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Recent articles by Antti:

The Best Way To Combat Viruses On Car Interior Surfaces is Alcohol: Report

These days, even automotive websites are crammed full of Coronavirus related news and posts, meaning that petrolhead sites aren’t the kind of safe haven where one could completely escape the doom and gloom. (I should know, I’ve penned a couple of COVID-19 stories today). Except, of course, you actually enjoy the inventive pandemic memes spread all around the web, or figure out you might as well… → Read More

Here Are Only Some Of The Good Cars We Saw In Ukraine

Late last July we packed our bags into a small Fiat and headed for a tour of Eastern Europe. Our route took us through the Baltics and Poland, but the main attractions for us were Ukraine and Romania, for their mountain roads, good beer and cooking and especially the weird cars. → Read More

Here's Why You Should Care More About Four Door Nissan Skylines

One of the most recent mechanic memes that made me chuckle went like this: → Read More

Some Of The Funkiest Cars Had Three Lug Wheels

We once had an animated discussion with a group of friends about the one defining feature in one’s taste in cars. At the time, the answers ranged from a certain way of engine orientation or placement, to the drive type, or perhaps pop-up headlights, but the question kept bothering me until recently. I was sound asleep when the answer hit me like a thousand volts. Three, three is the magic… → Read More

I Put My Project Car Plans On Hold Because Of Coronavirus And You Might Too

I have one of those long-form car deals brewing. You know the type, the kind of a car purchase that can take years to work out even if the car isn’t really worth that much. You see a reasonably rare example of a given model driving around town, or maybe parked for a long time in a car port, and you eventually approach the owner and leave details because you feel it might work out. → Read More

Suzuki New Zealand Converts Jimnys Into Tiny Flatbed Trucks

Last Sunday, we wrote about the fascinating Suzuki Jimny museum which has been set up in Japan. It features a wide range of Jimny models within its walls, but here’s something it might not have quite yet. A new Jimny mini truck conversion! → Read More

A New Stratos Might Just Save The Cadillac Blackwing Engine

Consider, for a brief moment, the De Tomaso Pantera. Italian design and build. Mid-mounted American V8 power. Perfection, really. Not many sports cars have used the same recipe, which is a kind of a shame. Still, there’s hope in the horizon for fans of the combination, if everything goes to plan. → Read More

Here's How Weird It Is To Drive A Right-Hand-Drive Car As Your Daily Driver

I recently bought a right-hand drive car, to drive around here in Finland, where people drive on the left side of the car, as is proper. My justification for this wasn’t exactly the same as with most people who end up with the steering wheel in an unexpected location. → Read More

There's An NSU Ro80 For Sale In Cleveland Of All Places

Let me start with reciting the background story. The Wankel engine, which is sometimes called the rotary engine is something that’s often connected to Mazda, as the Japanese brand championed these engines for decades. Instead of conventional pistons, a Wankel engine utilizes triangular rotors and a very small displacement to burn a lot of fuel and cause some grief but in a very smooth fashion. → Read More

Nissan Claims The Qashqai Created The Crossover Segment, Is Wrong

Nissan has upgraded its Sunderland, UK factory in the face of upcoming refresh of its Qashqai crossover. The news is not only remarkable because it’s about investing in the UK even after Brexit, but because the press release from Nissan contains this line: → Read More

Mazda France Brings Back Black On Red For The Miata

Mazda is taking us right back to the early 1990s with a new special edition of the MX-5. For sale only on the French market, the MX-5 Eunos Edition features a similar black on red combination as the one-year-only Miata Limited Edition way back in 1993. → Read More

The Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix Will Happen But The Stands Will Be Completely Empty Thanks To Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has killed thousands already, and it is difficult to understate both its virulence and danger. That’s proving very challenging for event organizers globally, and Formula One is no different. The Bahrain Grand Prix will go on as planned, but reportedly without any spectators at all. → Read More

Renault goes retro electro with e-Plein Air concept

It’s not uncommon to hear automobile enthusiasts wishing that carmakers would bring back classic models with updated, modern-day tech. It’s rarely profitabl → Read More

Blaupunkt brings back the '80s Bremen stereo, with updates

Blaupunkt has brought back the 1986-introduced SQR 46 Bremen line, now upgraded to modern comforts like DAB. → Read More

Ford to repair problematic PowerShift transmissions for free

Ford has instructed its U.S. dealers to repair troublesome Fiesta and Focus PowerShift dual-clutch transmissions for free → Read More

Mazda2 refreshed for 2020 with new style and tech

The 2020 Mazda 2 has received a host of updates, including refreshed styling, additional technology and an improved interior. Will any of these updates come to the U.S. Toyota Yaris? → Read More

Lotus wants to beat NIO EP9's Nurburgring lap record for EVs

The Lotus Evija should be 'comfortably quicker' than the NIO EP9 at the Nordschleife, says Lotus → Read More

Ford reportedly plans replace Fusion and Mondeo with a lifted crossover wagon

The new crossover model will effectively replace the S-Max and Galaxy in addition to the Mondeo → Read More

Dubai specialist turns Suzuki Jimny into fun-size G-Class

Fast Car Service has taken a Jimny and grafted on bespoke parts to make it look like a really, really small G63 AMG → Read More

Train derailment leaves Jeep, GMC, Chevy pickups damaged in Nevada

Gladiators, Wranglers, Silverados, Sierras damaged as train derails in Nevada → Read More