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Past articles by Hilary:

People are taking a 20-cent 'wonder drug' to slow aging and lose weight. Some doctors say it's promising.

Metformin has been prescribed for decades to manage diabetes. But it may also be able to prevent cancer and cognitive decline in older people. → Read More

Interested in Selling Your Body For Science? Here Are 10 Ways to Do It

NASA has recruited volunteers to spend two months in bed. → Read More

5 big reasons why kids are getting sick and flooding ERs — and 'immunity debt' isn't one of them

There are many factors influencing higher-than-usual rates of RSV, flu, and other viruses in children. → Read More

A new, stealthy coronavirus variant is spreading fast, spooking scientists and Wall Street analysts, but experts say there is cause for optimism

XBB, a new version of Omicron, is evading immunity in Asia. Experts say strategic masking will help as COVID infections rise this winter. → Read More

Here's what it actually means to die 'of old age'

Aging is not actually a cause of death. But older people are more likely to succumb to common infections like pneumonia. → Read More

13 of the most common monkeypox vaccine side effects, from a 'bleb' to a hard lump

If an intradermal vaccine doesn't immediately produce a "bleb," it needs to be redone. Hard lumps are common side effects, and can last a while. → Read More

3 ways to know if you need a monkeypox vaccine, and how to get one, according to experts

"People who are just concerned" about monkeypox don't qualify for vaccination, and people who were recently infected don't need shots. → Read More

Huge study of monkeypox patients reveals common symptoms, from fevers to small lesions

A study of more than 500 monkeypox patients in 16 countries suggests many patients only have a single lesion. Others can't swallow or have fevers. → Read More

On a Scale of 1 to 10, Here's How Worried You Should Be About The COVID Variant BA.5

There's a new coronavirus variant traveling around this summer at a record clip. → Read More

Two More Gene-Edited Pig Hearts Were Just Successfully Transplanted Into Humans

Two genetically modified pig hearts were just successfully transplanted into humans, in what is the second major move forward for pig-human heart xenotransplantation this year. → Read More

FDA panel unanimously endorses Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 shots for babies and little kids

Shots for babies and kids over 6 months old could begin next week after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gives the final recommendation. → Read More

The most common COVID vaccine side effects for babies and toddlers under 5

Pfizer and Moderna both have COVID vaccines for babies and toddlers being reviewed by US regulators this week. "Irritability" is the top side effect. → Read More

8 teen girls are proof TikTok is not to blame for the rise in social tics, CDC says

A sharp rise in teens exhibiting jerky movements and noises called tics has been blamed on TikTok — but experts say that's "simplistic" and damaging. → Read More

A Dangerous Liver Disease Is Spreading in US Kids, Seemingly Related to a Virus

A dangerous, liver-compromising virus is spreading among kids in the US. → Read More

2 leading disease modelers predict low COVID rates this summer — but we may need new vaccines by fall

Infectious disease modelers told the FDA we're "peaking" at around 80% immunity against Omicron now, but that level of protection won't last. → Read More

Early research suggests your risk of getting COVID in the next wave is lower if you already had Omicron. Here's everything we know about BA.2 reinfections.

You can get reinfected with BA.2 if you've had BA.1, but according to researchers the risk appears pretty low. Here's how experts are assessing it. → Read More

Drug companies have prepared no COVID vaccines to target future variants — and that should terrify us

We need a portfolio of new vaccines ready to go in as little as 100 days. But Big Pharma is too slow and profit-hungry to get the job done. → Read More

1 big reason experts are optimistic the US will not suffer the next COVID wave as badly as Europe

The same reason that the US has suffered one of the worst death tolls from COVID is also a reason to expect the next wave of infections to be smaller. → Read More

3 reasons you probably don't need a 4th COVID shot any time soon, according to experts

The evidence we have on 4th doses suggests they're probably not necessary for everyone, especially right now. Here's why. → Read More

A 15-year-old describes his year of recovery from post-COVID heart syndrome MIS-C, and why it drove him to get vaccinated

Abie Martinez, who developed MIS-C after COVID-19, was on aspirin for months. A year on, he's well enough to work at a car wash. → Read More