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Past articles by Holly:

Go to Lord Howe Island before the rest of the world finds out it's on the World's Best list.

Lord Howe Island was recently featured on the Lonely Planet's World's Best list. Here are a few reasons and many glorious photos to convince you to go ASAP. → Read More

"I shared my 'I Don't' list. Now a whole lot of Aussie women are sharing theirs."

My I Don't List: Holly Wainwright shared her 'I Don't' list with the world. Now a whole lot of Australian women have shared theirs. → Read More

Every woman has an 'I Don't' list. And it's about time we shared them.

Holly Wainwright shares her 'I Don't List' and you should do the same. Throw out the to-do list, and decide on what you don't do. → Read More

Prince George is six. And in his new official birthday portraits, he's staging a revolution.

Prince George is six. And for his new photo portrait, his mum is sending a message. Yes, a modern prince can wear polyester. Take that, Archie. → Read More

Today, the old person face app is giving us grey hair and wrinkles. But there aren't many LOLs in ageing.

The old person face app everyone is using in 2019 might look like fun today, but what is it actually saying about us? Is ageing really funny? → Read More

Brene Brown has yelled at her kids fewer than five times in their lives. They're 14 and 20.

Brene Brown podcast: She never shouts at her kids because she is a 'choice parent,' Holly Wainwright is one too, now she's thinking she's doing it wrong. → Read More

OPINION: The world is convulsing as it realises Kim Kardashian is not a shitty person.

Kim Kardashian has visited the White House and President Trump to try tackle America's enormous problem with over-incarceration. → Read More

The world watched as Prince Harry found out what every new dad knows to be true.

During the Prince Harry announcement this morning, he couldn't shake a smile off his face. He had just realised what his wife Meghan Markle was capable of. → Read More

The 11 questions Australian women want to ask the boss of the NRL

Does the NRL have a problem with women, and the 10 other questions women are asking. Mamamia's Holly Wainwright gets the answers from CEO Todd Greenberg. → Read More

Brexit explained in one very simple analogy about a dirty, dirty skirt.

If you've ever asked "What Is Brexit?" we have a simple - gross - analogy for you. Imagine that a public vote had left a big, stinking mess in your lap... → Read More

Jordan Peterson has a problem with women.

Dr Jordan Peterson has a problem with women. Holly Wainwright writes about Jordan Peterson Australia show, and comments made about women. → Read More

This empty chair is a tiny window into the reality of thousands of Australian women's lives.

While millions of streamers watched in horror as a man assaulted his wife as he streamed himself playing Fortnite, we must remember this is not a lone case. → Read More

'Why no-one is marching in the streets about Nicole Cartwright's murder.'

Nicole Cartwright death: Holly Wainright's opinion on the sad reason Nicole Cartwright's murder has not been national news, like it should be. → Read More

The new celebrities who should come with a health warning.

Health influencers: Holly Wainwright weighs in on the new celebrities who are the basis of her second novel, How To Be Perfect → Read More

“‘As a mother,’ I know why mothers hate those three words. And why we keep on using them.”

Mothers versus non mothers: author and mum Holly Wainwright weights in on some people using the phrase 'as a mother' and how that makes some women feel. → Read More

Things we learned last night: Natalie Joyce might just be the classiest woman in Australia.

Natalie Joyce is all class in the face of the Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion Sunday Night interview for which they were paid $150k: Barnaby Joyce wife → Read More

The guilty republican’s guide to the very best bits of the royal wedding.

royal wedding highlights: Prince Harry has married Meghan Markle, they've both got new names and here are the highlights of an almost perfect wedding. → Read More

"Just cry, go on. It’s brutal. I know." The letter to my 'new mum' self I wish I'd had.

The Motherhood Jamila Rizvi extract: Holly Wainwright writes the letter to her 'new mum' self she wished she'd read when she had her first baby. → Read More

HOLLY WAINWRIGHT: “If you think you’re excellent at everything, you might just be right.”

It's the new call to arms. We need to destroy the confidence gap, reduce self doubt and become more confident. With advice from Reese Witherspoon too. → Read More

If you think ball-tampering is our national sporting shame, you haven't met Matt Lodge.

Why are we outraged about ball tampering? If you think ball-tampering is our national sporting shame, you haven't met Matt Lodge. → Read More