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Past articles by Andy:

Andy Puzder: US economy is going strong – Bad news for Dems, good news for Trump and America

The U.S. economy continues to exceed expectations as consumers remain as confident as ever. → Read More

Andy Puzder: Trump economy is booming – Great news for America, bad news for desperate Dems

The economy is booming under Trump policies, but Democrats are hoping for a recession so they can win back the White House. → Read More

Andy Puzder: Bernie Sanders doesn't have a clue about Economics 101 (and that's scary)

In a recent tweet, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders confused the basic economic concepts of revenue and profit. → Read More

Andy Puzder: Trump tariffs incredibly useful in advancing our national security – Here’s why

President Trump’s critics often complain that his strategic use of tariffs violates sacrosanct principles of free trade. In reality, his bold approach is about securing truly free trade while protecting U.S. national security interests. → Read More

Andy Puzder: Trump policies sparking incredible economic boom – Dems wrong to give Obama credit

President Trump's policies of cutting taxes, slashing regulations and increasing domestic energy production have sparked record-setting job creation and low unemployment. → Read More

Andy Puzder: Socialist Sanders touts American capitalist system he so vehemently criticizes

Socialists are quick to preach benevolence towards the poor and lecture capitalists on greed. Avowed socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders is among capitalism’s most vehement critics, once stating that “ruthless capitalism is not an economic model that we should be embracing.” It’s a strange attack coming from someone who has unabashedly benefited from that system. → Read More

Andy Puzder: Stephen Moore at the Fed has liberals terrified

Liberal politicians, comedians, and media outlets are trying to derail Moore’s nomination, but their hysterical attacks are just further examples of the Trump Derangement Syndrome that has taken hold of the professional left. → Read More

Andy Puzder: What Ocasio-Cortez doesn't understand about minimum wage

Let’s start with a point of agreement. Clearly, $7 is a lot to pay for a croissant. Any traveler can tell you that even food products without a fancy French name are expensive at most airports, including LaGuardia. But, the question should be: Why does a simple croissant cost so much? → Read More

Andy Puzder: How Mueller’s report cleared Trump, and exposed the deep state

To paraphrase the French poet Charles Baudelaire, the greatest trick the deep state ever pulled off was convincing Americans that it didn’t exist. While Baudelaire was, of course, speaking of the devil, it seems an appropriate phrase. It expresses perhaps the most significant aspect of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report. There is a deep state, and it just got caught using a lie to try to… → Read More

Andy Puzder: Universal Basic Income has its fans but here’s a REAL solution that lifts people out of poverty

Mayor Ras Baraka announced last week a plan to test the feasibility of a universal basic income (“UBI”) for residents of Newark, New Jersey. → Read More

Andy Puzder: If socialists really wanted to help people they’d be capitalists

Capitalism represents the truest form of democracy. → Read More

Here's what Nancy Pelosi got ALL wrong about February job numbers

Trump’s policies have fundamentally improved economic conditions throughout the country, and despite Speaker Pelosi’s protestations to the contrary, nobody has benefitted more than the American worker. → Read More

Andy Puzder: AOC’s socialist anti-Amazon vendetta takes aim at Virginia

There is an an increasing commitment among leaders in the Democratic Party to the myth that socialism is a compassionate system necessary to protect the poor and oppressed from capitalist greed. It is simply untrue. → Read More

Andy Puzder: Ivanka, please ignore your critics

Ivanka Trump understands something her critics don’t; people need both to be and to feel useful, to contribute to the world around them and to know their contribution has actual worth. → Read More

Andy Puzder: As Venezuela is devastated by Maduro, Trump is forcefully confronting the evils of socialism

With his stirring repudiation of socialism, both at home and abroad, President Trump is proving himself to be the very champion of liberty and freedom the world needs. → Read More

Andy Puzder: Socialism vs. Capitalism – I want my grandchildren to know this story could only happen here

The American Dream exists because of capitalism. Because our nation’s founders chose capitalism, and because, like millions of other immigrants pining for freedom and happiness, my grandfather had the courage to come to this country, I was able to live the American Dream. → Read More

Andy Puzder: Bernie Sanders' minimum wage proposal is irrelevant thanks to Trump's pro-growth policies

The $15 minimum wage is an increasingly irrelevant policy initiative. President Trump’s capitalist economic policies are reducing income disparity for working-class Americans. → Read More

Andy Puzder: Trump opponents are wrong to predict economic gloom and doom

Strong job and wage growth under Trump is good news for all Americans. → Read More

Andy Puzder: President Trump deserves all the credit for our soaring labor market

Unemployment went down during the Obama years mostly because people stopped looking for jobs, not because they found them. → Read More

Trump’s tough stand on China trade will benefit America and the world

For a full generation now, Americans have engaged in the annual pastime of bemoaning the number of gifts under the Christmas tree made in China, our greatest foreign trade adversary. → Read More