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Recent articles by Korin:

What February’s Super Snow Moon Means For Your Zodiac Sign

On February 19, the super snow moon is going down. It's the biggest and brightest moon you'll see all year, and it's got big things in store for your zodiac sign. → Read More

Pregnancy After Miscarriage: Why I Can't Shake the Fear of Another Pregnancy Loss

Being pregnant again after a miscarriage can lead to a person feeling a range of emotional symptoms, including anxiety, preoccupying thoughts, and even PTSD. → Read More

Pink Slashed Her Husband Carey Hart’s Tires On Thanksgiving And Needed 13 Stitches

PInk opened up on "The Ellen Degeneres Show" about slashing husband Carey Hart's tires during Thanksgiving. According to Pink, she needed 13 stitches after the incident—and didn't get anesthesia. → Read More

Here's What Alexithymia Actually Is—and Why It Can Make Therapy Challenging

When getting in touch with your feelings is easier said than done. → Read More

How New Recommendations on Perinatal Depression Might Change Your Next Prenatal Appointment

According to new recommendations from the USPSTF, those who are at risk for perinatal or postpartum depression could benefit from therapy. → Read More

Miley Cyrus Wishes Liam Hemsworth A Happy Valentine’s Day With A NSFW Photo

On Valentine's Day, Miley tweeted a hilariously NSFW photo of herself to husband Liam Hemsworth. This is their first Valentine's Day together after getting married in December 2018. → Read More

Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Had The Cutest First Valentine’s Day Ever

In an interview on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Jennifer Lopez talks her first Valentine's Day with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez—and how they go big for the holiday every year. → Read More

Why Are Heart Attacks Becoming More Common in Women Under Age 54?

A recent study suggests that heart attacks are becoming increasingly common in young women. Here's why. → Read More

Frostnip: 5 Signs of Frostnip to Know, and Other Frostnip Facts

Learn what you should know about frostnip, including the cause, signs, and treatment. Spring can’t come too soon. → Read More

Jessica Simpson Literally Just Broke A Toilet Seat, Adding To Her Slew Of Pregnancy Issues

Jessica Simpson is pregnant, and has been having a slew of health issues related to her pregnancy, including acid reflux, sciatica, insomnia, and swollen feet. Jessica also revealed she broke a toilet seat. → Read More

Jenna Jameson Says She’s Hit A Plateau On The Keto Diet ‘Several’ Times

Jenna Jameson shared on Instagram her top three tips for beating a keto diet plateau, including ditching dairy, trying intermittent fasting, and cutting foods that bother you. → Read More

The FDA Will Finally Crack Down on Dietary Supplements—Here's What Experts Have to Say

The FDA announced it will begin looking into changing the way dietary supplements are regulated to keep them safe. → Read More

These Katy Perry Shoes Are Reportedly Being Pulled Because They Look Like ‘Blackface’

Pop singer Katy Perry, 34, is at the center of a controversy after shoes from her Katy Perry Collection will reportedly be pulled after backlash that they look like blackface. → Read More

Jenna Jameson Shares Before-And-After Photo To Prove Keto Weight Loss Takes Time

Jenna Jameson shared an Instagram post Saturday showing her progress on the keto diet. According to Jenna, her weight loss has been "slow and steady." → Read More

7 Colors Your Vaginal Discharge Can Be (and What They Might Mean)

There are a lot of different colors your vaginal discharge can be. Decode what's happening down there. → Read More

Jenna Jameson Says She Used Photoshop ‘All The Time’ Before Going Keto

Jenna Jameson revealed in a new Instagram post that she used Photoshop "all the time" before starting the keto diet because she was "ashamed" of her postpartum body. → Read More

Justin Bieber on Recovering From Xanax Abuse: 'It Got Pretty Dark'

In a new interview with Vogue, Justin Bieber shared that he was misusing Xanax and went through an informal detox to stop. → Read More

Is It Sanitary to Pee in the Shower or Should You Stop Immediately?

Read this if your bathtub almost doubles as a toilet. → Read More

Sarah Silverman Says Her Radiologist Didn’t Use Gloves For Her Breast Ultrasound

Sarah Silverman took to Instagram Wednesday to talk about a "shitty" mammogram experience where her radiologist didn't use gloves during a breast ultrasound. Here's what happened. → Read More

Former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres Has Melanoma That Spread From a Spot She 'Never Paid Attention To'

Dayanara Torres recently shared that she was diagnosed with melanoma. She's urging others to get checked out. → Read More