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Past articles by Salvatore:

Why America Doesn't Have to Worry About Losing the South China Sea

The South China Sea isn't anyone's sea. It belongs to the whole world. But the country that would suffer most from its closure in time of war would be China. Having developed A2/AD capabilities of its own, it would be hard-pressed were any country other than the United States to develop them, too. → Read More

China's Incursions into India Are Really All about Tibet

China's expansionism along Tibet's southern border with India thus has a much more limited aim than the acquisition of territory of the conquest of India. It is intended to widen the buffer zone that surrounds Tibet. → Read More

Fortress China: What Could Happen if Beijing Goes Bust

The China wave is receding fast, and what will remain is a smaller, more compact, less permeable country that neither welcomes the world in nor is eager to go abroad. Individual Chinese people, of course, will continue to be among the most mobile in the world, just as they were during the high Ming-era of the long sixteenth century. But the country will turn inward, seek to → Read More

Love Your New TCL or Hisense 4K Smart TV? The Chinese Government Made That TV.

These TV's are cheap and offer an amazing picture. However, one expert points out that American consumers don't know the whole story--and it might change their mind. → Read More

A Bipartisan Solution to Poland's Energy Woes

Washington and Warsaw should unite on ending Poland's oil and gas reliance on Moscow. → Read More

10 Cards That Trump Would Play to Get a Brexit Deal

Britain’s politicians have just voted to hamstring their own Brexit team by telling them to accept any deal the EU offers—or give up on Brexit. But a tough negotiator like Donald Trump would still get the deal and have the Europeans begging for mercy. → Read More

Trump's Withdrawal from the INF Treaty Formalized What Was Already True

The treaty was already dead, and Moscow cannot afford new weapons systems. Now with the INF treaty officially buried, Washington can turn the screws on Beijing. → Read More

The Great Partisan Divide Is Good for America

American democracy is healthier than ever, and partisanship is the reason. → Read More

There's Only One Way Out of the Garland/Kavanaugh Quagmire: Supreme Court Elections

America’s political class has demonstrated that it is no longer able to select Supreme Court Justices in an orderly and dignified manner. It's time for the people to step in. → Read More

Polish Democracy Is under Siege—by the European Union

In its latest move to undermine democracy in its member states, the European Commission is taking Poland to court to force changes in the way it appoints judges. → Read More

Trump's Foreign Policy Successes Show Principled Realism in Action

Trump has overcome internal resistance and external pressure to deliver a string of foreign-policy successes. → Read More

The Case for Fort Trump Couldn’t Be Stronger

The United States needs a reliable ally in central Europe, and Poland fits the bill. If it will also foot the bill, all the better. → Read More

Trump Is Right to Talk to Kim

North Korea's Kim Jong Un may be dragging his feet on denuclearization, but soon enough he'll be crying uncle to Uncle Sam. → Read More

Who's Afraid of the Sweden Democrats?

Sweden's elites need to critically ask why the far-right is gaining votes and not give a strawman answer. → Read More

Mike Pompeo's Plan to Deny China Exclusive Rights to the Indo-Pacific Region

Mike Pompeo says he wants a "free and open" Indo-Pacific region. Australia is the security key to making that a reality. → Read More

Trump Is Right: The U.S. Can’t Lose a Trade War

If President Trump is right about one thing, it's that when you have a trade deficit of half a trillion dollars, you can't lose a trade war. → Read More

Australia Needs to Teach Western Civ

"Australian schools and universities are good at teaching students to master the disciplinary expertise of their chosen subject areas—they are less good at tolerating the independence of mind that people develop by thinking for themselves." → Read More

Smart 'Blockchain Battleships' Are Right Around the Corner

Blockchain database technologies will power tomorrow's internet of things—and that could include the Navy's onboard weapons systems. → Read More

'The Silver Way' Explains How the Old Mexican Dollar Changed the World

Long before the dollar was painted Washington emerald green, it was polished Mexican silver. → Read More

Trump Was Right to Reject Australia's 'Dumb' Refugee Deal

What we’re talking about is fundamentally a prisoner exchange. → Read More