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Eric Zorn

Northwest Side, IL, United States

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Past articles by Eric:

Column: Saying goodbye to the lows and highs of a life in newspapers

Columnist Eric Zorn's newspaper career began with him blackout-drunk in a bathroom stall, and concludes today with a fond retrospective. → Read More

Column: You didn’t ask, but here are some words to live by in the long run

Columnist Eric Zorn offers his readers one final dose of advice and wisdom. → Read More

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Column: The laughable idea of campaign spending limits for Chicago school board elections, and other notes on the news

Columnist Eric Zorn offers a series of quick takes on the news → Read More

Column: Resolved: That Americans need to learn how to debate again

With all the posturing din in conventional and social media, columnist Eric Zorn says it seems as though Americans have forgotten how to agree to disagree. → Read More

Column: Subtitles — not just for foreign movies and the hearing-impaired anymore!

Columnist Eric Zorn has become a big fan of subtitles (closed captions) for the way they enhance the viewing experience. → Read More

Poll: Use the Tweet of the Week poll or lose it!

The funniest tweets of the past week presented in a click-poll for readers. → Read More

Column: The issue of renaming Lake Shore Drive isn’t necessarily black and white

Opinions on whether to rename Chicago's iconic Lake Shore Drive for Black founding settler Jean Baptiste Point DuSable may be split along racial lines, but columnist Eric Zorn says branding the opposition to the change as racist is unsupported and divisive. → Read More

Column: You can take them with you: The long-term fate of childhood love objects

Many of us keep our childhood love objects stowed away on a shelf somewhere. Columnist Eric Zorn asked his readers what should become of them in the very long run? → Read More

Column: Break up the ‘Southside’ and other verdicts on words

Is it "Southside" or "South Side"? Should liberals use the word "woke"? Rulings on these and other questions in columnist Eric Zorn's language court. → Read More

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The funniest tweets of the past week presented in a click-poll for readers. → Read More

Column: Stop clapping for Tinker Bell! Ban cryptocurrency and rein in ransomware attacks.

Ransomware attacks are a major threat to society, and difficult-to-trace cryptocurrency is a major facilitator. Columnist Eric Zorn says it's time to crack down on the unfunny money. → Read More

Column: Catching you up on the heartbreak and happiness in my family

The agony of dementia and the thrill of children becoming successful adults in a mixed news report from the family of columnist Eric Zorn. → Read More

Column: Can we talk? JAMA’s ‘racism’ controversy says the answer is no

Columnist Eric Zorn notes that two top leaders at the Journal of the American Medical Association are out because we are unable to have tough conversations and express disagreements exploring the concept of structural racism. → Read More

Poll: You can’t spell ‘Tweet of the Week’ without ‘we’

The funniest tweets of the past week presented in a click-poll for readers. → Read More

Column: Ominous GOP state legislatures around the country justify heavy-handed partisanship of Illinois Democrats

Columnist Eric Zorn notes that Republican state legislatures have been enacting or attempting to enact a series of troubling, oppressive laws, thus vindicating the heavily partisan moves of Democrats in the Illinois General Assembly → Read More

Column: A Cook County commissioner’s compelling new challenge to renaming Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples Day

Yes, Christopher Columbus is a problematic historical figure, but so, for that matter, are some of the Indigenous tribes for whom many wish to rename Columbus Day. Columnist Eric Zorn looks at the controversy. → Read More

Column: Invest in kids’ religious education? By all means! Just not on my dime.

"Invest in Kids" is a program that directs public money to religious schools. Gov. J.B. Pritzker is proposing to reduce it, but columnist Eric Zorn says he ought to eliminate it altogether. → Read More

Column: Right or wrong, Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s discriminatory interview policy was not racist

Columnist Eric Zorn argues that for "racist" and "racism" to maintain their status as accusations of grave moral evil, we need to stop applying them to every discriminatory word or deed and recognize that if we preserve a meaningful definition, Black people can't be racist. → Read More

Poll: You’re so vain, you probably think the Tweet of the Week poll is about you

The funniest tweets of the past week presented in a click-poll for readers. → Read More