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Past articles by Lindsay:

'Five alarm fire for democracy': Meet the man incarnating the Big Lie into secretaries of state

Failed candidate Jim Marchant of Nevada teamed up with QAnon guru “Juan O. Savin” to elect Big Lie proponents as top election officials in swing states. The result is a five-alarm fire for democracy. The unlikely duo has forged a coalition of like-minded secretary of state (SOS) candidates. The SOS... → Read More

The MyPillow guy is the heart of the ‘Big Lie’ conspiracy

Federal agents boxed him in as he waited in at Hardee’s drive-thru last week. They handed Mike Lindell a subpoena and confiscated his phone. What does the FBI want with the My Pillow Guy’s mobile? → Read More

The former guy has no claim to the current executive’s privilege

Judge Aileen Cannon stopped a criminal investigation by ordering a special master to review documents seized from Mar-a-Lago. → Read More

Trump World keeps admitting to an ongoing crime

As the president, Donald Trump ran the country as an extension of his personal real-estate fiefdom. As the former president, he’s taking an equally lawless attitude toward the classified materials that he removed from the White House at the end of his term. → Read More

Why Allen Weisselberg can no longer invoke the 5th Amendment to protect Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s top financial adviser Allen Weisselberg pleaded guilty Thursday to 15 felonies, including tax fraud. The Trump Organization itself stands charged with similar crimes. Legally, Weisselberg’s guilt is tantamount to the Trump Organization’s. → Read More

Alex Jones’ many-splendored phone

A Texas jury awarded $45.2 million dollars in punitive damages Friday in a defamation suit brought by the parents of a murdered Sandy Hook elementary school student whom extremist conspiracy media baron Alex Jones smeared as a “crisis actor.” → Read More

The mob did what Donald Trump wanted

Thursday’s prime-time hearing of the J6 committee focused on one question: What was Donald Trump doing for the 187 minutes from when he set the mob on the Capitol until he told them to go home? → Read More

The House January 6th Select Committee has masterfully trapped Donald Trump

The January 6 Committee is methodically slamming Donald Trump’s remaining escape hatches. The committee’s third televised hearing deftly wove together expert and eye-witness testimony, video, and Trump’s own tweets to put the former president at the very center of the failed coup. → Read More

Self-representing Peter Navarro has a fool for an attorney

Former Trump advisor and self-proclaimed J6 coup plotter Peter Navarro has been indicted for contempt of Congress for defying a subpoena from the J6 committee. Navarro faces two counts of contempt, each punishable by a year in prison and a $100,000 fine. → Read More

Emails show that John Eastman thought allegations of fraud were unnecessary for stealing an election

Pennsylvania state legislator Russ Diamond had a problem. Joe Biden carried the commonwealth by 80,000 votes, thereby securing its 20 electors. According to a newly released trove of emails, Diamond and fellow Republican state legislators wanted instead to send electors dedicated to Donald Trump. Th → Read More

More new texts reveal how deeply involved the Oath Keepers were in the January 6th insurrection

Oath Keeper William Todd Wilson of North Carolina pleaded guilty last week to seditious conspiracy. He is the third member of the rightwing group to do so. → Read More

Inside the Jan. 6 committee’s 248-page motion to paint Meadows as Trump’s point man in bid to overturn the election

The J6 committee filed a motion in court arguing that Trump’s former chief of staff Mark Meadows should be compelled to testify about his role in the plot to overturn the election. The filing uses Meadows’ text messages and witness testimony to paint a detailed picture of Meadows as Trump’s insurrec → Read More

Journalistic fact-checking is not the same as doxxing – no matter what the right-wing claims

The right-wing is throwing a predictable fit about the Post’s exposé of one of the most influential propaganda accounts on the internet. → Read More

We now have undeniable proof of a coordinated Republican effort to subvert the 2020 election

A recording made by a disgruntled election conspiracist is the strongest evidence yet that operatives in Donald Trump’s orbit summoned supporters to Washington on January 6 for the express purpose of coercing lawmakers into overturning the 2020 election. → Read More

Republicans labeling political enemies 'pedophiles' 'crosses the line into stochastic terrorism'

Supporters of Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law have dusted off the vintage lie that gay men, trans folks, and their allies are child molesters. → Read More

Judge destroys all doubt that Donald Trump committed a felony on January 6th

In a big win for the J6 committee, a federal judge ordered Monday that lawyer John Eastman hand over emails in which he and former President Donald Trump plotted a procedural coup d’etat. → Read More

The real reason Donald Trump ditched Mo Brooks: polls show that his candidacy is 'dead'

On Wednesday, former president Donald Trump withdrew his prior endorsement of one-time ally US Rep. Mo Brooks, who’s running in a special election in Alabama to replace Senator Richard Shelby. → Read More

Right-wingers have embraced Russia's 'bizarre fantasy' about biolabs in Ukraine

The conspiracy theory that Russia invaded Ukraine to stop Anthony Fauci from engineering the next Covid-19 has turned the US far-right against Ukraine and for Russia. → Read More

Donald Trump's 'beliefs about whether the election was stolen' are 'irrelevant' to his criminal culpability

The perennial question of whether Donald Trump and John Eastman believed the 2020 election was stolen popped up again this week in a California federal courtroom. This question has been debated endlessly since the J6 insurrection. It’s the wrong question entirely. → Read More

Terrorism is an organized attempt to intimidate a civilian population

Tow trucks are on the move in Ottawa. Local and federal police, empowered by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent declaration of national emergency, are finally dismantling the truck blocades that have paralyzed Canada’s capital city for over three weeks. A crisis that local police declared un... → Read More