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Recent articles by Danny:

Hear how working from home is changing startups and investing at Disrupt 2020 –

Let’s just say it has been a year. While a few ambitious startups like InVision and GitLab built their corporate cultures and talent hiring with a remote-first mentality, the reality is that the vast majority of founders never thought they would have to be socially distant from all of their employees. And it isn’t going […] → Read More

Datafold is solving the chaos of data engineering –

It seemed so simple. A small schema issue in a database was wrecking a feature in the app, increasing latency and degrading the user experience. The resident data engineer pops in a fix to amend the schema, and everything seems fine — for now. Unbeknownst to them, that small fix completely clobbered all the dashboards […] → Read More

Extra Crunch Live: Join Wealthfront CEO Andy Rachleff August 11 at 1pm EDT/10am PDT about the future of investing and fintech –

Wealthfront was one of the earliest and remains one of the most formidable companies in the so-called robo-advisor space — algorithmic apps that manage and optimize your savings and investments. Since its debut, the platform has skyrocketed in popularity, taking in more than $200 million in venture capital according to Crunchbase, including a recent $75 […] → Read More

YC-backed Statiq wants to bootstrap India’s EV charging network –

Electric vehicles (EVs) are spreading throughout the world. While Tesla has drawn the most attention in the United States with its luxurious and cutting-edge cars, EVs are becoming a mainstay in markets far away from the environs of California. Take India for instance. In the local mobility market, two- and three-wheel vehicles are starting to […] → Read More

Facebook doubles down on work-from-office with massive NYC lease near Penn Station –

We’ve had huge debates about the future of work — are we going to be working from home, working from the office, or perhaps, working from anywhere? Work From Home is dead, long live Work From Anywhere Well, Facebook has put its wager down, and it’s work from office. In a flurry of articles in […] → Read More

What Microsoft should demand in exchange for its “payment” to the U.S. government for TikTok –

In one of the crazier news stories (and in 2020, that is saying something), President Donald Trump said today during a media availability that in order for the U.S. government to sign off on a potential Microsoft/TikTok deal, “a very substantial portion of that price is going to have to come into the Treasury of […] → Read More

SaaS securitization will disrupt VC’s biggest returns this coming decade –

SaaS investing has been on fire the past decade and the returns have been gushing in, with IPOs like Datadog, direct listings like Slack and acquisitions like Qualtrics (which is now being spun back out) creating billions of wealth and VC returns. Dozens more SaaS startups are on deck to head toward their exits in […] → Read More

“Made in America” is on (government) life support, and the prognosis isn’t good –

Intel and Boeing, two of the pillars of American industry. Intel makes some of the most impressive chips in the world and has for decades, driving high-performance computing to its limits while supporting a company with a market cap today of $200 billion and supporting more than 110,000 employees. Meanwhile, Boeing remains a global leader […] → Read More

We’ve updated The TechCrunch List with 116 new VCs ready to write first and lead checks into startups –

We asked, and you have delivered. We first launched The TechCrunch List two weeks ago to help founders find VCs who are ready to write first and lead checks into 22 specific market verticals like enterprise applications or digital biotech. We based that initial list of 391 investors on direct recommendations from more than 1,200 […] → Read More

NYC pre-seed powerhouse Notation has a new fund and a new community for founders –

While we often focus on the mega rounds that drive big startup valuations, the reality is that every startup has to start somewhere and find that first check that few to no investors are willing to actually write. Notation though has made that first hurdle its key differentiator. Across its first two funds, an $8 […] → Read More

Nebraska and Iowa win advanced wireless testbed grants for rural broadband –

Everyone wants more bandwidth from the skies, but it takes a lot of testing to turn laboratory research projects into real-world performant infrastructure. A number of new technologies, sometimes placed under the banner of “5G” and sometimes not, is embarking on that transition and being deployed in real-world scenarios. Those research trials are crucial for […] → Read More

SAP will spin out its $8B spin-in Qualtrics acquisition –

Well, this isn’t a story you see every day. Less than two years after German software giant SAP snatched experience management platform Qualtrics for $8 billion days before the startup’s IPO debut, it has now decided to spin out the company in a brand new IPO. In a press statement released Sunday, SAP said […] → Read More

The dual PhD problem of today’s startups –

One of the upsides of this job is that you get to see everything going on out there in the startup world. One of the downsides of this job is seeing just how many ideas out there aren’t all that original. Every week in my inbox, there is another no-code startup. Another fintech play for […] → Read More

Why certain VC investors earn great ‘Founder NPS’ scores –

Why are certain VCs loved by founders and others loathed? It’s a question that is key not just to founders seeking capital, but also VCs who are looking to burnish their reputations and build the track record that will get them into the next hot deal. For businesses with actual customers, it’s common to assess […] → Read More

With 600+ more founder recommendations, the second revision of The TechCrunch List is coming next week –

Let’s just say it’s been busy times over here (Twitter being completely unusable has helped productivity though!). On Tuesday, we launched the first draft of The TechCrunch List, a verified, curated list of investors who have demonstrated a commitment to first checks and leading rounds from seed through growth, organized by market vertical. We constructed […] → Read More

Announcing The TechCrunch List, a founder-friendly directory of first check and lead VCs –

Nothing is more important for founders than finding their first check or the investor who will lead their round, and yet, finding the right VCs to invest in their startups is an arduous and agonizing prospect. By some counts, there are now tens of thousands of VCs scattered across all corners of the globe, investing […] → Read More

The VCs who founders love the most –

Over the past month, we have been asking founders to submit recommendations of VCs for The TechCrunch List, our newly-launched curated directory of investors who are ready to write first checks and lead venture rounds into startups. You can head over to the list itself to see all 391 investors across 22 verticals. Announcing The […] → Read More

NS1 nets $40M “true coronavirus fundraise” amidst surging customer demand –

Apparently, the internet is still popular. With the novel coronavirus marooning people at home for work and play, those “tubes” carrying our data back and forth have become ever more important to our livelihoods. Yet while we often as consumers think of the internet as what we buy from a service provider like Spectrum or […] → Read More

Hear from James Alonso and Adam Zagaris how to draw up your first contracts at Early Stage –

You just got your first customer! You just hired your first employee! You just got your first VC investor! These are huge milestones in the life of a startup and are extraordinarily exciting. That is, until that first draft of the contract arrives in your inbox and you suddenly realize you are 30 pages of […] → Read More

Join Extra Crunch Live today for SaaS! SaaS! SaaS! with Emergence Capital’s Jason Green at 2 pm EDT/11 am PDT –

There’s been a wildfire in the economy these past few months, but one of the few redwoods still standing is that great bulwark of enterprise software known as SaaS. SaaS stocks and SaaS startups and SaaS founders have (mostly) survived the pandemic unscathed, but that doesn’t mean that adaptability hasn’t been crucial to keeping these […] → Read More