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Amy Gallo

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Providence, RI, United States

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Past articles by Amy:

What Is Psychological Safety?

What exactly is psychological safety? It’s a term that’s used a lot but is often misunderstood. In this piece, the author answers the following questions with input from Harvard Business School professor Amy Edmondson, who coined the phrase “team psychological safety”: 1) What is psychological safety? 2) Why is psychological safety important? 3) How has the idea evolved? 4) How do you know if… → Read More

How to Answer “What Are Your Salary Expectations?”

There are many interview questions that inspire dread in an interviewee — from “What’s your greatest weakness?” to “Tell me about yourself.” But one in particular is especially complicated: “What are your salary expectations?” If you go too low, you might end up making less than they’re willing to pay. But if you go too high, you could price yourself out of the job. In this piece, the author… → Read More

Next-Level Negotiating (HBR Women at Work Series)

Buy books, tools, case studies, and articles on leadership, strategy, innovation, and other business and management topics → Read More

How to Respond to a Rude Comment at Work

Most people have experienced incivility at work — anything from a rude customer or snippy boss to ambiguously curt emails from otherwise friendly colleagues. To handle these situations, address your own emotions first and ask yourself why you’re feeling offended. Then weigh the pros and cons of calling the person on their rudeness. Finally, use language that deflects the blame from the other… → Read More

There are 8 types of 'difficult' people—and the 'passive-aggressive' is the worst of all, says Harvard expert

We all have to deal — and work — with difficult people. Harvard Business Review author and communication expert Amy Gallo shares how to handle the most passive aggressive and troublesome co-workers. → Read More

4 Tactics that Backfire When Dealing with a Difficult Colleague

When you’re at your wit’s end with a challenging colleague and it feels like you’ve tried everything, well-meaning friends and coworkers may tell you to “just ignore it” or to “suck it up” and move on with your life. But suppressing our emotions rarely helps. In this piece, the author outlines four tactics that are tempting to try — but often backfire — when dealing with a difficult colleague.… → Read More

How to Navigate Conflict with a Coworker

Interpersonal conflicts are common in the workplace, and it’s easy to get caught up in them. But that can lead to reduced creativity, slower and worse decision-making, and even fatal mistakes. So how can we return to our best selves? Having studied conflict management and resolution over the past several years, the author outlines seven principles to help you work more effectively with difficult… → Read More

How to Write a Resignation Letter

Should you write a resignation letter? In most cases, quitting a job doesn’t require one. However, there are some situations in which you want to write one, the author explains in this piece. She outlines what those reasons are and offers advice for how to actually write one, including tips on what not to say. The article also includes a template you can use with sample language. → Read More

38 Smart Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

The opportunity to ask questions at the end of a job interview is one you don’t want to waste. It’s both a chance to continue to prove yourself and to find out whether a position is the right fit for you. In this piece, the author lists sample questions recommended by two career experts and divides them up by category: from how to learn more about your potential boss to how to learn more about a… → Read More

How to Be a Supportive Manager When Times Are Tough

Is anyone really focused on work right now? → Read More

Is That Conflict with Your Colleague Really About Age Difference?

Assuming it is might make it worse. → Read More

Making Real Connections (HBR Women at Work Series)

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You, the Leader (HBR Women at Work Series)

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How to Find a New Job: An HBR Guide

From updating your resume to acing the interview, we’ve got you covered. → Read More

Giving Thanks at Work: An HBR Guide

Why you should express gratitude — and how to do it right. → Read More

Case Study: Is This the Right C-Suite Role?

A female executive considers whether a staff job is a dead end or the next step to becoming CEO. → Read More

Managers: Compassion and Accountability Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

How to be a caring and thoughtful leader while holding your team to high standards. → Read More

How to Quit Your Job: An HBR Guide

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Help Your Employees Who Are Anxious About Returning to the Office

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When Your Employee Discloses a Mental Health Condition

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