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Past articles by Claire:

Sailing 'On the Edge of Control': Inside the Extreme Speeds of SailGP

For the athletes of SailGP, hydrofoil racing involves facing hurricane-strength winds while sitting in a "carbon fiber missile." → Read More

Your Next Surgeon Could Be a Slime Robot

Like an octopus, it wraps around objects. It can also swallow things inside your stomach and even "self heal." This ooze could be the future of surgery. → Read More

This All-Electric Hydrofoil Boat Lets You Fly Above the Waves

On the surface, the Candela C8 looks like a regular powerboat. But when it gets up to speed, this futuristic leisure craft emerges from the water for a virtually silent ride. → Read More

'You have to distance yourself from it being a human': Meeting Ameca the humanoid

Last year, Ameca the humanoid blinked to life and quickly went viral. At CES 2022, I got the first public demonstration of this lifelike robot, and saw just how blurred the lines between human and android are becoming. → Read More

Ameca the robot is more human (and haunting) than I ever imagined

When the world first saw Ameca pulling facial expressions in a lab, it was like something from a movie. But now this humanoid is out in the wild and science fiction just got real. → Read More

Inside the clean room: How Lockheed Martin is building tomorrow's satellites

When it launches in 2022, the GOES-T satellite will keep constant watch over Earth and give us early warning of natural disasters. But preparing this kind of spacecraft is an epic task. → Read More

Best travel tech gifts

Whether you're back to jetting around, only traveling by car or still in staycation mode, these products will be fine companions. → Read More

Inside Virgin Hyperloop, I glimpse our high-speed transport future

Virgin Hyperloop promises a future with transport pods zooming through tubes at hundreds of miles per hour. To get there, it's built a prototype in a Nevada desert. → Read More

Delta is 'optimized for infecting humans' but vaccines are the way out

New variants of the coronavirus are opening up a worrying new front in the pandemic, but one expert says vaccines still offer our best chance at beating the ever-changing threat. → Read More

The quiet supersonic airplane that could let you fly faster than ever

With the X-59, NASA and Lockheed Martin want to do the seemingly impossible -- build a jet that flies faster than the speed of sound, without the explosive boom. → Read More

Elon Musk's Boring Loop is finally transporting passengers in Las Vegas

It's not quite the high-speed, driverless future we'd hoped for, but it certainly beats walking. → Read More

Where's my shot? Why the COVID vaccine rollout is so challenging

When will more COVID-19 vaccines become available and when will you get your shot? CNET's Now What turns to a public health expert to answer your biggest questions on vaccines. → Read More

Best travel tech gifts

Your passport likely got far fewer stamps this year. But even a staycation, or a drive in the country, can be better with this travel tech. → Read More

How Boeing is building the world's most powerful deep-space rocket

NASA is sending astronauts back to the moon and on to Mars atop the biggest rocket in history. Boeing reveals why its Space Launch System will shape our deep space future. → Read More

From Apollo to Artemis: The woman putting boots back on the moon

Charlie Blackwell-Thompson has worked on countless rocket launches, but as NASA's Artemis launch director, she's finally helping to put the first woman on the moon. → Read More

NASA Ingenuity: Meet the woman launching a helicopter on Mars

Grueling timelines, tight engineering constraints and a spacecraft weighing under 4 pounds. As the head of NASA's Mars Ingenuity helicopter project, MiMi Aung knows what it takes to work under pressure. → Read More

From NASA to the Mariana Trench: How Kathy Sullivan became the world's most vertical woman

She was part of NASA's first group of female astronauts and the first US woman to conduct a space walk. But in 2020, she set an entirely new world record. → Read More

The Mother of Pulsars: Jocelyn Bell Burnell and the squiggle that changed science

While working on her Ph.D., Bell Burnell analyzed over three miles of chart paper of radio signals from the stars. A great discovery was hiding in the ink. → Read More

The true story of the Mercury 13 and the women who never made it to space

In the early 1960s, 13 women went through a grueling set of tests to prove they could be astronauts. The program's shutdown shaped space travel for decades. → Read More

The Apollo 11 launch, as seen by the only woman in the launch control room

In 1969, JoAnn Morgan saw history firsthand, watching the Apollo 11 lift-off from her console at NASA's Kennedy Space Center. She also made history -- she was the only woman in the room. → Read More