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Past articles by Sarah:

My 6 Favorite Truths About Love

I just finished my eighth novel and shipped it off to my agent and editor at Random House (let the pacing of the floors and the nail-biting begin!). At its core, this new book is a love story. There’s plenty of mystery and drama in it, of course, but, the theme is definitely … love. Whenever I set out to write a new novel, I always start with a deep-rooted question. For this book, it… → Read More

When It Comes to Love, Do You Want Forever, or Just 5 or 10 Great Years?

One of my friends is dating a great guy. But something he told her recently gave me pause. He said he’s not sure if he’s in it for forever, with her or with anyone (in fact, he’s not sure if he believes in it). Instead, he explained that he's more focused on the idea of having five, maybe 10, great years together. The rest? Well, according to him, that would just be a bonus. I… → Read More

Reader Question: I'm in a Great Relationship, but How Do I Not Lose Myself in It?

Since I’ve been writing this column for Glamour, I’ve been getting so many lovely messages from readers. I love hearing from you all—the stories of love lost and found, of heartbreak and healing—all of it. Darlings, I’ve lived it all, and I love hearing from others who have too. So I’ve decided to start sharing reader questions from time to time. Lori in Los… → Read More

My Year of Online Dating: A Postmortem

Shortly after my marriage fell apart and in those bleak days after my husband had packed up his belongings and moved to a new house, Natalie, one of my best friends, insisted that I sign up for “You have to get out there,” she said. “It’ll be fun!” Honestly, “fun” was the last thing on my mind. I was hurting and lost. My heart, smashed in so… → Read More

Sarah Jio's Post-Divorce Love and Relationship Series: G

Say what you will about Russia. It’s cold. The men might drink too much vodka. The leaders have a history of questionable practices. But the women? After a recent trip to Moscow, I came to realize that Russian women have, hands down, the most evolved perspective on love. This year, my friend Claire and I found ourselves, two divorced (Claire, almost-divorced), moderately disillusioned… → Read More

What's the Secret to a Great Relationship?

Love should be simple, right? After all, aren't we talking about an easy equation of one plus one equals two? Yes, and yet, relationships disintegrate every day; more than half of all marriages fail (mine did). The thing is, love is complicated. I've come to believe that it’s less of an easy equation and more of an algorithm, one that might even stump a mind like Stephen Hawking.… → Read More

Happily Ever After? No Thanks. I'll Take 'HAPPIER Ever After'

I think a lot about love stories. This is partially work-related (I write novels that are anchored in love). But I’ve also (always) been interested in what makes love last, what makes people passionate about each other, what renders one connection more intense than another, and a thousand and two other iterations on this subject. I suppose, after my divorce, these questions became more important… → Read More

Why I'm a Fan of "Let It Be" More Than "Let It Go"

Lately, there's been a lot of airplay thrown at the concept of letting it go. Seriously, “let it go” could be the mantra of 2014 (thank you, Disney). Bad boyfriend? Goodbye! Flaky friend? Cut her loose! Disappointing family member? Sayonara! These days, human relationships feel very black and white. You’re either in or you’re out. If someone disappoints you, that’s it. I get it, I do. It hurts… → Read More

Love in the Time of Tinder: The 13 Types of Men You'll Meet on the App

When I was first single, I railed against the very idea of Tinder. After all, the app has quite the reputation. However, more and more of my girlfriends convinced me to try it. In fact, I even have a friend who met her fiance by swiping right, so I finally came around, cautiously. My Tinder experience has been short-lived, sometimes weird, or laughable (note the photo above...big sigh), but also… → Read More

Are You a Rock or a Star?

I had dinner with a friend the other night, and she told me the big epiphany she had in her twenties (which, apparently I missed when I was busy having babies). We came to this subject over tacos, which is where all of the best discussions begin, and her words have been haunting me ever since. That night, I explained to her that I have a dating quirk that has become pretty apparent to me over… → Read More

He Said What? Weird One-Line Messages Guys Send on Dating Sites

Online dating is such a very weird thing. When I was newly single, one of my best friends insisted that I sign up for an account on I gave in, but in these past months, I've been very cautious about it and other sites. True, I've met a few lovely people that way (some lovelier than others). But, as any woman with a pulse can attest to, I've also been flooded with the strangest… → Read More

My 10 Truths for 2015. What Are Yours?

