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Recent articles by Danny:

Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg shares his COVID-19 strategy and tactics –

This week, Verizon Communications CEO Hans Vestberg joined us for an episode of Extra Crunch Live. Vestberg is leading the company through the midst of one its biggest rollouts to date with the push into 5G connectivity. In our discussion, he spoke about how he’s managing the organization during this global crisis, his thoughts on […] → Read More

LeverEdge wants to get you and your friends a volume discount on student loans –

Student loans are both a trillion-dollar debt category and also one of the most popular mini-verticals out there in fintech startup investing right now. There are dozens if not hundreds of companies in the space, and they all mostly do one of two things: either they help students think through their student loan options before […] → Read More

Equity Morning: Remote work startup fundings galore, plus a major court decision –

Good morning and welcome back to TechCrunch’s Equity Monday, a brief jumpstart for your week. This is a messed-up edition, because we are both hosting Equity Monday on Tuesday (because that makes sense) and our normal host Alex Wilhelm is on vacation, leaving (editor’s note: poor and massively underpaid) managing editor Danny Crichton to wake […] → Read More

3 views on the life and death of college towns, remote work and the future of startup hubs –

The global pandemic has halted travel, shunted schools online and shut down many cities, but the future of college-town America is an area of deep concern for the startup world. College towns have done exceedingly well with the rise of the knowledge economy and concentrating students and talent in dense social webs. That confluence of […] → Read More

What to do when your VC writes your startup off –

The novel coronavirus has been devastating for many people, families and communities — and the consequences are still being calculated. The tech world has seen wave after wave of layoffs, sometimes multiple waves at one company only weeks apart. Some startups have lost nearly all their revenue, and depending on their cash reserves, have little […] → Read More

Extra Crunch Live: Join Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg for a live Q&A May 26 at 2pm ET/11am PT –

Hans Vestberg, CEO of Verizon Communications, is a busy man. He’s also a business man. He’s a busy businessman, but has graciously made time to join us for an episode of Extra Crunch Live, our ongoing speaker series for Extra Crunch members. We’re thrilled to have Vestberg as a guest on the show! The episode […] → Read More

Arm’s financials and the blurring future of the semiconductor sector –

Amidst the blitz of SoftBank earnings news today comes the financials for all of SoftBank’s subsidiaries, which includes Arm Holdings, the most important chip design and research company in the world that SoftBank bought for $32 billion back in 2016. Arm produces almost all of the key designs for the chips that run today’s smartphones, […] → Read More

As Jack Ma and SoftBank part ways, the open and globalized era of tech comes ever closer to an end –

It would be one of the greatest startup investments of all time. Masayoshi Son, riding high in the klieg lights of the 1990s dot-com bubble, invested $20 million dollars into a fledgling Hong Kong-based startup called Alibaba. That $20 million investment into the Chinese ecommerce business would go on to be worth about $120 billion […] → Read More

The first Vision Fund is officially done investing (and spent $100M every day of its existence) –

There is a flurry of news out of SoftBank this morning, which announced its Fiscal Year 2019 (ending March 31, 2020) financial results overnight. It’s been a bad year for the Vision Fund, with huge losses at WeWork and Uber due to corporate incompetence, intrigue, and of course, COVID-19. But buried a bit in the […] → Read More

Work From Home is dead, long live Work From Anywhere –

My colleagues and I published a couple of different views on the future of “work from home” and remote work last Friday — a story that, if analytics is any sign, really struck a nerve with many of you. That shouldn’t be surprising particularly in the tech industry, where knowledge work fundamentally means we spend […] → Read More

3 views on the future of work, coffee shops and neighborhoods in a post-pandemic world –

Reflections from three TC staff about how remote work has changed our lives and what we predict to see in the next few years post-COVID 19. → Read More

U.S.-China trade enters new era after overnight Huawei, Foxconn, and TSMC announcements –

There has been a steady drumbeat of news on the U.S.-China trade front since the start of the Trump administration. President Trump has made decoupling from China’s economy on on-again, off-again proposition. There was the trade conflict with weekly changes in American tariff policy, the threats against ZTE and Huawei, the responses from China against […] → Read More

AngelList wants to improve comparing VC fund performance with new metrics and calculator –

There is immense opacity in the venture capital industry, and that has made comparing venture funds notoriously difficult. Traditional benchmarks calculated by groups like Cambridge Associates bucket VC funds into “vintage years” and place funds into quartiles based on metrics like IRR (rate of return adjusted for time) and DPI (or the amount of capital […] → Read More

Trillions are at stake in the retirement wars, and Vise nets $14.5M from Sequoia to manage it –

The retirement wars are heating up. As millions of baby boomers leave their jobs in the coming years and transition into retirement, there is a huge competition for who will manage their savings. On one hand are traditional wealth managers, firms like Edward Jones, who either employ full-time human financial advisors or empower independent contractors […] → Read More

Extra Crunch Live: Join Hunter Walk for our live chat today at 10 am PT/1 pm ET –

Today at 10am PDT, two-thirds of the Equity crew are sitting down with Hunter Walk, a venture capitalist with Homebrew and well-known seed-stage investor. Continuing TechCrunch’s running series of Extra Crunch Live discussions with prominent people in the tech industry, bringing Walk in for a discussion is fitting. Our recent chat with Sequoia Roelof Botha’s […] → Read More

Competing with Disney+ and Quibi, Supreme Court launches streaming service –

It’s a tough media world out there, and few institutions have been spared the transformations underway thanks to the internet. With Disney+ and Netflix posting records streaming numbers, and Quibi posting numbers that are perhaps a wee bit more bite-sized than some execs might have hoped, the competition has become fierce for audiences in our […] → Read More

Spark fast follows with a $25M Series B round into customer success platform Catalyst –

The world has been turned upside down the past few weeks, but one lesson of business remains as important as ever: treating your customers well is the best avenue to future business strength, particularly at a moment of extreme stress. As businesses come to terms with the economic crisis underway, executives are moving resources from […] → Read More

A major fintech startup exec is being minted into NYC’s latest VC –

There is massive momentum in fintech right now: regulations are finally opening up, APIs are more widely available than ever before, and there is a sense that existing products — both financial and technical — are just not doing the job that consumers and financial professionals demand. With excitement like that, fintech has unsurprisingly seen […] → Read More

Bradley Tusk on starting a company and seed investing in the coronavirus era –

Bradley Tusk has carved a unique path in the VC investment landscape: A longtime political and communications operative, he has built a track record for Tusk Ventures by going after highly regulated industries, rather than shying away from them. Whether it is ride-hailing, sports betting, cannabis or myriad other regulated sectors, Tusk takes the approach […] → Read More

College isn’t free yet, but Savi raises a $6M Series A to assist student loan borrowers find loan forgiveness –

The student loan crisis has crescendoed to even worse heights. As universities shut down across the country due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and employment opportunities dim with the rapidly decelerating economy, today’s students and post-grads need better tools than ever to navigate their finances. Unfortunately, student loans in the United States are extraordinarily complicated, […] → Read More