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Recent articles by Danny:

The paradox of 2020 VC is that the largest funds are doing the smallest rounds –

I talked yesterday about how VCs are just tired these days. Too many deals, too little time per deal, and constant hyper-competition with other VCs for the same equity. VCs are just tired One founder friend of mine noted to me last night that he has already received inbound requests from more than 90 investors […] → Read More

We’ve gone Plaid # –

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This week Danny and Alex were back together to riff over a the latest early-stage rounds, the latest on the late-stage front, and more. It was yet another stacked week, forcing us to pick and choose a bit. […] → Read More

VCs are just tired –

I was in SF last week and met with more than a dozen VCs over the course of two days. This was post the holidays, post their visits to the ski chalets in Tahoe and the island beaches, and in the smack dab of one of the most important fundraise periods of the year — […] → Read More

Don’t be a selfless startup –

One of the enduring truths of big companies is that they aren’t innovative. They are “innovative” in the marketing sense, but fail to ever execute on new ideas, particularly when those ideas cannibalize existing products and revenues. So it often takes a real competitor to force these incumbent, legacy businesses to evolve in any meaningful […] → Read More

Reading Ted Chiang’s The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate –

What would we do if we could visit our own pasts or futures? Are we more likely to change our timelines, or will our timelines actually project themselves back on to us more forcefully? This is the first discussion post of this beta-testing, informal TechCrunch book club, which is starting with the first short story […] → Read More

Lucky coffee, unicorn stumbles, and Sam Altman’s YC wager –

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This week we had TechCrunch’s Alex Wilhelm and Danny Crichton on hand to dig into the news, with Chris Gates on the dials and more news than we could possibly cram into 30 minutes. So we went […] → Read More

Join us for the TechCrunch 2020 book club, starting next week –

It’s a new year, a new decade, and a renewed opportunity to read great non-fiction and fiction that strikes at the heart of the ambition, power, and challenges of technology and its effect on society at large. That’s why TechCrunch is launching an informal “book club” for our readers, starting next week. The idea is […] → Read More

Google has little choice to be evil or not in today’s fractured internet –

Well, we got to January 2nd before the latest angry resignation published by a tech executive on Medium. Today’s installment comes from Ross LaJeunesse, who was head of international relations at Google and served for more than a decade in various roles at the company. He denounces what he sees as Google’s increasingly failed ambitions […] → Read More

Should you pay $50K for your pitch deck? Yes, why the hell not? –

Every once in a while on VC Twitter, a comment or statement seems so outlandish, so completely outrageous, that it must be — certainly has to be — false. Such as it was for Primary Ventures investor Jason Shuman, who commented on the recent prices for pitch deck advice in the Valley today: Founder friend […] → Read More

TikTok’s national security scrutiny tightens as U.S. Navy reportedly bans popular social app –

TikTok may be the fastest-growing social network in the history of the internet, but it is also quickly becoming the fastest-growing security threat and thorn in the side of U.S. China hawks. The latest, according to a notice published by the U.S. Navy this past week and reported on by Reuters and the South China […] → Read More

The 48-hour meeting rule –

“Would you like to meet on February 17th?” I had to do a bit of a double take. Certainly this meeting, which was being scheduled earlier this week, was meant for December 17th and not February 17th. But I was wrong, we were scheduling eight weeks out, presumably due to the usual combo of travel, […] → Read More

With $4B food delivery acquisition, Korea poised to enter upper tier of startup hubs –

Seoul and South Korea may well be the secret startup hub that (still) no one talks about. While often dwarfed by the scale and scope of the Chinese startup market next door, South Korea has proven over the last few years that it can — and will — enter the top-tier of startup hubs. Case […] → Read More

Refocusing on relocation, Jobbatical launches new offices in Spain and Germany –

I’ve been following Estonia-headquartered Jobbatical and its founder, Karoli Hindriks, for years. Part of the vanguard of startups working on infrastructure for digital nomads, the startup has been building the base platform to help global job seekers hire and fire their governments. Digital nomads are hiring and firing their governments As Jobbatical has worked with […] → Read More

How to avoid the startup trap of the parasitic consultant –

Early-stage startups have a massive problem: there are way, way too many things to do, and never enough people to do them. Whether it’s growth marketing, or product design, or software engineering or a myriad list of other tasks, something somewhere isn’t going to get done by the founding team and early employees. And so […] → Read More

In wake of Shutterstock’s Chinese censorship, American companies need to relearn American values –

It’s among the most iconic images of the last few decades — a picture of an unknown man standing before a line of tanks during the protests in 1989 in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. In just one shot, the photographer, Jeff Widener, managed to convey a society struggling between the freedoms of individual citizens and the […] → Read More

Gift Guide: TechCrunch writers recommend their favorite reads from 2019 –

2019 offered a blistering catalog of books to peruse, on top of the prodigious publishing schedules of the past few years (if you think we are at Peak TV, you might want to check out your local bookstore for a counterpoint). We already checked in with Extra Crunch readers and did a sort of reader’s […] → Read More

Gift Guide: 12 must-read books for 2019 as recommended by Extra Crunch readers –

Books are fundamentally about stories, and 2019 (and really, the past decade) has been the story of technology’s domination of every industry and function of society. Founders and tech executives are more powerful than ever, and how we use that power for good or evil will deeply shape the future of our world. Whether it’s […] → Read More

The Cerebras CS-1 computes deep learning AI problems by being bigger, bigger, and bigger than any other chip –

Deep learning is all the rage these days in enterprise circles, and it isn’t hard to understand why. Whether it is optimizing ad spend, finding new drugs to cure cancer, or just offering better, more intelligent products to customers, machine learning — and particularly deep learning models — have the potential to massively improve a […] → Read More

Three of Apple and Google’s former star chip designers launch NUVIA with $53M in series A funding –

Silicon is apparently the new gold these days, or so VCs hope. What was once a no-go zone for venture investors, who feared the long development lead times and high technical risk required for new entrants in the semiconductor field, has now turned into one of the hottest investment areas for enterprise and data VCs. […] → Read More

Takeaways from Nvidia’s latest quarterly earnings –

Nvidia has been on a wild growth ride the past five years. Surfing a wave around AI deep learning and cryptocurrency where its specialized chip architecture is among the highest performing, the company’s share price rose from the low $20s in late 2014 to eventually soar to almost $300 in September 2018. And then crypto […] → Read More