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Recent articles by Danny:

The RapidSOS EC-1 –

Numbers can take on profound cultural significance, but few numbers have quite the resonance as 911, the emergency number for the United States. Few want to dial it, but when they must, it works. → Read More

Smoking pizza ovens and pilfered dollar bills, or the early story of RapidSOS –

RapidSOS' story is one of a mission, a community, a team and a dream that every emergency should have the best chance to be resolved as positively as possible. → Read More

RapidSOS learned that the best product design is sometimes no product design –

For the founders of RapidSOS, improving the quality of emergency response by adding useful data, like location, to 911 calls was an inspiring objective, and one that garnered widespread support. → Read More

How RapidSOS used creative tactics to build partnerships and a BD engine at scale –

One of the most challenging aspects of leading a startup is the seeming impossibility of building partnerships and executing business development. Large companies are sclerotic and bureaucratic, taking eons in terms of startup years to make decisions that for them are small, but for a new company, can be life itself. Every startup ultimately needs […] → Read More

After a decade, Congress might finally bring 911 into the internet age –

When it comes to user-interface design, 911 is about as good as it gets. It’s the “most recognized number in the United States,” Steve Souder, a prominent 911 leader, points out. → Read More

No-code Bubble raises $100M to make technical co-founders obsolete –

Among Silicon Valley circles, a fun parlor game is to ask to what extent world GDP levels are held back by a lack of computer science and technical training. How many startups could be built if hundreds of thousands or even millions of more people could code and bring their entrepreneurial ideas to fruition? How […] → Read More

Khosla’s Adina Tecklu breaks down how to nail your pitch –

It's so critical to frame the problem from your perspective. And I also think that this is a really great opportunity to introduce emotion to really build a more compelling story. → Read More

SF’s Off the Grid food truck festival refocuses on emergency response and services –

Off the Grid is a mainstay of the San Francisco culinary scene. The event company, founded by Matt Cohen in 2010, created neighborhood pop-up festivals centered around entrepreneurial food trucks. It was part of the vanguard in the food truck movement, designed to open a path to restaurants for a new generation of ambitious and […] → Read More

You can see fires, but now Qwake wants firefighters to see through them –

When it comes to tough environments to build new technology, firefighting has to be among the most difficult. Smoke and heat can quickly damage hardware, and interference from fires will disrupt most forms of wireless communications, rendering software all but useless. From a technology perspective, not all that much has really changed today when it […] → Read More

Why did file sharing drive so much startup innovation? –

One of the great things about editing all of our deep-dive EC-1 startup profiles is that you start to notice patterns across successful companies. While origin stories and trajectories can vary widely, the best companies seem to come from similar places and are conceived around very peculiar themes. To wit, one common theme that came […] → Read More

The TechCrunch List is dead. Long live commodity capital –

It’s been almost exactly a year since we launched The TechCrunch List, a curated directory of venture capitalists designed to guide founders to the VCs most relevant to their startups. We had nearly 4,000 recommendations from founders — often with extensive documentation that in some cases exceeded 1000 words. From our initial edition to several […] → Read More

The NS1 EC-1 –

There are excruciatingly high stakes for software today. Trillions of dollars of market cap, billions of consumers, hundreds of billions of revenue, and limitless hours of usage are dependent on software working in real time, all the time, without downtime. As the sophistication of software delivery has increased, every layer of the tech stack has […] → Read More

Dataminr’s first ever acquisition is UK-based geovisualization platform WatchKeeper –

When it comes to detecting events transpiring anywhere in the world, few companies hold a candle to Dataminr. Founded in 2009, the company has raised more than $1 billion over the past 12 years (including $475 million at a $4.1 billion valuation just this past March) to build out a data-gobbling platform that transforms raw […] → Read More

Acrylic raises debut $55M solo GP fund to paint the future of crypto –

It’s been quite the year for crypto capital, what with Coinbase’s blockbuster debut earlier this year in a direct listing and A16Z raising $2.2 billion for its third crypto-focused fund. But as the numbers in this frenetic market continue to skyrocket to dizzying highs, there is an open question for a lot of crypto founders: […] → Read More

Verizon demos THOR, it’s new vehicle for frontline rapid humanitarian response –

The increasingly intense heats bearing down feverishly across the globe are accelerating the number, scale, and complexity of disasters worldwide. Just in the past few weeks, we have seen record heat in the United States Pacific Northwest that has led to hundreds of deaths — with more heat on the way. Heat waves, wildfires, hurricanes, […] → Read More

SoftBank buys perpetual Yahoo trademark license for $1.6 billion –

As firework volleys launched out of New York City harbor last night, a very different celebration was likely taking place just a few blocks down the street at Verizon’s official headquarters in Midtown. The telco, which owns TechCrunch for hopefully just a few more weeks pending the close of the Apollo acquisition of our parent […] → Read More

Robinhood is going public and we’re very excited –

It’s a sweltering day here in New York City, and that means Wall Street is on fire, and so is Robinhood, apparently. The popular stock trading app officially filed its Form S-1 with the SEC a few hours ago to go public, where it will trade under the ticker “HOOD.” Robinhood files to go public […] → Read More

Startup leaders need to learn how to build companies ready for crisis –

It’s been a tough year for business. From ransomware attacks and power outages to cloud downtime and supply-chain disruptions, it’s never been more important to communicate to customers and stakeholders about what’s going wrong and why. Yet, with partial data and misinformation often spreading faster than official word, it’s also never been harder to deliver […] → Read More

Can the military academies compete with Stanford and Harvard in venture? Two veterans are raising $50M to find out –

Soldier-entrepreneurs are unfortunately still a rare breed in Silicon Valley, despite the region’s origins in Cold War defense spending. While the courage and perseverance required to fight in an overseas battlefield (or the office bureaucracy on base) would seem a perfect fit for the travails of the founder, the reality is that the journey from […] → Read More

Gusto makes first acquisition, buying Ardius to expand into R&D tax credits –

Free money from the government sounds like winning the lottery, but the reality is that most tech startups and even local retail businesses and restaurants can potentially qualify for tax credits related to research and development in the United States. Those credits, which is what helps tech giants keep their tax rates to near zero, […] → Read More