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Past articles by Walden:

[ANALYSIS] America's repossession of the Philippines

As the US dramatically expands its military presence, colonialist history is repeating itself → Read More

[ANALYSIS] Deconstructing a dismaying outcome

'One would not be surprised if, after a year, the Marcoses and Dutertes will be at each other’s throats' → Read More

[OPINION] Zionism’s bete noire: Richard Falk’s passage to 'positive public notoriety'

'Richard Falk is universally regarded as one of the top minds when it comes to international law. Yet his views are not only not welcome in establishment circles, but even among most left-leaning liberals.' → Read More

[OPINION] September 11 and the debacle of 'nation-building' in Afghanistan

The amazingly rapid collapse of the government Washington had propped up for 20 years created precisely the image the Trump-Taliban deal had been designed to avoid → Read More

[OPINION] De Lima vs Duterte duel enters critical phase

When decades from now, a later generation of Filipinos looks back on the Duterte presidency and asks themselves how on earth so many of their forebears could elect a murderer to be president – and applaud him as he went about his bloody business for six years – it is likely that the only person they will regard as deserving the accolade of hero in this dark era, when most other political figures… → Read More

[OPINION] Agrocide in the Philippines and how to stop it

'Philippine agriculture is dying. It will take decisive steps to save it.' → Read More

[OPINION] Mr. President, the issue is competence; the solution is resignation

'When ordinary people...start to register serious doubts about the performance of the administration, that is a sign that it may not be light that is at the end of the tunnel that awaits it, but a crash' → Read More

The United States Has Entered a Frightening Weimar Era

By mid-February 2021, American deaths from COVID-19 may well surpass the country’s 405,400 deaths during the Second World War. By around mid-May, more Americans will have died from the virus than during the Civil War, which killed 655,000, and the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, when 675,000 are estimated to have perished. | By Walden Bello → Read More

[OPINION] Storming of Capitol shows America has entered the Weimar era

The violent storming of the Capitol by a Trumpian mob underlines the face of things to come → Read More

[OPINION] A scandalous end to a scandal-filled year

'The only silver lining to this scandal is that the vaccine the VIPs received is apparently one made by a state-owned Chinese pharmaceutical company, Sinopharm, with a terrible safety record' → Read More

[OPINION] Lessons despots never learn

'The president and the military are engaged in a self-defeating campaign' → Read More

Things May Get Worse Before They Get Better for the U.S.

I’m one of those kibitzers who supported Joe Biden reluctantly from a distance, mainly because I felt that for both the U.S. and the world, he was the lesser evil. And like many, I breathed a sigh of relief when Biden crossed the 270 electoral vote marker.Then the political sociologist in me took over as I looked at the electoral breakdown by race."White solidarity continues → Read More

[ANALYSIS] The racial and genocidal underpinnings of the American Way of War

Racism has been a central feature of the way the United States has waged its wars → Read More

[ANALYSIS] COVID-19 exposes dangers of wildlife trade, fragility of global food system

The silver lining of the COVID-19 crisis is the opportunity it spells for food sovereignty → Read More

[OPINION] The death of 'connectivity,' the China-led phase of globalization

'If there is any silver lining to this tragedy, it is perhaps that it has happened today rather than later, when the Belt-and-Road Initiative might well have even more fatal consequences' → Read More

[OPINION] Lawfare and warfare: The blitz against Senator Leila de Lima

'Three years in jail have not broken Senator Leila. Ten more years won’t break her.' → Read More

[OPINION] Duterte is a mass murderer, but I support his terminating the VFA

'Here goes that knee-jerk anti-Americanism again, some folks may say. But really, entering these two agreements were two of the most irresponsible foreign policy decisions made by our heads of state,' writes Walden Bello → Read More

[ANALYSIS] How the Marcos-World Bank partnership brought PH economy to its knees

The World Bank provided dictator Ferdinand Marcos a curtain of international legitimacy behind which he and his cronies plundered the public till → Read More

Why Free Trade Is Bad for You (or Most of You at Any Rate)

Walden Bello was invited by The Economist to debate the chief economist of the World Trade Organization, Robert Koopman, at the Asia Trade Summit in Hong Kong, on February 28. Billed as the “Great Trade Debate” in an era of rising anti-free trade sentiment, the Oxford-style 20 minute debate took place before an audience made up largely of corporate executives and government → Read More

[OPINION] Labor in the age of Duterte: The Pacific Plaza strike

Whatever may be the conclusion of the strike, there is little doubt that the practice of contractualization, which has done so much damage to labor in this country, is facing a mortal challenge from its victims → Read More