Happy New Year, beauties. I have a feeling about 2015: I think it's going to rock. I feel this in my bones. Resolutions? I'm not really making them this year, but I am focusing on truth. And, as such, here are the truths I'm taking with me into this new year. 1. Love Is a Slow Stroll, Not a Sprint. I’ve been single for more than a year—well, going on a year and half now, if we’re splitting… → Read More

The World Reacts to Romance Novelist Nicholas Sparks' Split From Wife

Remember that scene from The Notebook? You know, the one where Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling adorably frolic in the waves and then lock lips so passionately that love seems to leap off the screen? “Say I'm a bird! Say it! Say it now!” "You're a bird.” "Now say you're a bird too.” "If you're a bird, I'm a bird.” To many, it's one of the most beloved and memorable romantic moments in film in the… → Read More

The Solution? A Little Whitney Houston

Some of my girlfriends and I have decided that we’re done listening to sad music. No, we’re done listening to sad music that reminds us of our exes, or the past, or anything else that feels depressing. Because life is too short to be mopey all the time. We’re sick of being mopey. Time of death on mopey: Today at 12:34 p.m. So, I’m breaking up with Bon Iver for awhile. And the Ryan Adams… → Read More

If love is a battlefield, do you have the courage to fight?

I recently parted ways with someone I’d spent a lot of time with these past months. The ending was sudden. We crashed and burned so quickly, that even though I was conscious of hitting the eject button and deploying my parachute, the fall was harder than I imagined it would ever be, and it took me longer than I expected to climb out of the rubble. And, rubble it was. Memories like mismatched… → Read More

Have You Seen Bravo's New TV Show on Divorce?

Oh, Bravo. Can I just say this: There was a time during the mess of this past year that all I could manage to do each night was to pour myself a glass of wine, get to the couch, and watch Real Housewives reruns until I dozed off. So thank you, Bravo. Times are better now, I'm happy to say (hello, Caribbean). So I was in a good place when I watched the premiere of the network's foray into… → Read More

Thoughts From the Caribbean

Hello, lovely readers! I'm home with sand in my luggage and about 432 new freckles on my shoulders after spending the last week in the Caribbean, on a Thanksgiving-week cruise, where I sailed on the brand-new ship the Regal Princess with my children and my dear friend Claire Bidwell Smith and our combined five children (my three boys and her two girls!). Princess Cruises invited us to join in… → Read More

Lumberjacks Are All the Rage (but I'm Still Making My Own Fires)

Hello, lovelies. I'm still in my post-Paris coma. Happy, calm, content, a little wistful, drinking my double-shot espressos straight up every morning, listening to Joni Mitchell and the new Taylor Swift album (so good!), and lusting after chocolate croissants. A cold-snap swept into Seattle recently, and suddenly we're all wearing scarves and gloves and warm coats here. Brrrrrrrr. But, truth be… → Read More

My Life Is Not Perfect, and That's OK Right Now

When Glamour asked me to write about my life post-divorce, I was admittedly nervous. I had never opened up in such an honest and personal way before in my writing. Not like this. As a journalist, I've written about other peoples' lives for years. I've interviewed hundreds (thousands?) of people. I've asked them personal questions and revealed details about their lives and then splayed those… → Read More

How Do You Like Your Ice Cream (And, Why This Question Matters in Love)

My date cleared his throat and leaned in a bit closer across the table. "So what is it that you're looking for, exactly?" Sweet. Kind. Funny. Hip in the best sort of ways. Most people might have just nodded and said, "well, you, handsome." But I didn't say that. Instead, I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out. I fumbled with my napkin, then managed to say, "Um, well, um, you know, I'm… → Read More