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Past articles by Jacob:

Here's Why the Media and Its Pundits Get American Politics So Wrong

American politics is a lot more complex than our aggressively simplistic left-right paradigm suggests. → Read More

Some Democratic Superdelegates Are Pledging to Destroy the Party

A quick way to blow up an entire party. → Read More

After His MSNBC Meltdown Over Bernie, It's Time to Debunk the Myth of James Carville

This man hasn't been right in at least 25 years. → Read More

A Michael Bloomberg Victory Pushes Our Democracy Past a Point of No Return

This isn’t about Mike Bloomberg, specifically. There have been plenty of good pieces written that comb over the former New York City Mayor’s record and highlight parts that either are unpalatable to Democratic values or at the very least, strategic vulnerabilities against Trump and I won’t rehash those arguments now. Instead, I want to focus on what might be the most pernicious long-term… → Read More

The New York Times Doing a "Both Sides" on their Democratic Endorsement Is a Poetic Sign of the Times

This was an absolute embarrassment of political cowardice. → Read More

Where Does the Senate Impeachment Trial Stand? A Quick Update

After the Lev Parnas drama, here's what comes next. → Read More

Politics Is in the Midst of a Generational War

Your age predicts your politics better than anything else. → Read More

Our Escalating War With Iran Could Lead to Attacks Inside the United States

We tend to think of warfare in terms of bombs and foot soldiers, but the digital age has opened up a new front to defend. → Read More

Five Things We Learned from the Whistleblower Complaint at the Heart of Trump's Impeachment

"The President of the United States is using the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 U.S. election." → Read More

10 Reasons Why We Should Abolish the Electoral College

The electoral college is so incoherent, its very structure contradicts itself. → Read More

“Free Stuff” Is Popular. It's Why Trump Is Afraid of the Left

The hilarity of the situation is that most of the marketing done on behalf of leftist policy in mainstream channels has come from its opponents. → Read More

Washington D.C. Now Has One Less War-Crazy Sociopath On the Loose

Ridding himself of John Bolton is the best thing that President Trump has done to date. → Read More

Capitalism’s Fatal Flaw Is Something So Simple, Anyone Can See It

The existence of anti-trust legislation is proof that we all see the uncomfortable reality right in front of our faces. → Read More

David Koch Was the Avatar for Modern Capitalism

The end of the world is the legacy of capitalism. → Read More

Progressives Are Winning the 2020 Democratic Primary, and Losing to Biden

Ideological rigidity is an excellent tool for shifting the Overton Window, but politics at its core is about building a coalition. → Read More

These Are America’s Three Major Political Parties

The 2016 voting bloc seems to fall into three ideologies: blood and soil white nationalism, liberally economic and socially conservative thinking, and staunch liberalism. → Read More

Democrats Need to Get Over 1972. In 2020, New Lessons Apply

The Democratic Party has finally begun to grow a spine, and it’s ready to go on the offense for the first time in over a generation. → Read More

That Time Joe Biden Knowingly Lied About Marching in the Civil Rights Movement

This is what 2020 would be all about versus Trump--Joe Biden's endless stream of "gaffes." → Read More

This WaPo Op-Ed On Why We Shouldn’t Impeach Trump Is One of the Dumber Things You’ll Read

This column is filled to the brim with so self-congratulatory straw man takes that it must be fisked (an internet word for a column within a column about a column). → Read More

Chinese Authoritarianism Is Being Emboldened by U.S. Tech Companies

China is hurtling towards a more authoritarian future, and all our companies know how to do in this situation is make money off of our rapidly deteriorating dystopia. → Read More