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Past articles by David:

Syria's challenge to Tony Blinken's conscience

During the first weeks of his tenure, Blinken made a commitment to “put human rights at the center of U.S. foreign policy.” → Read More

Global health policy shouldn’t be shaped by a country that bombs hospitals

The latest scandal at the World Health Organization: Syria just joined its board. → Read More

Authoritarian countries will try to use coronavirus vaccines as an internal cudgel

The world will have to work to keep distribution of scarce lifesaving resources equitable → Read More

Biden Revives the Truman Doctrine

His call to wage a global war for freedom echoes the dawn of the Cold War. → Read More

The pandemic hasn’t hit Syria hard yet. When it does, it’ll be a disaster.

Infections are rising in a country that is unprepared for the coronavirus. → Read More

Sanctions Against Syria Will Help, Not Harm, Civilians

The Caesar Act is an overdue effort to starve the Assad regime of the resources that fuel its atrocities. → Read More

David Adesnik: In Syria, Trump should act to save thousands of lives

There is a humanitarian emergency in northwest Syria in the province of Idlib. The population there was already suffering from the long and brutal civil war that began in 2011, but a new offensive by President Bashar Assad’s forces has driven more than 900,000 civilians from their homes over the past month. → Read More

The Day America Stopped Leading

Since the end of WWII, every other president understood that U.S. power and wealth can only be sustained by assuming great responsibility. → Read More

David Adesnik: Trump's Syria decision is a victory for America's enemies in the Middle East

The only good news when it comes to Syria is that the president still has time to reverse his decision. → Read More

Mikhael Smits, David Adesnik: Drone attack – Iran needs to know it will pay a price for its risky provocations

It is essential for the U.S. to show Tehran that Iran will pay a price for its dangerous provocations. → Read More

David Adesnik: Trump should get tougher with Iran after it attacks oil tankers

If President Trump fails to make Iran pay a price for its terrorist attack on oil tankers, Iran will be emboldened to launch even more attacks – not just on tankers, but elsewhere in the Middle East. → Read More

Trump’s Syria plan is Obama 2.0

Barack Obama’s rush to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq ensured the revival of the Islamic State. → Read More

In Syria, Trump must avoid following the Obama model – Why pull defeat from the jaws of victory?

President Trump is making a mistake withdrawing U.S. troops from Syria -- the same mistake President Trump made in withdrawing U.S. forces from Iraq in 2011. → Read More

Europe's Leading Companies Are Bowing to U.S. Sanctions

Corporate Europe is bowing to the pressure of Washington’s unilateral sanctions on Iran. The continent’s leading multinational firms, such as Airbus, Maersk, Peugeot, Total, and Siemens, are... → Read More

Ignore Jimmy Carter: Ramp up the economic pressure on Assad

David Adesnik says even if sanctions cannot remove Assad, they help to contain him and to raise the cost Iran and Russia must pay to keep him in power. → Read More

US must renew sanction enforcement on Syria's Assad

No financial punishment can deliver true justice for Assad. But by depriving Assad of funding and fuel, the U.S. and EU can limit his ability to carry out new atrocities... → Read More

Pompeo’s Encouragingly Tough Words for Iran

In a speech Monday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo signalled a tougher U.S. stance toward Iran -- a welcome change from the Obama administration's capitulation. → Read More

America must respond to Iran's attack on Israel to prevent a regional war

The central question now facing President Trump and his national security team is what – if anything – they will do to prevent the Iranian-Israeli conflict from erupting into a regional war that engulfs American allies in the Middle East and possibly draws in the United States as well. → Read More

US-North Korea summit: How Trump can score a major deal

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said Wednesday that “we feel like things are moving in the right direction” heading into a planned summit between President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in May. → Read More

Militias in Syria could next attack Israel and launch a new war

The Iranian drone launched from Syria that violated Israeli air space this past weekend sent an unmistakable message to the Jewish state: Iran has opened a new front on Israel’s northern border that could eventually erupt into war. → Read More