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Past articles by Mihir:

How to Tell If Your Baking Soda and Baking Powder Are Still Good

At any given moment, I have at least one open box of baking soda and one open canister of baking powder in my pantry, and I never, ever know how old they are. Unlike cheese or apples, neither of these leavening agents offers any visual cues as to when they have “gone bad.” They look the same no matter their age, but will just quit working, leaving flat, unleavened cakes, cookies, and quick… → Read More

Cook Everybody's Omelettes at the Same Time with This Boiling Technique

Multiple omelettes usually means one person has to do the cooking and then everyone can’t eat together. AllRecipes has the solution by boiling them in a bag, which lets you make up to eight omelettes simultaneously. → Read More

This Printable 2017 All-Inclusive Binder Gets You Organized for the New Year

Blogger Mique Provost wants to make 2017 easier for everyone, and she’s created one binder to rule it all. Her all-inclusive binder has everything you’ll need to organize your life for the new year, and it’s free to download and print. → Read More

Build This Flowchart to Overcome Procrastination

Psychologist Dr. Patrick Keelan has a series of questions to ask yourself when you feel stuck with your work. These four questions can act as a flowchart to help you beat procrastination and be productive again. → Read More

Take Beautiful Portraits by Stitching Multiple Close-ups Instead of One Large Image

One way to take a good portrait photograph is to keep the subject in focus, while adding a little blur to the background. It’s difficult to achieve, but if you take multiple close-up photos of your subject and stitch them together, it’s easy to do. → Read More

Deseat.me Finds and Helps You Delete Random Accounts You've Signed Up For

Gmail: When you sign up for any online service, you usually need to add an email address. If you usually use a Gmail account, Deseat.me can scour your email to find everything you signed up for and offer you ways to delete your account. → Read More

An Easy Way to Give Cash or Gift Cards and Keep the Gift Personal

A cash envelope or a gift card definitely useful, but sometimes seen as an impersonal present. You can avoid this faux pas by adding a thoughtful note with it. → Read More

Why You Should Stop Using Your Phone to Wake Up and Buy a Real Alarm Clock

As handy as it is to use your phone as your alarm clock, you may want to buy a real alarm clock and keep your phone away from your bed, especially if you can’t resist using it before bed You’ll be much better rested in the morning. → Read More

Resume Beacon Is a Simple, Free, Non-Flashy Online Resume Builder

Web: A well-formatted resume isn’t too difficult to make if you have the right tools for it, but finding the tools and time is the hard part. Resume Beacon keeps it as simple as possible, and gives you a good-looking resume at the end of the exercise. → Read More

Your Hobby Is Action, Not Accumulation

Hobbies are wonderful to have, but it’s just as easy to lose sight of what your hobby actually is, in the rush to buy things that support it. From time to time, remind yourself that your hobby is about doing things, not accumulating things. → Read More

The Most (and Least) Punctual Airlines in 2016

If you’re flying this holiday season, a new Forbes study suggests you should do yourself a favor and fly on Delta, and avoid Frontier if possible. The study used three years of on-time data to pick out the most on-time airlines, and the ones with the most delayed arrivals and departures. → Read More

Microsoft Dream Job Helps You Design Resumes and Presentations to Land Your Perfect Gig

Microsoft Dream Job is a resource packed with tools to help you land your dream job. You can find free templates for resumes, presentations, and portfolios, as well as interview advice. → Read More

Hang Paintings Perfectly with a Fork

Hanging items on a nail isn’t hard, but it’s always tough to hang something you can’t see. You need the string to thread the nail, but not the wooden frame itself. You could photocopy a template, but your poster or painting might be too big. A simple fork can make the job easier. → Read More

This Cheap, DIY MagSafe-Like Connector Secures Loose Laptop Cables

With age, laptop power cables get loose at the connection point. They can slip out if you move your laptop slightly, and you’ll need to readjust if you want to keep charging. YouTuber Kipkay has an easy, cheap DIY fix. → Read More

Make a Temporary Car Smartphone Mount with a Rubber Band

If you’re driving a rental or loaner and need a way to see the GPS on your phone, as long as you have a rubber band, you have a smartphone mount. You’ll also need a pen or any other object that can go through your car’s air conditioning vents. → Read More

The Seven Gym Machines Workout Newbies Should Try

Gym machines get a bad rap from fitness pros who prefer free weights. And it’s true, many are actually overkill. However, if you’re new to the gym, these seven gym machines are a solid balance. → Read More

Be Direct with Friends About Your Budget, Don't Make Up Excuses to Not Go Out

If you’re trying to pay down credit cards, or pay off your student loans, it can be embarrassing to say you’re on a budget when your friends want to hang out. Instead of making up excuses or trying to lie your way out of it,own up to the truth. → Read More

Handle for Gmail Brings Your Email, To-Dos, and Calendar Together

Chrome/iOS: Handle is the productivity add-on that Google should have made. It seamlessly combines emails, to-do lists, and calendars to make Gmail your central productivity hub. → Read More

The Best Artificial Christmas Trees, Stands, and Lights for 2016

It’s up to you to decide whether you want a real Christmas tree or an artificial one, but it’s up to the experts to decide the best stand or artificial tree to get. After 100 hours of research, The Sweethome has narrowed down the best options for 2016. → Read More

The "Game of Life" System Tracks and Changes Your Habits

Building good habits is a difficult process. Most experts recommend doing it through small changes and not being hard on yourself when you falter. The “Game of Life” system is built around this idea. → Read More