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Past articles by Dany:

Star Trek villains, the Borg, are scarier than most horror movie monsters

Star Trek: The Next Generation, quite famously, struggled throughout its first two seasons. Whether it was the massive pressure to compete with the original series, Gene Roddenberry's desire to remove all conflict between humans, or the... space Irish, there was a lot to overcome. → Read More

Annihilation and the agony and ecstacy of self-destruction

On today's episode of Every Day Horror's 13 Days of Halloween podcast, we talk about Annihilation and why it hit us so hard. → Read More

The Week in Geek: Batman vs Matrix vs Disney vs... Lady Gaga?

Congratulations, you've seen another week and lived. There's a chill in the air, we're all starting to layer, and much like your coat/hoodie/button-up combo, the news is also layered. Lots of things happening and happening in unexpected combinations. So here's a special round-up where news stories go a little head to head. Here they are: the five biggest stories from... The Week in Geek! → Read More

The Week in Geek: Batwoman premieres, the original Animaniacs return, and RDJ says no to the Oscars

This week in geek news, Star Trek: Picard got a trailer (and a release date), Robert Downey Jr. turned down an Oscar nomination, Batwoman premiered, and more. → Read More

The Week in Geek: There's a new Battlestar, a new (old) Superman, and maybe a new Princess Bride?

You made it to the end of another week. Congratulations. An awful lot of things happened this week, a lot more to come. As we wait for both The Emmy's and for the storming of Area 51, let's talk about the week that was. Here they are: the five biggest stories from... The Week in Geek! BATTLESTAR GALACTICA IS BATTLESTAR GABACKTICA → Read More

The Week in Geek: Final Fantasy VII astounds and Apple Arcade looks... good?

It's the end of another week. Congratulations, you made it. It was quiet. It was weirdly warm for the first full week in September, but we're at the end of it. Shall we talk about all the casting rumors and trailers? Sure, why not? It's a week of Apples and eels. Here they are: the five biggest stories from ... The Week in Geek! → Read More

The Week in Geek: Sonic's teeth, Endgame aftermath, and the winner of Winterfell

The biggest geek news of the week: Peter Mayhew passes and fans look to Endgame's aftermath and the winner of Winterfell. → Read More

Futurama is the secret to a healthy marriage

Every Day Animation concludes with a discussion of Futurama, how it evolved from The Simpsons, and also why maybe it's the show you should watch with your partner. → Read More

Fantasia is Disney brand symphonic synesthesia

Way back in 1940, Disney released a now-beloved film, Fantasia, which was designed to invite animators to reimagine music as motion picture. It was supposed to be a constantly evolving, traveling show. Sadly, that road show was never to be. But it impacts remains. → Read More

Invader Zim only gets darker with time

Invader Zim, the Nickelodeon animated series about a kid alien set on total human annihilation by Jhonen Vasquez, began airing all the way back in 2001. Chances are, if you watched it as it first aired, you were young! At the very least you were 18 years younger than you are now. Have you watched it recently? It's absolutely going to mess you up more today than it did back then if you do. → Read More

Alex Toth and The Herculoids helped define science fiction in animation

Sword and Scandal podcast host, Chico Leo, joins Every Day Animation to talk about The Herculoids and the impact Alex Toth has on science fiction animation. → Read More

Gotham's five years summed up by the wildest moment from each season

Every year of Gotham was more madcap than the last. Here's one moment from each of the show's five seasons that set the bar. → Read More

Is One-Punch Man a comedy or a tragedy?

Anime can be very serious. And it can have some advanced-level lore that makes it hard to know what's going on. But sometimes a show comes along that's so simple that the only way to make it complex is by thinking way too hard about it. One-Punch Man is such a show. → Read More

Arthur is a baby show for babies, so why do we still love it so much?

In 1996, Arthur, a cartoon based on the book series by Marc Brown, debuted. Technically speaking it is still making episodes, believe it or not. The show about an eight-year old aardvark has never been shy about how sweet, safe, and designed for children it is. And yet, adults, even ones who didn't grow up with it, love Arthur. Why is that? → Read More

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and the consequences of war

It's been 10 years since Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood debuted. It's arguably the first anime to ever come close to a simulcast in Japan and English-speaking countries. And a decade later it's easy to see why: the show remains to this day one of the best stories told, animated or otherwise, period. → Read More

There's something sad about Hey Arnold! and that's good

There are a lot of Nickelodeon cartoons that try to speak to the experience of kids. Rugrats explores the imagination of infants, Doug taps into the anxieties of the tween, but Hey Arnold! is the only show in the Nicktoons lineup that really digs into not only the internal struggles of kids, but also into the very real communities they live in. → Read More

Theory: the Canadian animated series, 6teen, is actually set in The Matrix

6teen is a 2004-2010 animated series featuring six sixteen-year-olds working in their local Canadian mall. Their plan is to all work in the same mall so that even when they are → Read More

Before Supergirl fought Manchester Black, there was Superman vs. The Elite

One of the major plot points of Supergirl's fourth season on The CW has been about what makes for an ethical hero: what is it that a person with powers should do and what constitutes over-extending. → Read More

Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil is your reminder that evil is actually kinda lazy

Adult Swim and voice actor, H Jon Benjamin's role in it is long, storied, and wonderful. But not every show he's a part of lasts forever. Not everything finds the instant, squiggly success that Home Movies did. But that doesn't mean weird, single season shows don't deserve your love. → Read More

Paprika is a cinematic dream analysis of dueling identities

Satoshi Kon is a legend in animation for a reason. Perfect Blue. Tokyo Godfathers. Millennium Actress. The films his hands touched are achingly sad, bloodcurdlingly horrifying, and explosively vibrant all at once. His final film before his untimely passing, Paprika, is no exception. → Read More