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Past articles by Paul:

Are you Ready for the Great Reset? — @im_1776

Whatever you may believe the Great Reset to potentially entail, Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF) have all sorts of ideas about what it will involve, from a new, rent-based “circular economy” to beer made from recycled wastewater. But before you say cheers and dive headfirst into that delicious environmentally-friendly sludge — and before you sign over your firstborn to… → Read More

The American Companies Enabling China's Uyghur Genocide

Nike, Coca-Cola, and others all strongly condemned George Floyd's death. But a regime slaughtering its own people? That's tricky. → Read More

The Woke Patronage Program

Mandatory diversity trainings aren't just unnecessary, they're incredibly counterproductive. → Read More

What If We Aren't Living in the End Times?

Fearmongers left and right offer fever dreams about a country in decline. What if they're all wrong? → Read More

Another MEK Sock-Puppet? Conservatives Should Care About Pro-War Disinformation

The fake opinion columnists primarily targeted right-of-center outlets receptive to a hawkish line against Iran → Read More

Is Potable Water the 'Petroleum of the Next Century'?

Freshwater is surprisingly rare and may be about to become rarer. The result could be global hydro inequality and even armed conflict. → Read More

Black Lives Matter Has Brazenly Nurtured Extremist Elements

The Black Lives Matter movement has been highly active in the ongoing riots and protests across the United States. What is their mission? → Read More

U.S. Colleges Drained of Foreign Students, Perhaps Forever

Higher Education counts on a huge chunk of that tuition each year, prompting a mad scramble to keep it together. → Read More

Is Continuing Corporate Welfare For Big War Healthy Right Now?

Military-industrial cronyism is making America less prepared to fight a pandemic. → Read More

Defense Giant Boeing Thinks Aerospace Needs a $60 Billion Bailout

Apparently the multi-billion dollar annual defense contracts from Uncle Sam aren't enough see them through the coronavirus. → Read More

The Talented Mr. Epstein

Questions about the late sex offender and his sidekick blackmailing and spying for the U.S. and Israel have gone unanswered. Why? → Read More

The Last Days of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu

Their rise and fall in communist Romania shows how corruptible, misguided, and brutal the socialist dream became. → Read More

Palestine Amid the Checkpoints, a Wan Hope for Peace

Our writer reports from Hebron about the Israeli settlements, the tensions there, and those who reject violence. → Read More

In Defense of Male Fighting

Better that men should punch bullies than stew with rage and start thinking about bloodier forms of revenge. → Read More

Joe Walsh: Just Another Doomed Blowhard

Once again, we're forced to ask, is this really the best the Never Trumpers can do? → Read More

There’s Something About Marianne

Whatever her Oprah-era spiritual beliefs, the Democratic candidate is telling some big truths. → Read More

The Strange Case of Super CEO Marsha Lazareva

Why are Washington's who's who doing everything possible to exonerate this Russian national and Pentagon contractor accused of fraud? → Read More

Lviv, Ukraine: Crossroads Between East and West

A haven for persecuted Jews, a birthplace of luminaries, the city is a focal point of empires and peoples. → Read More

Make America Great Again by Cracking Down on Tax Havens

The U.S. has a lower rating on financial secrecy than even the Cayman Islands—and far too many politicians are benefitting. → Read More

Time to Bring Back Mandatory Citizen Militias?

Compulsory service defending the nation at home would foster solidarity and give men something to fight for. → Read More