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Recent articles by Alexandra:

The FBI Should Release the Trump-Raid Warrant

Until the warrant is made public, all we’ll get on both sides are useless posturings, designed to get voters angry ahead of the November midterms. → Read More

What We Can Learn from the Public Response to Monkeypox

Health officials were only too willing to advise a society-wide crackdown when it came to Covid-19, but now they remain silent. → Read More

Visa Suspends Ad Payments on Pornhub and MindGeek amid Lawsuit

The move came as part of a pending lawsuit over child pornography present on the site. → Read More

Coalition of Major Conservative Groups Urges McConnell to Block Bill Redefining Marriage

The proposed law goes well beyond cementing Obergefell and threatens the rights of countless Americans. → Read More

Rebutting Michelle Goldberg’s Mischaracterizations

The New York Times columnist misrepresented both my argument and the facts about pro-life laws. → Read More

How Every State Pro-Life Law Handles Ectopic Pregnancy and Miscarriage

Though not every law explicitly names ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage management, each is perfectly clear in its definition of abortion and clear about leaving room for doctors to act in cases of medical emergency. → Read More

Grateful for the Chance to Defend Life

My writing is just one example of what this publication has done in support of the pro-life cause for decades. → Read More

Exclusive: Poll Finds Most Americans Believe Unborn Children Have Rights

A new survey finds that Americans believe unborn children have a right to be born. → Read More

We Must Acknowledge That Abortion Harms Women

A piece in the Atlantic gets the debate wildly wrong. → Read More

Twitter Promotes Stats from Center for Reproductive Rights

The social-media site declined to share that the U.S. is one of only seven countries to allow elective abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. → Read More

Where Is Planned Parenthood’s Annual Report?

The abortion business nearly always releases its report for the previous fiscal year in January or February. → Read More

Understanding the Human Cry behind the Pro-Abortion Cause

We all struggle with the desire to control our own destiny. → Read More

The Truth about Democratic Abortion Extremism

The Democratic Party has committed itself to unlimited abortion, and, fearing that ‘Roe’ is doomed, abortion-advocacy groups are demanding their pound of flesh. → Read More

Former ‘Abortion Access’ Reporter Kate Smith Finally Responds to My Criticism

CNN’s Brian Stelter asked the former CBS ‘abortion access’ reporter about my criticism of in light of her new roll at Planned Parenthood. → Read More

The ‘Forced Birth’ Falsehood

On abortion supporters’ latest illogical and deceptive talking point. → Read More

Why Abortion Supporters Are So Focused on Ectopic Pregnancy

They’re using falsehoods to distract from their own extremism. → Read More

Biden’s Appalling Statement on the Dobbs Leak

The president doesn’t even bother to condemn whoever leaked this apparent draft opinion. → Read More

What to Make of Politico’s Report of a Dobbs Leak

The information in the piece almost certainly came from those in the Court who support Roe and who are doing whatever they can to prevent the justices from going through with overturning it. → Read More

California’s Quest to Become an Abortion ‘Sanctuary’

One blue state is working hard to become the most abortion-friendly state in the nation. → Read More

Pro-Life Groups Call On Judge to Recuse Herself from Michigan Abortion-Ban Case

An amicus brief argues that a pro-abortion challenge to Michigan law should be dismissed. → Read More