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Past articles by Will:

Living closer to our parents is the key to fixing society's problems

Family life has deteriorated and younger generations are suffering as a result → Read More

A Queen's Speech should be about more than playing politics

The government announced some bold reforms at the opening of parliament yesterday—but they will require careful handling in parliament → Read More

The key to winning the next general election is being tough on crime, and Labour is currently in the lead

In one recent poll Labour had a nine-point lead over the Conservatives as the party best placed to tackle crime → Read More

Sue Gray’s report into Downing Street parties satisfies neither Boris Johnson’s opponents or supporters

It is the least satisfactory outcome for everyone: for Sue Gray, for an embattled Government, for bitter Conservative MPs, for a weary electorate, even for the Opposition → Read More

Young people gamble on NFTs and cryptocurrencies because old ways to invest are out of reach

With house prices rising, and few young people investing in stocks and shares, it's small wonder volatile new investments appeal → Read More

Vetting Theresa May's New Year’s honours lists confirmed my worst fears about the system

Political favour is only the most visible fault. Just as damaging is the expectation that senior roles carry the inevitability of an honour, regardless of performance → Read More

Nicola Sturgeon wants to mark her own homework

The first minister does not want you to compare Scotland’s performance with anywhere else. So what is there to hide? → Read More

For Levelling Up to work, ministers need to persuade wealthy people to give back to their hometowns

Taxpayer funding and Whitehall policy only take you so far → Read More

Michael Gove is the right person to level up the country – he knows power belongs in local communities

His appointment suggests Levelling Up will not be a repetition of past attempts to induce regional growth from the top down → Read More

Priti Patel's growing involvement in policing will hurt the Government

Sooner or later, ministers will need sufficient distance from operational matters to hold police forces to account → Read More

Boris Johnson won't demote Rishi Sunak because PM-Chancellor partnerships benefit from a healthy tension

Institutional differences increase the quality and ambition of policy → Read More

Sturgeon’s survival does not make Scottish independence inevitable. Far from it

Analysis of attitudes north of the border shows where the argument will be won → Read More

What Robert Peel can teach us about Black Lives Matter

There is no historical figure whose arguments are better suited to our times → Read More

Young people aren’t shunning the Tories because they want communism – the centre right just needs to win them back

There is no country for old men, wrote Yeats. And yet there exists the Conservative Party. Nearly half of Conservative voters are now over 65 and 83 per cent are over 45 years old, according to a report Onward released this week. Only one in five women aged between 18 and 24 years old would even consider voting Tory, → Read More

This week has exposed just how fragile the bond of nationhood has become

This week, the scaffolding protecting Parliament’s crumbling external edifice was not enough to conceal the crumbling artifice within. Behind the cladding, we glimpsed a Parliament that will not parley, a government that cannot govern, a Cabinet that is collectively irresponsible, and unionists that imperil the → Read More

The future of political power is going to belong to whoever can empower the ‘little guy’

If this is taking back control, then the slogan was deceptive. We have a deadlocked Parliament, a distracted Government and a toxic public discourse. These are not signs of agency but the hallmarks of stasis. Voters – whichever way they voted two years ago – will not suffer this dysfunction for long. In any case, the current power struggle will be for nothing without a wider restoration of… → Read More

A second Brexit vote isn’t the answer – it will aggravate the anti-immigration populism we’re seeing in Europe

A second Brexit vote would be bad news for our political climate, writes Will Tanner → Read More

With Brexit navel-gazing, the Tories are risking their reputation for competence

There was a time when Conservatives took pride in pragmatism and cherished competence. Alas, no longer, writes Will Tanner → Read More

Promoting the idea of a Universal Basic Income is just plain irresponsible

The idea of giving people no-strings cash is even more salient at a time when fears are rife that algorithms will render millions of us unemployed → Read More

Donald Trump is right about NATO – the defence format is broken and needs revision

The continued failure of Nato members to do more towards their collective defence risks undermining one of the most successful alliances in history, writes Will Tanner → Read More