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Past articles by Tekla:

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The bad news may have peaked in January, but the axe continues to swing hard → Read More

Vint Cerf on 3 Mistakes He Made in TCP/IP

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Meet Mr. Internet: Vint Cerf

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Nanosys’s blue quantum dots can make screens safer for your eyes

Nanosys, the manufacturer of quantum dot films used in television displays from several major manufacturers, is aiming to dial down viewers’ exposure to blue light without sacrificing picture quality by adding a blue quantum dot to its current red-and-green quantum dot array.<a href=". → Read More

Four Offbeat Gadgets from CES 2023 That You Might Actually Want

The consumer electronics world looks to CES for the next big new technology that’s going to change our daily lives. But consumer electronics isn’t just about big companies or world-changing ideas.Here are four small ideas that may have big legs. → Read More

CES 2023 Preview: A Stick-on-the-Wall TV, A Covid Breath Test, and More

I’m expecting to see AI in places both useful and silly, attempts to make a killer app for the metaverse, and some new TV features . But, as always, the highlight of CES for me is the hidden treasure, a gadget that I didn’t know I need, but is clever, well-designed, and solves a real problem. → Read More

Latest Tech Layoff Trends in Three Charts

“Twitter slashes nearly half its workforce.” “Meta lays off 11,000.” “Amazon may lay off 10,000.” The November headlines were full of tech companies announcing layoffs. And only the biggest tech employers made the news; small tech startups trimming already lean staffs were hidden in the deluge. → Read More

The 3 Most Overhyped Decarbonization Technologies

According to Emily Kirsch, founder and managing partner of Powerhouse Ventures, speaking at the 2022 Stanford Global Energy Forum, the most overhyped decarbonization technologies are:Blockchain-based carbon managementNature-based solutions: many are just a license to polluteCarbon-accounting softwar... → Read More

How Ted Hoff Invented the First Microprocessor

Hoff thought designing 12 custom chips for a calculator was crazy, so he created the Intel 4004 → Read More

This Idea Wasn't All Wet: The Sensing Water-Saving Shower Head Debuts

An engineer’s dinner-table invention is finally a consumer product → Read More

Inflation-Adjusted Income for U.S. Engineers Drops

Insights from IEEE-USA’s annual salary survey, in six charts → Read More

What’s the Tech Background of an Autonomous Vehicle Engineer?

They come from video games, finance, geospatial research, the hacker community, and more, says Cruise’s EVP of engineering → Read More

The First Million-Transistor Chip: the Engineers’ Story

The designers of the floating-point adder and multiplier units made the logic for rounding off numbers conform to IEEE standards, which slowed performance. (Cray Research Inc.’s computers, for example, reject those standards to boost performance.) While some N10 engineers wanted the higher performance, they found customers preferred conformity. However, they did discover a way to do the fast… → Read More

Xerox Parc’s Engineers on How They Invented the Future—and How Xerox Lost It

The inside story of personal computing at the legendary research lab → Read More

Asad Madni and the Life-Saving Sensor

His pivot from defense helped a tiny tuning-fork prevent SUV rollovers and plane crashes → Read More

Understanding Software Engineering Salaries in 2022, in 5 Charts

Programming in Go, the open source language, is the most in-demand skill; the cybersecurity talent shortage continues to intensify; and Silicon Valley companies continue to offer the highest salaries, even to their remote workers. → Read More

Volunteers Scramble to Preserve Ukraine’s Digital Culture

The effort started shortly after the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Anna Kijas, a librarian at Tufts University, tweeted in February about an upcoming data rescue event aimed at working to save Ukrainian websites. A couple weeks later, the volunteer army numbered more than 1,000. → Read More

How the Wayback Machine Is Saving Digital Ukraine

When the Ukrainian invasion began, the Internet Archive launched several efforts to capture the Ukrainian Internet. Its archivists launched a high volume crawl through hundreds of thousands of web sites ending in “.ua.” → Read More

Creating the Commodore 64: The Engineers’ Story

The daring and design that went into the best-selling computer of all time → Read More