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Past articles by Nicholas:

Don't Cook for Children. Cook for People.

Nicholas Day on the importance of feeding us, rather than them—and a farewell, for now. → Read More

Here Is the Grilled Chicken Recipe You’ll Be Making All Summer

This post originally appeared on Food52. Deep within The Breakfast Book, in the glorious “Doughnuts and Fritters” chapter, there is this unimprovable recipe heading: “Dewey Buns are plump squares of light dough filled with vanilla cream. A Dewey Bun business could make someone rich.” So a couple of things: 1) I... → Read More

A Chicken Recipe That Stands to Make You Rich

A chicken dinner that tastes like success—for both the young and the not so young. → Read More

The Closest to Candy You'll Ever Get in a Cookie

Welcome to the land of adult-friendly desserts—meet the cookie that will make you want to stay. → Read More

The Most Perfect Morning Pastry

This post originally appeared on Food 52. Every other Thursday, we bring you Nicholas Day—on cooking for children, and with children, and despite children. Also, occasionally, on top of. Today: The wholesome, Official Cooperative Bakery Pastry of the Bay Area—and why you should add it to your regular breakfast rotation.  A decade ago, I had a... → Read More

What to Feed Your Kids for Snack When They Get Tired of Eating Fruit

This post originally appeared on Food52. Snack is the land of infinite possibility. Snack is what California once was. Unlike breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there is nothing that is obviously not okay to eat at snack. (Even semi-edible food is okay for snack these days.) For a kid, this means that... → Read More

Cornmeal-Cherry Scones Recipe on

Very lightly adapted from The Cheese Board: Collective Works. → Read More

How to Make Canned Tomatoes Taste (Almost) as Good as Fresh

This post originally appeared on Food52. Last week, I decided to stop waiting for summer. Waiting for summer was not working. It hadn’t been working for months, frankly. But on the one hand, I’d already spent so much time waiting for summer I was reluctant to stop waiting. (Surely summer was... → Read More

How to Restore Dignity to Your Kids’ Macaroni and Cheese

Is there a food more emblematic of the modern American childhood than macaroni and cheese? You could make a case for chicken nuggets. But very little else. Goldfish crackers? Chocolate milk? Benadryl?  Kraft introduced its macaroni and cheese in 1937. It now sells six million boxes a week. (That’s just Kraft; that’s not... → Read More

Chickpea Waffles Sound Weird. They Taste Amazing.

This post originally appeared on Food52. I know: Waffles for dinner again. But look: If you finish your waffle, you can have dessert. Shortly after reading the inimitable Will It Waffle?—the answer is yes, dear reader—we happened to be making socca. We were in that stage of high waffle iron usage when all... → Read More

Do You Have a Go-To Dessert Recipe? Introducing the Back-Pocket Treat.

This post originally appeared on Food52. Did you see Food52’s back-pocket-dinner-recipe post last month? You should; it could save your dinner someday. And after you read it, you might start thinking in terms of back-pocket everything. Also, I’m not sure when back-pocket replaced pantry in the last-minute cooking lexicon, but it... → Read More

How to Feed Your Children Shellfish (Start With Clams, Not Oysters)

This post originally appeared on Food52. There is a long list of foods no child would ever eat that this column has told you to feed your children. Let’s not relive all the failures right now. Let’s just acknowledge it is possible that your children now live at a separate... → Read More

Dorie Greenspan's Custardy Apple Squares Recipe on

Very lightly adapted from Dorie Greenspan's Baking Chez Moi. The custardy squares are essentially an autumnal clafoutis; they're lovely. I've added the option below of not using a mandoline to slice the apples; I made it without, and without being too persnickety, and it was delicious nonetheless. → Read More

A Better—and Lazier—Way to Poach Your Chicken

This post originally appeared on Food52. This is the time of year when I catch myself thinking things like, “For my next life, I want to come back as a person with two ovens.” And until that comes to pass, it is the time of year when the slow cooker,... → Read More

Whole Slow Cooker-Poached Chicken Recipe on

Very lightly adapted from Martha Stewart Living's One Pot. The technique here is the thing; the flavors can go in any direction. Swap out the Asian flavors for more traditional aromatics, if that's what you have. Serve it this way or use the meat in tacos, or salads, or sandwiches, or whatever; and then save the broth for something else. Or serve it this way and add egg noodles. On cooking… → Read More

Think You Can’t Cook Vegetables in a Slow Cooker? Think Again.

This post originally appeared on Food52. The last time we talked about slow cookers, I was nice. I said they cooked beans well. I said they made a very tasty dal.  But I also said things like, “The slow cooker did not solve every problem in our lives,” which was a... → Read More

Do Your Kids Hate Carrot Sticks? Try Feeding Them This Carrot Treat Instead.

This post originally appeared on Food52. Today, I present a new addition to child-friendly snack canon: five-spice pickled carrots. Wait—where are you going with the cheddar bunnies?  I’ve talked before about how much children like pickles (these addictive fermented green beans, for example). You’ll sometimes read that kids are more attracted... → Read More

I Serve My Kids Lentils Braised in Red Wine. You Should Too.

This post originally appeared on Food52. In our pantry, the lentils live in a glass case that reads: Break in case of dinner. Lentils can never be praised enough: Come home, put water on to boil, find the lentils—you can be eating a half-hour after you walk in. Add sautéed onions... → Read More

Chickpeas Are the Halloween Candy of Legumes (When You Cook Them Right)

This post originally appeared on Food52. For the sake of your relationship with your children, I hope you made waffled grilled cheese for dinner yesterday and that you are making pasta carbonara tomorrow. Because tonight you will be having Brussels sprouts and chickpeas. Think of it this way: You know how at... → Read More

Remember Banana Bread After School? Here’s the Perfect After-School Snack for Your Kid.

Every other Thursday, we bring you Nicholas Day—on cooking for children, and with children, and despite children. Also, occasionally, on top of. Today: We’re bringing quick breads back. What the world needs now is not love. Burt Bacharach and Hal David lied to us. What the world needs now is better... → Read More