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Past articles by Thor:

Google's AI could change weather forecasting forever

In a new blog post, Google claims machine learning can be used to produce “highly localized” weather forecasts that are “nearly instantaneous.” The company explains that localized storms are difficult to predict, and machine learning could help solve that problem. → Read More

Power of photosynthesis used to send signals to satellites

The European Space Agency (ESA) has announced it’s used the power of photosynthesis to get plants to send signals to satellites for the first time ever. Dutch company Plant-e and Lacuna Space helped the agency create an “extremely low power device” that can send radio signals to satellites in low Earth orbit to shar... → Read More

This CRISPR tool costs $10,000. Researchers made a version that costs 23 cents

In microbiology, an electroporator is a tool that allows you to apply electricity to a cell to temporarily breach its cell wall so you can introduce chemicals, drugs or DNA to the cell. These tools are extremely useful in the lab, but they’re also very expensive. Researchers at Georgia Tech just revealed they’ve fou... → Read More

Attention Walmart shoppers, prepare for robots

Walmart is investing heavily in automation. The retail giant recently announced it’s bringing shelf scanning robots to 650 more stores. These robots scan shelves to see which items are out of stock so employees can efficiently restock them. That means they're in 1,000 stores now. → Read More

An NBA player could get the first blockchain sports contract

Brooklyn Nets player Spencer Dinwiddie might just take the NBA into the world of blockchain. He plans to sell 90 tokens for $150,000 each to accredited investors, which would mean he’d be able to cash in on his salary early. That amounts to $13.5 million of his contract. → Read More

In the 2020s, we'll be doing experiments on lab-grown brains

If you though lab-grown meant was weird, wait until you hear about lab-grown brains. Scientists have developed a way to grow miniature brains in the lab, and they think we could be reaching a point where we could do medical experiments on them, which could change neuroscience forever. → Read More

Bots are pushing conspiracy theories about Australia's fires

Bots and trolls on Twitter are currently pushing a conspiracy theory that rejects climate science and alleges all of the fires were started by arsonists, the Guardian reports. These bots and trolls are using the hashtag #ArsonEmergency to spread this conspiracy theory. → Read More

Yesterday’s lunch could become tomorrow’s hydrogen fuel, scientists say

Americans waste a lot of food. As a country, we throw away over 150,000 tons of food every single day. Up to 40 percent of our food is wasted. Many cities have composting programs, which is good, but what if we could turn food waste into renewable energy? → Read More

Can A.I detect "narcissism, Machiavellianism, or psychopathy"? AirBNB hopes so.

AirBnB filed a patent last year that was apparently for an artificial intelligence system that can scan a user’s online presence to look for evidence of “narcissism, Machiavellianism, or psychopathy.” The company isn't being very transparent, and there could be a lot of problems with this. → Read More

White House deregulation could create Elon Musk's A.I nightmare

One of artificial intelligence's biggest critics, Musk has warned against what Trump is doing. → Read More

The Green New Deal would create nearly 30 million jobs

If we want to avoid the possibly catastrophic effects of climate change, we’re going to have to transition to renewable energy as soon as possible. That will mean jobs will be lost in the fossil fuel industry, but a new study out of Stanford University shows a lot of jobs would be created. → Read More

Baltimore police will soon start using surveillance planes

Baltimore will soon become the first city in the United States to be put under aerial surveillance. A recently announced pilot program will have police surveilling the city via airplane for up to six months starting in May, and they will attempt to track violent crimes. The city is currently experiencing one of its ... → Read More

The next 3D-printing craze? It could be functioning 'mini-livers'

Researchers in Brazil just successfully 3D-printed ‘mini-livers’ in a lab, and they function just like a regular liver. 3D-printing human organs is a developing technology that will save lives once it is perfected. Americans are dying every day waiting for organ transplants. → Read More

After impeachment, only robocalls could unite Congress

Political unity still exists. It starts with those annoying phone calls. → Read More

AI is making it hard for gig workers to survive

According to the recently released AI Now 2019 Report, algorithms meant to increase a company’s profit margins in the gig economy are making it difficult for the people who work these gigs to make a living. This is just one of the many warnings this report offers. → Read More

Fiber-optic cables and lasers can predict invisible thunderquakes

A new study just published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres claims the fiber-optic cables that bring us our internet and phone services could help us detect earthquakes, thunder, floods and more. Adopting this kind of system could save lives. → Read More

Researchers made a solar window by punching holes through silicon

Researchers in South Korea have developed a new method for making solar windows. They were trying to address a problem with transparent solar cells that is well-known, which is that transparent solar cells produce a reddish hue. What these researchers discovered is that you can make a solar window simply by punching... → Read More

Walmart is testing out delivering groceries with self-driving cars. Are jobs under threat?

If you get your groceries at Walmart, you might soon be able to get them delivered by a self-driving car. Walmart announced Tuesday it is testing out delivering groceries in Houston in collaboration with the autonomous vehicle maker Nuro. This could mean a lot of jobs are about to disappear. → Read More

Over 750,000 applications for birth certificate copies leaked off Amazon's cloud

A company that takes people's information and uses it to help them get a copy of their birth certificate from state agencies has failed to protect that information and has exposed over 750,000 people. It seems data breaches like this are happening all the time. → Read More

The U.S. has more surveillance cameras per person than China, new study shows

China's reputation as a surveillance state is deserved, but perhaps the United States doesn't get the credit it deserves. A new report claims China has the most surveillance cameras in the world, but the U.S. has more cameras per capita. → Read More