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Recent articles by Erik:

Tesla And Consumer Reports Might Be On Better Terms Now

Tesla, which has a long and sometimes sour history with Consumer Reports, did pretty well in this year’s CR rankings of automakers, rising eight spots to take 11th, with Porsche finishing first. The rankings are based on safety scores, a reliability survey, and road tests. Maybe this means Tesla and CR are entering a period of rapprochement. → Read More

Zero Is In This For The Long Haul

Zero introduced its latest electric motorcycle yesterday, the slick-looking SR/S, with up to 201 miles of range. At a launch event in New York City, the biggest vibe I got was that the company is all in on what it thinks is the future. → Read More

Nissan's CEO Is Going All In

Nissan has a new-ish CEO in Makoto Uchida, who is trying to clean up the mess left behind in the wake of former CEO Carlos Ghosn’s completely inconspicuous departure. Uchida told shareholders Tuesday that if he couldn’t turn things around, “you can fire me immediately,” in a meeting The Wall Street Journal described as “rowdy.” → Read More

Trump's Attempt To Roll Back Fuel Economy Standards Continues To Blow Up In His Face

The Trump administration formally proposed rolling back Obama-era fuel economy standards in August 2018, but two new reports suggest that the rollback may not end up happening at all. That’s thanks to some remarkable—even for this crew—incompetence. → Read More

The Czinger 21C Is A Center-Seat Supercar That Is Part 3D-Printed

The last time we saw Kevin Czinger in these parts he was showing off a concept at CES in 2017 that was the future my misguided colleague Raphael Orlove wanted to live in. Raph is closer to getting his wish, as a similar-looking new Czinger will fully debut next month. → Read More

Nissan Continues Its Downward Spiral

Nissan remains in the shitter, the used car market is strong because new cars are too expensive, and Hyundai has partnered with an electric vehicle startup. All that and more in The Morning Shift for Wednesday, February 12, 2020. → Read More

Toyota Still Doesn't Have The Guts To Bring Back The MR2

The last MR2 was built in 2007, when production stopped in the face of falling demand. Since then, we have heard rumors—but nothing solid—about a potential comeback. Toyota also took in $272 billion in revenue in its last fiscal year. I can only conclude based on these two facts that Toyota is simply too scared to make a new MR2. → Read More

Ford Knows It Has To Stick The Landing This Time

Ford posted a paltry $84 million profit for 2019, down from $3.7 billion last year and $7.7 billion in 2017. The low profit was in large part due to the launch of the 2020 Explorer, which was utterly botched. This year the stakes are higher, with the Mustang Mach-E launching and the new Bronco and next-generation F-150 debuting. Ford knows it can’t mess this up. → Read More

The Jeep Gladiator Is Struggling

The 2020 Jeep Gladiator is on Struggle Street, according to Automotive News, an outcome which is somewhat surprising but one which we sort of saw coming last month. It seems that $33,545 is a lot of money to pay for a pickup. → Read More

The UAW Gave Its Workers Pens Made In China And People Are Mad

The UAW can’t stop embarrassing itself, but that can happen to an organization seemingly propelled by its own inertia into repeated face plants, no banana peel required. The latest involves a pen intended to commemorate its President, Rory Gamble, who is ostensibly there to clean up the place. → Read More

Here Comes The Pain For Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar isn’t in the best place, Nio isn’t either, and Honda, well, let’s be honest, also could be better. All this and more for The Morning Shift on Friday, Feb. 7, 2020. → Read More

Volvo Keeps Doing This

Volvo, founded 93 years ago in April, wobbled in the dying days of Ford’s ownership in 2010 before a surprising turnaround under Geely. These days, it is doing better than ever. → Read More

GM Only Has Itself To Blame

GM released its fourth-quarter and full-year 2019 earnings this morning, which revealed that the company took a massive if predictable hit from the UAW strike, but also that the company still made $6.7 billion last year. Not a bad return, all things considered, but shareholders were unimpressed. CEO Mary Barra then tried to convince anyone who would listen that GM is a technological leader. → Read More

Lexus Is Hanging In There

Lexus, a company that no longer sells a five-speed manual ES300, is in the throes of a bit of a malaise. Its cars are all fine, competent, and good-looking, but only the super-Camry ES has been substantially updated in recent years as company focuses more on its hot-selling SUVs. There’s also seemingly no real full-electrification push, at least in the U.S. It isn’t surprising that sales in… → Read More

GM Wasn't Trusted Not To Snitch To Trump Administration: Report

The Wall Street Journal has a long look at how auto emissions regulations in the U.S. are changing for the worse under the Trump administration, and I encourage you to read it. A lot of it is what you’d expect given the deliberate chaos in the White House, but a passage about California and GM actually made me laugh. → Read More

Ferrari Just Sold More Than 10,000 Cars For The First Time

Ferrari is working on its first SUV, stupid name and all, needless fights and all. It’s a move automakers like Aston Martin, Lamborghini, and Bentley have gone to in recent years to make more money. The difference is that Ferrari is doing just fine without it. → Read More

This Is What Happens When You Take Risks, GM

Production started on the 2020 Corvette today, according to Chevy, following a strike-related delay and the need to finish the last 2019 Corvettes and retool the factory. GM expects to make around 40,000 new ‘Vettes this year, all of which are sold out, the company claimed. There’s also that new electric Hummer, which will change how we think about electric SUVs. See what happens when you take a… → Read More

The Next Minis Aren't In The Works Thanks To Brexit

Modern Minis are big, heavy, ugly, and expensive, so I was surprised to learn that 346,639 Minis were sold (to whom?) last year, almost as many cars as Tesla sold, according to BMW. Anyway, the lineup is due for a refresh, but that apparently has been delayed thanks to Brexit. → Read More

New York City Might Try Fewer Lanes On One Of Its Busiest Highways

The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway is the 38th-best highway in the New York City area, I determined in a highly scientific ranking a couple of years ago. It is, for the most part, three lanes on each side, and also, most times, a parking lot. And it’s in deep disrepair. For these reasons, New York City might make it smaller. → Read More

Delivery Vehicles Should Be Fully-Electric Not 'Self-Driving'

Waymo, the autonomous arm of Alphabet, which owns Google, said yesterday it was partnering with UPS to deploy an unannounced number of “self-driving” hybrid Chrysler Pacificas to deliver packages as part of a small-scale initiative in Arizona. The better news yesterday was that UPS was ordering 10,000 electric delivery trucks. → Read More