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Past articles by Erica:

Managing Introverts and Extroverts in the Hybrid Workplace

Advice based on a decade of research on high-performing teams. → Read More

What I Learned from a Year Without Business Trips

A working parent reflects on the benefits of staying grounded — and the new practices she’ll carry into the future. → Read More

How to adapt your workplace habits to the era of hybrid work

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Slow Down and Write Better Emails

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Do Your Remote Employees Feel Included in Meetings?

Three ways to level the playing field. → Read More

How to Collaborate Effectively If Your Team Is Remote

Err on the side of communicating clearly. → Read More

How to Collaborate Effectively If Your Team Is Remote

Err on the side of communicating clearly. → Read More

Recruiting Strategies for a Tight Talent Market

You can’t keep relying on the same old methods. → Read More

Start Prepping Now

You might have just gotten a handle on the Millennials, but it's already time to prepare for the next generation trickling into the workforce: Generation Z. Born in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Generation Z is growing up at the peak of technological advancement and innovation. → Read More

20 Job Rules For Millennials

The conventional jobs aren't there, but savvy Millennials like Jenny Gammello have been finding new routes to success. Here are some tips on how to survive—and thrive—in turbulent times. With reporting by Nathaniel Thomas. → Read More

How To Engage Millennials In Your Corporate Culture

You’ve probably heard that company culture is tied to bottom-line results, but how seriously do we take this?  According to a new GlassDoor study, the data absolutely bears this out, and shows that company culture is something all companies need to pay attention to and improve more intentionally.  “Based on [...] → Read More

Get Big Things Done As an Empathetic Entrepreneur

Empathetic Entrepreneurs are creative and driven: they are authentic salespeople, not hustlers. They are those who stop and listen to connect with their customers and fans on an emotional level, putting themselves in service to others. → Read More

How Employee Recruiting Is Being Disrupted, And Why Your Company Should Care

Leading companies’ methods for finding talent follow a typical routine: invest in several college and university programs, sponsor various events and conferences, and expect applicants to come running to your door. This may have worked in the past, but now that Millennials are a large percentage of job seekers, this [...] → Read More

What Type of Connector Are You? Here's Why It Matters to Your Business.

A look at how playing to your strengths can help you leverage your relationships and take your ventures to new heights. → Read More

Are You A Compulsive Networker? - In Photos: 10 Warnings Signs You're A Compulsive Networker

Do you obsessively check your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages? Do you meet someone new and immediately go into networking mode? You may be a compulsive networker--semi-addicted to the thrill of 'connecting' without much to show for your efforts. Here are the warning signs. → Read More

How rapper Pharrell Williams uses his business connections

Erica Dhawan is the founder and CEO of Cotential, a global innovation firm that helps organizations solve their most pressing challenges using the tools of connectional intelligence. In their new b... → Read More

Less Is More: Why You Don't Need To Network To Get Big Things Done

VideoWe've all heard it a thousand times: when it comes to getting ahead professionally, what matters is “who you know.” This phrase might be helpful to many, but I find it discouraging at best and paralyzing at worst. Having 10,000 contacts in my rolodex will not make me “go viral," [...] → Read More

Can millennials revolutionize business?

There is no question that millennials are the most informed generation in history. They are poised to respond constructively to global issues and become the next generation of global leaders. → Read More


How to Disagree (Without Being a Jerk)

Fostering healthy disagreements in meetings is key to surfacing the best ideas. But first, you need to set the right structure, roles, and limits. → Read More

How To Learn New Skills Without Hurting Your Bank Account

You don't have to shell out thousands in tuition to soak up a new skill. → Read More