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Past articles by Omar:

Serena Williams Shows off Her Twerking Skills in Beyoncé's 'Lemonade'

Man catches home run ball; throws it back to prove a point. Serena Williams twerks in Beyoncé's 'Lemonade.' Watch Derek Jeter fake a hole-in-one. → Read More

These Korean Announcers Freaked out Over Dae-Ho Lee's Homer

The 76ers announcer got really hyped over this Nik Stauskas dunk. The Lakers' Kobe tribute must have worked, because he dropped 60 points in his last game. → Read More

Kendrick Lamar's 'Fade to Black' Is a Tribute to the Black Mamba

Kendrick Lamar releases his ‘Fade to Black’ music video as a tribute to Kobe Bryant. Charles Barkley says goodbye to the Mamba with Kobe’s signature shoes on. Watch Goran Dragic get his tooth knocked out. → Read More

Watch this high school player flip his bat sky-high

Michael B. Jordan 'plays' Kobe Bryant in this commercial. Oakland's Josh Reddick was not feeling this plane. Watch this high school baseball player flip out. → Read More

Olympic weightlifter Mattie Rogers experiences a ‘groundbreaking’ moment

Ryan Zimmerman had a tough go with this catch. Weightlifter Mattie Rogers breaks the floor by dropping a weight. Anthony Rizzo started a team sing-along. → Read More

Watch this surfer get showed up by a dolphin

Gronk is on Instagram. This dolphin dropped in on a surfer. There are some disappointed German Kevin Durant fans. → Read More

Tiny Carmelo Anthony fan disrupts game with surprise hug

Carmelo got a mid-game surprise. These Japanese schoolchildren are really good at double Dutch. See a grandmother casually deadlift 225 pounds. → Read More

How to lose a shoe, and still make an effortless 3-pointer

Josh Norman wants to be Batman. This tee ball player control his dancing at first base. Tyler Lydon lost his show mid-play but still made it work. → Read More

The Houston Rockets are using ‘trashy’ distractions

The Rockets are serious about their free-throw distractions. Emmanuel Mudiay hit a nice buzzer-beater. This young JR Smith fan got 'matching' tattoos. → Read More

This is precisely what March Sadness looks like

That is one sad Kentucky fan. VCU's band director dances like his team is not losing. Dwyane Wade joins Vanilla Ice on stage. → Read More

Watch ‘Sexy Cat in the Hat’ attempt to distract this NBA player

Watch UCLA player Micah Ma'a jump over a row of chairs in the crowd to save a balll. James Harden chased the Jrue Holliday until he ended up on his back. → Read More

Yoenis Cespedes rode a horse to practice because why not

This Carmelo Anthony dunk fail hurts to watch. Yoenis Cespedes took a break from expensive cars to ride a horse to practice. Steve Ballmer can trampoline dunk. → Read More

Kevin Hart suspects NBA star Stephen Curry is a robot

Is Stephen Curry a robot? Kevin Hart says yes. Watch this insane cross-court buzzer-beater from a Spanish basketball league. See Avery Johnson's dance moves. → Read More

Conan Spoofed Cam Newton's Super Bowl Press Conference

Conan O'Brien created his own version of Cam Newton's infamous presser. This gymnast pulled off the Dab and Nae Nae in her routine. Watch this incredible... → Read More

Shaq and Sharon Osbourne had a quasi-sexual Twitter exchange

Watch Andre Drummond get posterized by Nerlens Noel. Nick Young's Spanish nickname is 'Rico Swaggy.' Sharon Osbourne tweets Shaq that she dreams about him. → Read More

WWE star tries to rap battle Flo Rida on ‘Raw’

WWE’s Bo Dallas challenged rapper Flo Rida to rap battle on Monday Night Raw in Miami. A Minnesota high school girl’s basketball team has been kicked out of their league for allegedly being too skilled. New York Giants star Jason Pierre-Paul shared an Instagram photo of his hand days after he blew several fingers off with fireworks last summer. → Read More

Panthers fan actually fell for Luke Kuechly

The Panthers Spanish language broadcasters are amazing. Luke Kuechly's touchdown made one fan so overexcited that he fell down. Watch this insane soccer brawl. → Read More

Kyle Lowry calls out DeMar DeRozan’s bad math

Kyle Lowry puts DeMar DeRozan's math skills on blast. Steve Kerr makes awesome underhand shot. Antonio Cromartie pays $336,000 a year in child support. → Read More

Watch this 5th grader’s perfect Steph Curry impression

Andrew Bogut gets pass denied by defender's face. 'Baby Birdman' does incredible Steph Curry dribbling exercise. Minnesota kids write letters to Blair Walsh. → Read More

Robin Lopez lost his shoe, and got denied on its return

Robin Lopez is denied return of his lost shoe by Celtics player. Jim Harbaugh continues using 'unconventional' recruitment methods. Rec. basketball team manages → Read More