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Recent articles by Heidi:

Column: ‘I find joy there.’ Volunteer architecture tour guide draws healing from a winding river.

Patricia Grund learned a lesson that applies to all of us: If it gives you joy? Go do that. If it brings you peace? Go do that. → Read More

Column: He was almost bullied out of ballet but now he’s a Juilliard grad. What one student’s journey can teach about this moment in time.

What if the power of art to inspire us is the lens we looked through when we’re deciding what our kids should read, see, hear, learn? → Read More

Column: E. Jean Carroll ruling sets progress into motion. That’s just as important as what it means for Trump.

I want our attention to linger, just a little longer, on how this ruling helps more survivors feel empowered. → Read More

Column: When a voice from the past reminds you of the power and pull of human connection

As consistently as we humans disappoint each other and fail each other, we still feel pulled to share what’s precious with each other. → Read More

Column: I love everything about college rejection parties, except that they’re necessary. How parents can help.

Don’t underestimate the power of reminding your teen that your love and awe and affection are in no way tied to college admissions. → Read More

Column: What a girl and a guinea pig in Ukraine can teach us about human connection

This story is from NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly, who has written a new book called “It. Goes. So. Fast: The Year of No Do-Overs.” → Read More

Column: ‘There is no flag for poor rights.’ Why the wealthiest country in the world has so much poverty — and what to do about it

Matthew Desmond's new book, “Poverty, by America,” looks at the factors that exacerbate — and benefit from — poverty. → Read More

Column: It’s not tampons. Or drag queens. Or Renaissance art. It’s guns. And they’re laying waste to our children.

Guns are the leading cause of death for American children. And we’re banning drag queen story time. → Read More

Column: Disney hosting LGBTQ summit is a poke in DeSantis’ eye — and a ripple effect toward progress

For a place as cemented in family-friendly lore as Disney to get a taste of political wrath and still choose inclusion? It’s powerful. → Read More

Column: It’s tempting to shame parents looking down at their phones. But what if we tried a more gracious approach?

Phones are how we catch parents publicly daring to be more than one thing at a time. → Read More

Column: Powerful emotions are ‘a feature, not a bug’ for teens. New book helps navigate them with grace and humanity.

Author Lisa Damour aims to debunk the myth that teenagers are only mentally healthy when they feel consistently good. → Read More

Column: New Legos line celebrates wider spectrum of human experience. It’s not ‘woke.’ It’s awake.

The fear is if kids grow up respecting the full human experience … they will go on to vote in a way that’s not pleasing to fearmongers. → Read More

Column: ‘We don’t have to live this way and our children shouldn’t die this way.’ Sorrow, reckoning after another mass shooting

We know the routine: Shooting. Outrage. Sorrow. Thoughts and prayers. Finger pointing. Deflection. Hold our breath for the next one. → Read More

Column: Aging is a game that women can’t win. Madonna should play by whatever rules she wants.

When she walked onstage at the Grammy Awards to introduce artists Sam Smith and Kim Petras, the internet burst into shame flames. → Read More

Column: Envy, love, loneliness. ‘B.F.F.’ looks at the unexplored parts of friendship.

Christie Tate's new book illuminates the unexpected, unexplored corners of friendship and isolation, belonging and insecurity. → Read More

Column: ‘You got everything?’ When a simple question is its own love language.

The question can mean all the things that come rushing out of your heart — but never your mouth, certainly not in public, anyway. → Read More

Column: ‘As a child, if I died and my family died, no one would care.’ Author sheds light on childhood poverty, homelessness.

David Ambroz’s formative years were spent in the shadows. His story, he knew, shouldn’t stay there. → Read More

Column: Closing out 2022 with a vow to let hope and humanity sit next to life’s sorrows

I’m taking inventory of all the lessons and light from another year of meeting new people and learning from their experiences. → Read More

Column: A stranger gave her his Christmas tree when she lost her job. It’s been her guiding light ever since.

Losing her job two weeks before Christmas motivated Chicagoan Amanda Ullah to write a poem about her plight. → Read More

Column: After Club Q shooting, a holiday card campaign for LGBTQ people shunned by their families inspires loving action

Carolyn Pinta gathered with friends to write cards to strangers to mark Transgender Day of Remembrance. → Read More