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Washington, DC, United States

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Past articles by Graham:

Has This Man Solved the DC Statehood Problem?

David Krucoff, a local commercial real-estate executive, is leading the fight for retrocession. Can he convince local pols? → Read More

How the Washington Press Fell in Love With John McCain

He gave reporters unprecedented access to his "Straight-Talk Express" presidential campaign in 2000, and it has paid off ever since. → Read More

How Far Left Will Democrats Go on Education?

Cynthia Nixon's campaign against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is a bellwether for the party nationally. → Read More

Why (Almost) Everyone Likes Jake Tapper

Liberals praise the CNN anchor, but so do conservatives. How did he pull this off in the age of "Fake News"? → Read More

How Trump Wins Reelection

Last year, it seemed certain that he would be a one-term president—if he even lasted that long. But he has a plausible path to victory in 2020. → Read More

The Liberals Who Want to Love Trump to Death

While many on the left rage against Republicans, these Democrats say civility can heal the divided nation—and return their party to power. → Read More

The Left’s War Against The New York Times

The paper has been accused of everything from electing Trump to normalizing neo-Nazis. Are its liberal critics right or unreasonable? → Read More

Should Trump Really Fear a Senator Mitt Romney?

Some Republicans say Roy Moore would cause the president more trouble. → Read More

How Elizabeth Warren Became the Soul of the Democratic Party

Obama has exited the stage, Clinton is touring her book, and Sanders is an independent again. The party's next leader is becoming clearer by the day. → Read More

Don’t Let the NRA Control the Conversation

After the massacre in Las Vegas, CEO Wayne LaPierre said "bump stocks" should be regulated. Here's what the pro-gun group is really up to. → Read More

Joe Biden Wants “Compromise.” Progressives Don’t Want to Hear It.

The lack of bipartisan consensus isn't the problem, they say. Trump is. → Read More

Obama Redefined Patriotism. Trump Is Trying to Erase That, Too.

The president's tirade is not a fight for fight's sake, or merely an appeal to his white nationalist base. It's an assault on the idea that protest is patriotic. → Read More

The Democrats Aren’t Ready for Trump’s First War

Progressive activists are preparing for the worst, but the party has been largely silent. Bernie Sanders is hoping to fill that void later this week. → Read More

The Democratic Campaign Against Complexity

Hillary Clinton's loss to Trump was blamed partly on her wonky nuance. Should Bernie Sanders's simplicity represent the party's future? → Read More

Conservatives: Hurricane Heroism Disproves Racism

Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, and other right-wing pundits say heartwarming stories prove there's no such thing as systemic injustice in America. → Read More

Is Montana a Model for Fighting Trump’s Re-Militarization of the Police?

A 2015 state law refused drones, grenade launchers, and other military gear. Some see it as a roadmap. → Read More

Trump Wants to Re-Militarize the Police. Montana Is Having None of It.

A 2015 state law refused drones, grenade launchers, and other military gear. Some see it as a roadmap. → Read More

Trump’s Insane Public Spat With McConnell Is Historically Unprecedented

“There’s nothing like this. We’ve seen presidents and congressional leaders at odds with each other, but always from different parties.” → Read More

Massachusetts Is Ground Zero in the Battle for the Soul of the Democratic Party

Home to at least four potential 2020 president candidates, the state has become a microcosm of the divisions on the left. → Read More

With Obamacare Safe (for Now), the Medicare-for-All Debate Roars Back

Progressives and centrist Democrats are drawing wildly different conclusions from the defeat of the Republicans' repeal effort. → Read More