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Past articles by Amber:

5 Ways To Help Your Baby Feel Better When They’re Having Tummy Troubles

If your baby has a sensitive tummy, we've got you. → Read More

We Need To Talk To All Genders About Periods — Not Just Girls

All genders should talk about and understand menstruation because it’s science, and it affects everyone in some way. → Read More

Raise Your Hand If You’re Doomscrolling Again

If you’re stuck in an addictive habit of reading shitty news stories, you’re not alone. → Read More

The Above Ground Pool Is The Gift That Keeps On Costing Me Money

I have never been one to call something regrettable. I am starting to rethink my stance as I stand alone in the backyard looking at my suburban nightmare. → Read More

People Are Going ‘California Sober’ –– But What Does That Even Mean?

It’s a term for folks who want to drink less or not at all but still use other substances that may not give them the negative side effects of booze. → Read More

Passports And Federal IDs May Offer A Third Gender Option Soon

Transgender folks have the right to live without risk of harassment. We should be able to feel good about the information we present to the world. → Read More

Include Trans & Non-Binary People––If Not, International Women’s Day Is Trash

International Women’s Day would be so much more empowering and effective if transgender and nonbinary folks were included. → Read More

Smokers Could Be Getting Vaccinated Before Teachers, And People Are Pissed

A smoker is at higher risk of COVID-19 related illness and death than a non-smoker when all other qualifications are similar or equal. → Read More

Lesbians Turning On Elliot Page Is Not An Isolated Event, And We Need To Talk About It

When Elliot Page came out as transgender and said that he uses he/they pronouns, some lesbians lost their minds. We need to talk about this. → Read More

How Many Genders Are There — And Why Does Talking About The Spectrum Of Identity Matter So Much?

How Many Genders Are There? The Spectrum Of Gender Identity And Expression Is Complicated, But Understanding Each Individual Definition Will Help You Use These Terms Correctly. → Read More

We Need To Talk About The Fact That Some Kids Are Actually Thriving In Online School

For some kids, the ability to learn from home decreases or eliminates bullying and microaggressions. → Read More

Living With My Kids Is Like Living With Drunk Rugby Players

Snot rockets, bloody noses, spitting, vomiting, and puddles of I don’t want to know on the floor…where do rugby players end and children begin? → Read More

You Are Allowed To Leave—This Thread Is #parentgoals (And A Great Reminder)

If something doesn’t feel right, you’re allowed to leave. → Read More

I’m A Queer Parent With A Trans Daughter — And Biden Makes Me Feel Hopeful

Joe Biden is writing LGBTQIA+ people back into the narrative of this country, and I hope it will be enough to never be erased again. → Read More

Dr. Rachel Levine, Asst. Secretary Of Health, Is The Representation My Trans Daughter Needs

My daughter knows that the current President, Joe Biden, values and respects a woman who happens to be transgender to be a part of his team. → Read More

Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine Doesn’t Mean You Get To Ditch The Mask

A vaccinated person can still carry a high viral load in their nose. → Read More

When A Transgender Person Introduces Themselves, Stop Asking Them These Questions

It would seem easy to go directly to the transgender person who just bared their soul to you, but that is the last place you should look for answers. → Read More

Whatever You Do, Do NOT Tell The Internet You Hate Inflatable Yard Decorations

I’m going slowly here and not quite ready to fully concede, but I’m ready to admit that the holiday inflatables aren’t completely awful. → Read More

Kamala Harris Isn’t Promoting Sex Work, But She Should Make It Safer

Before you demand people find Jesus to save their souls from damnation while posting headlines that only appeal to your bias, do some research. → Read More

My Community Has Really Stepped Up During COVID, And I’m So Thankful

I live in a small, quintessential Vermont town. It’s not the “nothing ever bad happens here,” rural town you hear about in true crime podcasts, but it is quaint, idyllic, and kind of simple at times. While Vermont isn’t very populated, I live in the most populated county in the state. Crime is low, but... → Read More