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Past articles by Jeff:

A Gift to the World: Seeking Not Our Own

The ability to make the distinction between evil and those who get caught up in evil may just be one of the best gifts we can give to others. → Read More

The Question That No One Asks or Answers

And if no one can give a straight answer to that question, even a radical one, then something is very, very wrong in our country. → Read More

We’re Buried in Debt with Nothing to Show for It

The United States of America is over $30 trillion in debt, give or take some hundreds of billions of dollars. → Read More

The Name Game Is Another Blow to Our Republic

"Semi-fascist." Semi-fascism is the label President Joe Biden slapped on Donald Trump’s MAGA philosophy in a late August speech. → Read More

Waking Up in the Middle of the Night of Totalitarianism

All totalitarian governments begin with promises of serving the people. Fascism, communism—it makes no difference. → Read More

The 'American KGB' Goes to Work

Federal agencies such as the IRS and FBI are becoming like the KGB--weapons used against the political enemies of those in power. → Read More

One More Good Soul Gone to God

When he speaks of his son, you can hear the pride and the love in Ernest Ramirez’s voice. → Read More

A Candle in the Darkness, a Call to Enlist Against Tyranny

Staying upbeat these days sometimes requires the strength of a Samson, the mind-set of a Millennialist, the heart of a Pollyanna, and a bottle of New → Read More

MADS, the Condition Ravaging America

Commentators point to many possible causes for such turmoil, but after some thought and observation, I believe they have overlooked one. We are suffering, I’m → Read More

Ignore the Headlines: Community Is Still Alive in America

Despite all the dire predictions and observations in our nation, grassroots community organizations keep popping up. → Read More

It’s Time for the Elites to Remove Their Blindfolds and Accept Responsibility

Some of us today wish our leaders would remove their blindfolds, realize what we’re going through, and understand what it means. → Read More

Unrestricted Warfare: China’s Ongoing Assault on the United States

Spalding, the author of a new book, War Without Rules: China’s Playbook for World Domination, discusses China’s policy of unrestricted warfare in a recent → Read More

When the Rule of Law Ends, Tyranny Soon Follows

The rule of law in our country is buckling under the weight of those who seem intent on its destruction. → Read More

The Treasures of This Earth Live Among Us

The treasures of this earth are indeed the gold, oil, and all the other resources we dig from the ground. But the greatest treasures on this planet are our family, relatives, friends, and caretakers. → Read More

In Memoriam: ‘Baby Girl #1’

This piece should be written in blood, tears, and brimstone rather than type. → Read More

The Border Battle We’re Losing Every Day

Our country is being invaded, and our government is leading the way. → Read More

Navigating the Rise of Killer Road Rage

Are Americans becoming angrier and more aggressive as drivers? → Read More

Navigating the Rise of Killer Road Rage

Are Americans becoming angrier and more aggressive as drivers? → Read More

Why It’s Good That ‘Reading Is Going to the Dogs’

If going to an animal shelter, a nursing home, or a daycare makes strong readers and consequently, strong learners, then I’m all for it. → Read More

The Elites Who Never Say ‘Sorry’

When regular folks fail, the consequences can be dire, and in most cases, they must answer for their failures. Real adults take responsibility for their actions. Unless they are living within the confines of the D.C. Beltway. → Read More