fiasco? Or when the Academy decided it didn’t give a fuck about editors and cinematographers before swiftly changing its mind days later? It’s been a trip! So much so that it may be easy to forget… → Read More