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Past articles by John:

For Labour's moderates, staying in the party gets harder to justify every day

Why are you leaving is no longer the question. It’s why are you staying? → Read More


How hard-left populists took over the UK's main opposition

The UK's official opposition, the Labour Party, "is a moral crusade or it is nothing." Those are the words of Harold Wilson, one of the Labour Party's most successful Prime Ministers, and they should be ringing in the ears of its current leader, Jeremy Corbyn. → Read More


Peter Pan is the patron saint of magical-thinking modern politics

Politically, we live in a world of magical thinking, where to will something is enough to make it so. → Read More

While the PM is away, the plotters and mischief-makers will play

Theresa May is about to fly to Argentina for a summit. → Read More


Unfortunately, violent misogyny is nothing new in politics

Over the weekend, the often-overheated debate about Brexit and Prime Minister Theresa May's leadership of the UK's Conservative Party took a very nasty turn. → Read More


Theresa May is a modern-day Rasputin

As Britain's Parliament returns tomorrow from its summer recess, right on cue comes another attempt to blow up Prime Minister Theresa May. → Read More


When Jeremy Corbyn talks about 'British Zionists,' we know exactly what he means

To get to the truth about the Labour Party leader, just look at who's cheering him on. → Read More


How anti-Semitism crept into Europe's political mainstream

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of Britain's opposition Labour Party, has had to apologize for reportedly hosting an event in 2010 at which a speaker compared the Israeli Government to the Nazis. → Read More

Theresa May’s housing strategy simply won’t work—here’s why

The PM's speech on Monday served only to expose the confusion → Read More


Brexit is a mess because of giant political egos

It is normally an iron law of politics that there is always a deal to be made. Not with Brexit. → Read More

The true cost of Brexit? The government can’t focus on anything else

This immense constitutional challenge consumes all of the government’s time → Read More

To opt for ultra-Corbynism would be a huge strategic error for Scottish Labour

Anas Sarwar, not Richard Leonard, should lead Labour north of the border → Read More


There is nobody in charge of the United Kingdom

Anyone who truly loves the Conservative Party should be outside the gates of 10 Downing Street calling for Theresa May and her government to go, John McTernan says. → Read More

Rick and Morty is one of the greatest creations of television’s New Golden Age

As with all great comedies, the cult cartoon’s cynicism conceals its big heart → Read More


Theresa May needs to resign for the good of Britain

Theresa May has to go. Voters in Britain deprived their Prime Minister of her majority and denied her a mandate to govern in June's general election. → Read More


Why Big Ben's silence upsets so many Brits

The emotional reaction to Big Ben's silence for four years during repairs is tied up in deeper-held fears about Britain losing its voice and place in the world, John Mcternan says. → Read More

Robbie Gibb is a smart hire, but he can only be as good as his Prime Minister

Theresa May's appointment of Robbie Gibb to run No 10’s communications is smart. → Read More

In this election, everyone’s a loser—although Corbyn will be thrilled

“There are times, perhaps once every thirty years, when there is a sea-change in politics. It then does not matter what you say or what you do. There is a shift in what the public wants and what it approves of. I suspect there is now such a sea-change and it is for Mrs Thatcher.” Those words of Jim Callaghan do a fine job of capturing watershed elections like 1945, 1979 and 1997, elections that… → Read More


UK election: Both May and Corbyn deserve the public's contempt

Theresa May is lucky that in Jeremy Corbyn, she faces a man who never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity, says John McTernan. → Read More


Macron shows you don't need to be populist to be popular

With the first round victory of Emmanuel Macron in the French Presidential elections, it seems there is a route for centrist politicians to be popular while staying true to themselves. → Read More