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Past articles by William:

Congress Has a Chance to Rein In Runaway Pentagon Spending

The Pentagon budget is out of control. Members of Congress can help rein it in by supporting an amendment that would cut its budget by $100 billion per year. → Read More

Hawks blow a lot of hot air over proposed budget cuts

Hawks' hysteria about the proposed DOD reductions as part of Rep. Kevin McCarthy's speakership deal is just hot air. → Read More

New Ukraine aid is a go — and it's more than most states get in a year

Congress just passed a $45 billion assistance package for Kyiv on the way out the door for the holidays. We put this spending into context. → Read More

Let’s Put the Pentagon’s China Report in Context

What do the relative sizes of the U.S. and Chinese nuclear arsenals really suggest? → Read More

What Biden’s National Security Strategy Fails To Do

The Biden administration’s long-awaited National Security Strategy (NSS) was released this week to mixed reviews. On one level, it reads like a continuation o → Read More

House military spending bill is a boon to the arms industry

Lawmakers added $37 billion beyond what the Pentagon asked for, most of it going to defense contractors at the expense of service members. → Read More

Don’t Overinflate the Pentagon Budget

There are plenty of perennial problems draining the military’s coffers that need attention. → Read More

We’re #1: The U.S. Government is the World’s Largest Arms Dealer

The U.S. government is the world's largest arms dealer, and all too often it doesn't give adequate attention to who it is arming and how they use U.S. weapons. → Read More

Dr. King's 1967 anti-war speech wasn't popular, but it was prescient –

His speech against the Vietnam War identified the systemic failures that make America prone to militarism. → Read More

Who’s Afraid of an ICBM Review?

It’s worth spending five figures to assess whether to move ahead with a program that could cost more than a quarter-trillion dollars. → Read More

Milley’s Hypersonic Hyperbole May Have Been His ‘Missile Gap’ Moment

The United States must avoid another arms race based on untested or distinctly false premises. → Read More

The New ICBM Is a Legacy System, And Should Be Cancelled

Antiquated strategic thinking must not be allowed to drain funding that could be put toward more pressing threats. → Read More

Pushing Billions in Arms Sales Is Not an ‘Accomplishment’

It matters to whom the weapons are flowing and how they will be used. → Read More

A $13 Billion Contract for ICBMs: What’s the Rush?

The deal needs closer scrutiny — as does the purported need for new long-range ballistic missiles at all. → Read More

Congress Needs a Veto, Not a Notification, on Arms Sales

The Trump administration’s efforts to evade oversight show why more is needed. → Read More

Time to Rethink Security Aid to Egypt

More than $40 billion over three decades has bought only dubious benefits to U.S. security. → Read More

Overspending on the Pentagon Won’t Make Us Safer

We spend far more on the military than the countries we most fear, while shorting the things that would actually help us compete. → Read More

William Hartung

William Hartung's stories. I am a defense analyst, and cover the economics of Pentagon spending. → Read More

Who’s Afraid of China? Rethinking American Grand Strategy for a New Era

A new survey by the Eurasia Group Foundation suggests a new way forward for U.S. strategy towards China. → Read More

New Report: Sanctions Kill

A new report commissioned by Korea Peace Now documents the harsh humanitarian impacts of broad-based sanctions on North Korea. → Read More