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Past articles by Kyle:

How Much Do the 1990s Matter?

What to make of our shared spring break from history. → Read More

The MCU vs. ‘The Boys’

Prime Video’s TV series is daring, fresh, surprising and funny. → Read More

America & Fourth of July: States Allow for Diversity

We should all be proud to live in a country that honors freedom so thoroughly. → Read More

The New Yorker Accidentally Makes Ron DeSantis Look Awesome

‘He’s so f***ing smart,’ says someone about the governor, which is supposed to make him look — bad? → Read More

What Is Top Gun: Maverick Really About? [Spoilers]

Why a certain ‘theory’ about a supposed subtext in Top Gun: Maverick is off the mark. → Read More

McCartney at 80

Will Paul McCartney ever get his due? As the leading creative artist of his time in any field, perhaps not. Until there’s a Macca statue on every corner, until schools and hospitals are renamed after him en masse, he will remain sadly underrated. → Read More

The Most Important Character in the Star Wars Universe

Without R2-D2, there is no Star Wars. R2-D2 kicks off the entire story in A New Hope by resisting Luke’s attempt to erase his memory and instead projecting the hologram of Leia’s urgent message asking Obi-Wan for help. → Read More

Hollywood’s China Breakup Is Long Overdue

Restrictions on American imports to the Chinese theatrical motion-picture market are getting so absurd that Hollywood is starting, albeit with great sorrow and reluctance, to detach its tongue from the Chinese Communist Party’s boots. → Read More

The Lethal Joke That Was Punk Rock

Filth, fury, and murder define the Sex Pistols in the punchy miniseries Pistol. → Read More

Thanks, Tom Cruise

We want to see Tom Cruise being completely awesome on the screen, and since what he loves most is to be completely awesome on the screen, "Top Gun: Maverick" is the ideal cultural landmark to announce that we are well and truly done with Covid. → Read More

Who Among Us Has Not Chased Down an Unarmed Black Jogger with a Shotgun?

Senate candidate John Fetterman chased down a black jogger with a loaded shotgun in 2013. → Read More

What They’re Not Telling You about the Buffalo Shooter

The suspect’s manifesto, while certainly political, is ideologically all over the map. → Read More

Has Johnny Depp Changed the #MeToo Game?

Depp’s sensational war with Amber Heard is causing millions to rethink the logic of #MeToo. → Read More

New York’s Insane Plan to Fund Abortion Tourism

A breathtakingly extreme abortion-funding proposal is being discussed in Albany. → Read More

Child Molestation Doesn’t Age Well

Mainly what the play has to offer is a sort of twisted, voyeuristic appeal, along with some catharsis for women in the audience who may have endured similar experiences with an older man. → Read More

Fast-Forwarding through Life

Debra Messing does strong work playing a woman from 17 to 101 in Broadway’s gimmicky new play, Birthday Candles. → Read More

Everybody Loves Bob

Bob Odenkirk has turned the moral corkscrew that is Jimmy McGill into one of the most memorable characters in television history for the 13 years he’s been playing him on "Breaking Bad" and now "Better Call Saul," which has just returned for a feverishly anticipated final season. → Read More

Bob Odenkirk’s Origin Story

It’s pleasing to learn that the Better Call Saul star is as grounded as you’d guess. → Read More

The Democrats Have a Principal Skinner Problem

‘We can’t possibly be out of touch,’ area party tells itself. → Read More

Can Twitter Be Saved?

There’s a lot of malevolent energy on Twitter, but it’s also a comedy smorgasbord. → Read More