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Past articles by Philip:

Kudos to Mike Pence

It’s rare for a prominent Republican to be honest about the unsustainability of Medicare and Social Security these days. → Read More

Support National Review: We're Thankful for Our Supporters

Once again, we'd like to thank you for your tremendous support. We will work extra hard to be worthy of your generosity in the coming year, and wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving. → Read More

Aaron Judge, Home Run King

After smacking 62 long balls in 2022, there is a strong case that the Yankee slugger is the legitimate single-season home-run champion. → Read More

The Unprecedented FBI Raid on Former President Donald Trump

It is unprecedented for the FBI to raid the house of a former president — they better have the goods. → Read More

There’s No Denying Trump’s Enduring Power within the Republican Party

For all the talk of his waning influence, the former president still wields considerable control over the direction of the GOP. → Read More

What Is the Limiting Principle on Ukraine Aid?

Even though the cause may be just, we have to apply extra scrutiny to all spending at a time of historic debt levels. → Read More

Joe Rogan Will Be Fine, but Cancel Culture Is a Bigger Threat to Ordinary Americans

For every Joe Rogan, there are many others living in obscurity, who face the risk of losing their livelihoods. And others who are afraid to speak freely on issues they care about for fear that they will be torn down without the resources to fall back on. → Read More

The Price of Your Starbucks Grande Soy Latte May Go Up, and Pramila Jayapal Is on It!

The campaign by progressives to blame inflation on corporate greed has moved from meat companies and grocery stores to the scourge of overpriced cappuccino. → Read More

Trump’s Continuing Disgrace

Trump spent this past weekend making one reckless statement after another — consequences be damned. → Read More

Biden’s Big Blunder: Picking Battles He’s Likely to Lose

The president’s calculations on the art of the possible have been way off. → Read More

What Rochelle Walensky Actually Said About Comorbidities and Covid Deaths

The fuller context shows that she was talking about a study of vaccinated people, not all people who had ever died of Covid. → Read More

Testing Fiasco Makes Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Unworkable

Given the long waits for Covid tests, the testing opt-out to the OSHA vaccine mandate is not workable. → Read More

Why Biden’s Approval Ratings Are About to Get Worse

It wouldn’t take a large number of disillusioned liberals to sour on Biden, meaning that we are likely to start seeing polls showing his approval ratings dipping into the 30s. → Read More

Turns Out Frank Sinatra Was Offered the Role of John McClane in Die Hard

Producers offered the role to a number of more conventional leading men before ending up with Bruce Willis. → Read More

CBO: Biden’s ‘Zero Cost’ Spending Bill Actually Adds $160 Billion to Deficits

For months, Democrats led by President Biden have been trying to advance the absurd argument that their multi-trillion dollar spending bill actually costs zero dollars because it would be fully paid for. But according to the Congressional Budget Office, the bill would add $160 billion to deficits. → Read More

Biden Has Lower Approval Rating Than Any U.S. Governor

The least popular U.S. governor is at 43 percent approval. That’s still better than Biden. → Read More

Why Are Democrats Acting Like the $1.9 Trillion Law They Already Passed Never Happened?

It’s pretty shocking we hear so little about the ‘COVID-relief’ bill Democrats passed in March. → Read More

A Ron Klain Retweet Just Got Biden in Trouble in Court

The White House Chief of is a prolific tweeter — and retweeter. But the habit has now hurt Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate in court. → Read More

Disgraceful House Republicans Rescue Biden’s Flailing Agenda

13 Republicans provided Speaker Nancy Pelosi with the votes she needed to overcome resistance from the far Left of her party. → Read More

It Smells Like House Democrats Have a Deal

It appears that House Democrats will pass the infrastructure bill while taking another step on President Biden's multi-trillion dollar spending bill. → Read More