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Past articles by Tyler:

A Land Tax Won’t Make Cities More Affordable

It’s not the tax system that makes urban and suburban real estate so expensive, it’s the political system. → Read More

How to Tip More Effectively

Under normal circumstances, employers can be expected to reduce wages when customers increase tips. But these aren’t normal circumstances. → Read More

That was then, this is now

ChatGPT, the popular chatbot from OpenAI, is estimated to have reached 100 million monthly active users in January, just two months after launch, making it the fastest-growing consumer application in history, according to a UBS study on Wednesday. Here is the full article, via Steven Kaufman. → Read More

Friday assorted links

1. Orthodox Jews 18 percent of U.S. kidney donors. 2. So much Adderall! Has to be screwy. And presumably many people get it without prescriptions. 3. Redux: My 2021 talk at OpenAI — recommended. And Arnold Kling on ChatGPT. 4. The Economist on whether economics has run out of big new ideas. And should MIT […] → Read More

Noncompete Contracts Can Help Both Workers and Firms

It would be better to regulate such agreements than to ban them outright, as the US Federal Trade Commission has proposed. → Read More

Spending Less on Gifts This Year? Congratulations

Americans are becoming less generous over the holidays — and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. → Read More

The Real Risk of Higher Inflation Is Lower Wages

Setting an inflation target of 4% may make it easier for the Fed to fight a recession, but it could make things harder for workers. → Read More

ChatGPT Could Make Democracy Even More Messy

The latest advance in AI will require a rethinking of one of the essential tasks of any democratic government: measuring public opinion. → Read More

Fight Poverty, Not Income Inequality

The difference in wealth between the rich and the poor has been shrinking, but that's not necessarily good news. → Read More

AI Can Make Crypto Safer for Everyone

Artificial intelligence can make cryptocurrencies easier to use without the need for intermediaries that people may not trust. → Read More

Austrian Economists Can Explain the Coming Recession

High energy prices and the fight against inflation are hampering economic growth — but so are misplaced expectations of interest rates. → Read More

Rishi Sunak Shows the Growing Influence of Indian Talent in the West

India is by far the world’s most significant source of undiscovered and undervalued skills. → Read More

Amazon and Starbucks Votes Show Workers Are Ambivalent About Unions

The brief for organized labor starts with higher wages and a better way to air workplace grievances. The case against them questions the size of these benefits. → Read More

Classical liberalism vs. The New Right

It has become increasingly clear that the political Right in America is not what it used to be. In particular, my own preferred slant of classical liberalism is being replaced. In its stead are rising alternatives that don’t yet have a common name. Some are called “national conservatism,” and some (by no means all) strands […] → Read More

Taylor Swift Will Always Be Bigger Than AI

When it comes to art, music and culture, fans seem to want a little bit of human celebrity along with the work itself. → Read More

A Crisis Is Coming in Europe, the Only Question Is Which Kind

European governments may be tempted to fend off an energy crisis by risking a fiscal crisis, but both options are costly. → Read More

Inflation Is Best Explained by This Underrated Economic Theory

The Quantity Theory of Money may be out of fashion, but it is a useful guide to where the US economy may be headed. → Read More

Inflation? The Workforce Is the Bigger Problem

This current period of rising prices has its roots in mistaken assumptions about supply and demand made a decade ago. → Read More

Magnus Carlsen’s Strongest Chess Opponent Is AI

The better artificial intelligence gets, the more humans will use it to their advantage, sometimes by cheating. → Read More

What Is the Purpose of Public Policy?

It’s not necessarily to bring about change. Debates and choices are also important in educating the public. → Read More