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Past articles by Michael:

COVID Highlights California’s Education Failures

The COVID crisis has further exposed, among other problems, the ways that California’s educational system marginalizes disadvantaged students and limits the schools that perform best for them. → Read More

What’s Going on with California’s Housing Market?

California continues to face the same underlying problem that has priced out many Californians for decades: the state has a shortage of housing units, largely because of government regulations that drive up the costs of production. → Read More

Biden's COVID Recovery Plan Has Upsides but Lacks Innovation

COVID presents a new challenge to the American economy. Falling back on the same old playbook is not going to be the answer. → Read More

‘Defund the Police’ Is a Bad Slogan, but Some Aspects Are Worth Considering

When people talk about defunding the police, they are suggesting that not every domestic disturbance, traffic mishap or truant youth needs to be confronted by someone resembling RoboCop. → Read More

Our National-Debt Problem Isn’t Going Away

The massive new spending packages Congress passed in response to the global pandemic may be necessary, but they put us farther down the road to fiscal ruin. → Read More

The COVID-19 Crisis Doesn’t Argue for Single-Payer Health Care

The American health-care system leaves much room for improvement, but Medicare for All wouldn’t have spared us the pain of this pandemic. → Read More

The COVID-19 Crisis Demands Vigilance in More Ways than One

We must do everything possible to ensure that the extraordinary policies enacted to fight the pandemic today don’t become a danger to us tomorrow. → Read More

Should Californians fix Prop. 13 or the state’s whole system of taxation?

It’s right to ask whether aspects of California’s taxation system need fixing, but let’s ask if the system as a whole is broken, rather than just Prop. 13. → Read More

Big Government Has Hurt Our Ability to Deal with This Crisis

A government that gets too big and tries to do too much often ends up losing focus and failing to do those things it really should. → Read More

The Benefits of Inequality

That lost $5 trillion is money that will not be used to buy things produced by average working Americans or, even more important, invested to create new or better jobs. → Read More

While We All Gawk at the Political Circus, Our Fiscal House Is Falling Apart

Debt and deficits are not exciting issues, but they’ll have a much bigger impact on our future than the more-entertaining political circus that captivates us all. → Read More

California Needs Housing

Unless Californians begin to face up to the basic laws of economics — such as supply and demand — the future of the Golden State looks grim. → Read More

California Needs Housing — and Won’t Get It

Califoria's politicians are determined not to make it even slightly easier to build desperately needed housing in the Golden State. → Read More

It’s a Wonderful Time to Be Alive

Politics are not our life. The people we love, our faith, our families, the things we do that bring our lives joy and meaning -- these things are far more important than politics. → Read More

Elizabeth Warren’s Untenable Plans

She has a plan for the government to tackle every problem facing the U.S., however big or small, from military housing to Puerto Rican debt to climate change. → Read More

The Moral Dimension to Our National Debt

Every child born today inherits a portion of that debt. We are living at our children’s expense. You can’t get much more “taxation without representation” than that. → Read More

Some Thoughts on the El Paso Shooting

This is a sobering time that does call for action, but we should remain reasonable and not fall prey to out of control emotions. → Read More

Donald Trump, the Profligate President

Neither the president nor his party has displayed any interest in reining in spending. → Read More

The Wrenching Reparations Question

The animating sentiment behind reparations should not be dismissed out of hand, but implementing them would only exacerbate racial tension. → Read More

The Poor Want More Opportunity, Not More Entitlement Spending

Those candidates who are calling for higher taxes, increased business regulation, and more redistribution are out of touch, not just with sound economic policy, but with the wishes of those they are trying to help. → Read More